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September 10, 2015


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About 10 thousand of local authorities operate in Uzbekistan. 2

International Investment Forum (November 5-6, 2015, Tashkent) 3

International Investment Forum Announcement 3


Focus on Alternatives. 4


Uzbekistan completes construction of railway Angren-Pap. 5

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UZREPORT TV holds a press conference dedicated to broadcast matches of the UEFA Champions League  5

Central Asian Kurash Federation created. 6







About 10 thousand of local authorities operate in Uzbekistan

The capital hosted a press conference on the theme: “The Institute of mahalla in the years of independence: experience, practice and priorities”.

The event was attended by representatives of the Charity Fund “Mahalla”, the ministries of labour and social protection, internal affairs, national education, the Independent Institute for monitoring the formation of civil society, the Republican center for spirituality, other partner organizations and the media.

The participants of the press conference stressed the measures taken under the guidance of the head of state in the years of independence. These measures are particularly aimed at creating the legal framework of the Institute of mahalla, improving them in accordance with the requirements of the time, strengthening the status of this unique structure as an inseparable part of the socio-economic and spiritual life of society, the creation of necessary conditions for its activities as a credible and effective force in the development of civil society. As a result of the above reforms, the local authorities become active participants in the country’s democratic reforms.

As was stressed at the meeting, settlements, kishlaks, auls and mahallas for the first time in the history of national statehood, according to the 105th article of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan have been secured as territorial units of self-government of citizens ‘ assemblies. At that, a number of legislative documents on the determination of their status and empowerment have been adopted.

Overall, more than fifty legal documents on the activities of citizens ‘ assemblies adopted in the years of independence, provide an important legal basis in making the local authorities a great contribution to the development of democratic reforms in the country.

The execution of priorities on improving the activity of local authorities, indicated in worked out by President Islam Karimov Concept of further deepening democratic reforms and formation of civil society in the country, as well as adopted on its basis legal documents are important in strengthening the role of mahalla in society.

About 10 thousand local authorities, which operate in the country as of today, successfully solve more than 30 tasks that were previously carried out by local government authorities. These tasks include, in particular, issues of local importance, the preservation of national and spiritual values, customs and traditions, upbringing harmoniously developed generation, the strengthening of international friendship and unity, targeted support to socially vulnerable layers of the population, protection of motherhood and childhood, assistance to the employment of the population, particularly women and youth, provision in the field of sustainable socio-spiritual environment, promoting private enterprise and national crafts, landscaping.

It should be noted that the establishment in 1992 on the initiative of the President of the Republican Charity Fund “Mahalla” provides the opportunity to engage in mahallyas of large-scale events in the areas of promoting national values, strengthening the socio-economic situation and support of the socially disadvantaged segments of the population.

In particular, in the first half of 2015, the territorial structures of the Fund provided guidance and practical assistance in carrying out of more than 50 thousand cultural and spiritual events.

For development of sports, sport competitions were held almost in 9 thousands of citizens ‘ assemblies in the past period of this year. In particular, the competitions “Palvani mahalli” (Wrestlers of mahalla) were attended by more than 160 children aged 13-14 years, chess and draughts “We are a smart family” members of 230 thousand families, in the competitions “Father, mother and me – a sports family”‘ – more than 12 thousand families, in the national tournament “The future of our football” almost 1 million 260 thousand children and adolescents.

As was underlined at the event, one of the important tasks of the Fund is social support, provision of material and moral assistance to socially vulnerable members of society. Thus, in 2010-2014, the Fund provided financial assistance to more than 16 thousand families. In addition, more than 2,300 needy families received aid in the repair of housing, 600 people with disabilities and orphans were paid training contract, young people from 6500 families received an additional financial assistance for weddings and other celebrations.

This kind of work continues in the Year of attention and care for the older generation as well. Considerable attention is paid to material and moral support of veterans of war and labor front, single elderly, pensioners, the disabled and old people from low-income families. In particular, thanks to the funds allocated by the “Mahalla” Fund, 520 veterans of war and labor front received TVs 1,200 lonely elderly were provided assistance in the repair of housing.

In order to support family businesses and crafts, the fund Mahalla in the first half of 2015 provided assistance to more than 41,000 business entities, as a result of which more than 302 thousand new jobs have been created.

In addition, the partnership is developing with operating in the territories non-profit organizations, public authorities. Within the approved set of measures aimed at strengthening the cooperation mechanism “Family – Mahalla – Educational institution”‘, more than 58 thousand events had been conducted in the last period of the year.

The participants of the press conference emphasized the need to continue advocacy work aimed at strengthening the spirituality of the population, attraction of youth to participate in activities by strengthening the cooperation of the Fund “Mahalla” and territorial structures of the Republican center for spirituality, the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan and the citizens ‘ assemblies, the effective establishment of the territorial councils for the coordination of activity of bodies of self-government, the revitalization of public commissions of mahallas.

Following the event, the journalists received answers to their questions.

(Source: «Business» newspaper)

International Investment Forum (November 5-6, 2015, Tashkent)

International Investment Forum Announcement

The Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan is pleased to announce that it will host an International Investment Forum on November 5-6, 2015 in Tashkent city.

The main objective of the event is to present the leading enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan, included in the state program of privatization, and to sell them to strategic foreign investors capable of ensuring modernization and technological renewal of production, manufacturing of goods competitive in both domestic and external markets, as well as introduction of modem corporate governance practices.

The Forum will be attended by members of the Government, heads of ministries and departments of Uzbekistan, official foreign delegations, executives of major foreign companies, investment funds and banks, as well as international financial institutions: the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, the Asian Development Bank and others.

The agenda of the event includes plenary sessions, presentations by major foreign investors on their experience in doing business in Uzbekistan, panel sessions on various economic sectors with presentations of specific privatization objects, visits to enterprises, as well as cultural program with trips to ancient cities including Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, which will complement the business part of the event.

The International Investment Forum will allow foreign investors to establish mutually beneficial business contacts and to open up new growth opportunities in the promising and fast-growing market of Uzbekistan.

To participate in the event a registration form should be submitted at Detailed information about the Forum and documents about enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan offered to strategic foreign investors are also available at the abovementioned website.

For more information please contact Uzinfoinvest Agency by phone: (998-71) 238-5222, 238-5137 or e-mail:

(Source: Press Service of the MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan)


Focus on Alternatives

Uzbekenergo Company is planning to implement 19 projects on the upgrade and reconstruction of existing hydroelectric power plants by the end of 2020. According to estimates, their capacity should increase by 100 MW, 450 million kW/h of electricity will be additionally produced, and 200 million cubic meters of natural gas will be saved.

Ranking among the key sectors one of the country’s economy, the power industry has been developing rapidly over the years of independence, and now it fully meets the needs of the domestic market, and even has started exporting electricity to neighboring countries. Such a progress has been powered by dozens of big projects on modernization of existing capacities and construction of new generating facilities and network economies, many of which are unique in the regional scale. For instance, new 300 MW power units were put into operation at the New-Angren thermal power plant, and 800 MW units – at Talimarjan TPP. An advanced 478 MW combined-cycle plant was built at Navoi TPP, and a 27 MW cogeneration gas turbine unit was installed at the Tashkent CHP. A 167.5 km line was commissioned between the Uzbekistan substation and New-Angren TPP, a 197 km line from Guzar substation to Surkhan substation, a 123 km line between Syrdarya TPP and New-Angren TPP, and a 215 kilometer line from Talimarjan TPP to Sogdiana substation.

As a result of 24 years of independent development the country’s power capacity has increased by 1.5 million kW / h, electric power generation has grown by 1.5 billion kW / h, the total length of electric networks – by 38,200 kilometers.

Today, the power industry faces new challenges, including intensive introduction of energy saving technologies and development of alternative energy. A few days left before the announcement of the winner of the second stage of the tender on the construction of 100 MW solar photovoltaic power plant in Samarkand region.

As reported by an Uzbekenergo representative, initially, 62 companies applied for the participation in the tender, while technical documentation was bought by only 19 of them.

“A tender for technical evaluation of proposals of companies was completed in June, resulting in seven applicants. Two Spanish, three Chinese and two South Korean companies have passed to the second stage. They are currently working on fencing of the facility’s territory and construction of access roads, and getting prepared for launch of the major construction,” he said.

The construction of the 100 MW solar power plant in the Samarkand region is a joint project of Uzbekistan and the Asian Development Bank. It is funded by a soft loan from ADB and the Fund for Reconstruction and Development of Uzbekistan. According to preliminary estimates, the construction cost of the new object will exceed $275 million.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Uzbekistan completes construction of railway Angren-Pap

Uzbekistan completed construction works and electrification of railway Angren-Pap with the length of 104 km.

According to Uzbekiston Temir Yollari (Uzbekistan Railways), new railway will allow create single railway in Uzbekistan. Total length of the railway will be 123.1 km with 19.1 km of tonnel.

The works on construction of railways were completed in both sides of the tunnel.

In the territory, land works with the volume of 43 million cubic meters, drilling and blasting works for 16.3 million cubic meters were conducted. About 285 artificial and water objects, 6 overpasses, 13 railway bridges (length – 2.1 km), 4 stations, 4 tracks and two stations were constructed within the project.

The construction works are under way at 19.1 km tunnel. The builders are working in main tunnel and additional pit. Currently, the builders dug 14 km of main tunnel and 15 km of additional tunnel. The finishing works were completed at 10 km of the tunnel.

The launch of the railway will allow to organize transit of goods via railroads from Asia to Europe.



UZREPORT TV holds a press conference dedicated to broadcast matches of the UEFA Champions League

On September 8 this year International Business Center hosted a press conference organized by the «UZREPORT TV» channel, devoted to the beginning of broadcasting of the UEFA Champions League football matches on «UZREPORT TV» channel.

As was reported earlier, «UZREPORT TV» channel acquired a package of licensing rights to live coverage of the UEFA Champions League matches in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The package includes exclusive rights to broadcast matches, the «Highlights» programs, «Magazines» on TV via Internet and mobile communication systems. This press conference was organized in order to provide detailed explanations and give answers to a number of questions received by many fans of the most popular sports in the world.

The press conference was attended by representatives of the Exclusive Commercial Agent of the UEFA European football clubs – the «TEAM Marketing» agency (Switzerland), the «SARAN MEDIA INTERNATIONAL» (Malta) company, the «UZREPORT TV» channel and the media.

A representative of the «TEAM Marketing» agency, Mihails Starodubovs noted that «UZREPORT TV» channel became the first official owner of the rights to broadcast football matches of the UEFA Champions League».

In turn, Ravshan Djuraev, the Director General of the «UZREPORT TV» channel stated that: «This year the «UZREPORT TV» channel approved its new concept, one of the priorities of which is the development of sports content, designed to promote healthy lifestyles and increase viewers’ interest in the sports. The purpose of the acquisition of media rights to the live broadcast of football matches of UEFA Champions League is to enable many football fans in the country to cheer for their favorite teams together with fans around the world».

According to the calendar of matches of UEFA Champions League – 2015/2016 group stage matches and, accordingly, their live broadcasts on «UZREPORT TV» channel will start from September 15 this year. It is noted that the «UZREPORT TV» channel acquired the rights to the aforementioned rights for three seasons of competitions that is starting from the 2015/2016 season until 2017/2018 season.


Central Asian Kurash Federation created

Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan created a Central Asian Kurash Federation. The constituent congress of new federation was held in Bukhara.

According to the International Kurash Association, the federation was created to develop kurash in the Central Asian region.

The congress elected management of the congress and decided organization of the kurash tournaments in the region.

Holmurotali Muborakov was elected as the President of the Central Asian Kurash Federation.


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