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September 15, 2016


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Uzbekistan has achieved grain independence in a historically short period of time, growing from a grain importer into exporter of grain foods. 1

International cooperation.. 2

Delegation of Uzbekistan to participate in the CIS Summit 2

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The passing away of Kyudzo Kato – heavy loss for the Uzbek people. 2

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With a Youth Focus. 2









Uzbekistan has achieved grain independence in a historically short period of time, growing from a grain importer into exporter of grain foods

Since 2003, in cooperation with foreign trade companies of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade, Uzbekistan has been exporting grain and flour to CIS and other countries. The growing demand for the Uzbek grain and flour has been contributing to an increase in the volume of export transactions.

The O’zdonmahsulot company has been remarkably contributing in the guaranteed provision of the population with quality food and further improvement of export performance. It incorporates 56 mills, 6 cereal shops, 116 powerful bakeries, and 50 units that specialize in the production of macaroni and confectionery products.

Flour is the dominating component of the company’s production with 70% of the total output. 15%falls to bread and bakery products, and the rest are other consumer goods.

The system-based measures on modernization and technical extension of existing facilities and the launch of new capacities have guaranteed the sustainable growth. In recent years, the company has successfully implemented many investment projects, equipping its enterprises and workshops with up-to-date and efficient technologies. For example, over 90% of mills are provided with flexible technological schemes, allowing the production and delivery of premium, first and second grade flour.

The company has established close cooperation with the farmers to collect crop and receive it without losses. For instance, about two hundred companies have received grain in the current season.

Crop production has its peculiarities. For example, the proper conduct of sowing campaign and high yields largely depend on the activity of seed cleaning plants. The correct choice of the variety is also of great importance. Therefore, Uzbekistan has been attaching importance to the formation of seed stock as a solid foundation of abundant germination and subsequent plant growth. To this end, all 66 seed preparation plants under the company have been completely upgraded.

Almost 300,000 tons of grain are annually delivered by farmers to be then brought up to the standard in line with the highest requirements and regulations. Modern separators have become a great help for all the shops. Their sieve is made of metal with a special coating, which prevents seed grain for damage. Special tools regularly purify upper and lower metal screen at a high tier. This allows sorting grain not only by size but also by weight, and weed seeds are removed. The seed treatment machine also demonstrates accurate performance: a special substance treats only surface of the seeds, in conformity with the established norms. All the innovations allow the farms the prompt delivery of clean and high-quality seed.

It is appropriate to remember that in the early 90s the outages of seed stock were commonplace. Today, we have a fairly different picture. Not only seeds, but also lubricants and mineral fertilizers are delivered directly to the field. During the years of independence Uzbekistan has build a unique system of delivery. For example, seed preparation activities were organized in all regions, thereby reducing transport costs and saving electricity.

The issues of receiving grain from farmers are of particular attention. All 189 collection points are provided with equipment and qualified staff. As a result, the grain is received if it meets the established standards, avoiding losses and excessive transportation costs.

Successive reforms in grain growing and processing industry over the years of independence have allowed not just fully meeting the needs of people in the priceless product, but also exporting large volumes of flour and grain. The increasing demand on the foreign market has caused close attention to certification in line with international standards. Today, Uzbekistan is actively implementing quality management and food safety systems on the basis of international standards ISO: 9001 and ISO: 22000.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

International cooperation

Delegation of Uzbekistan to participate in the CIS Summit

On the instructions of the Acting President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh.M.Mirziyoyev, on September 16, 2016, the delegation headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdulaziz Kamilov will take part in the meeting of the Council of the Heads of States of the Commonwealth of Independent States in Bishkek.

(Source: Press Service of the MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan)


The passing away of Kyudzo Kato – heavy loss for the Uzbek people

On September 12 a famous scientist and archaeologist, professor emeritus of the National Ethnological Museum of Japan, holder of the Order “Dustlik”, an honorary citizen of the city of Termez Kyudzo Kato passed away in the Surkhandarya region in the age of 94 years.

Author of numerous scientific publications on Uzbekistan, Japanese professor was a close friend of our country and loved the Uzbek people. He called this land as his second homeland.

Visiting to Uzbekistan in the 60-ies of the last century at the first time, Kyudzo Kato showed great interest in the ancient history of this land and became a supporter for revitalization of multifaceted cooperation of Japan with our country.

For more than 25 years scientist has worked closely with the Academy of Sciences and other scientific institutions of Uzbekistan, participated in various projects, conducted archaeological excavations in Surkhandarya region (Dalvarzintepa, Karatepa, Holchayan, Fayoztepa). Textbooks on the history of Uzbekistan also narrate his painstaking work.

(Source: IA «Jahon»)


With a Youth Focus

The summer is over. Vacations are coming to end, life quietly returned to its ordinary grooves. Thereupon, UT correspondent met with the People’s Artist of Uzbekistan, artistic director of the Variety-Symphonic Orchestra, Mansur Tashmatov.

How was the first day after the holidays?

“I have already forgotten that spent my vacations on the Black Sea in Bulgaria. I returned in Tashkent a month ago. After returning home I immediately involved in the work. ‘Yulduzcha’ competition gets started. I am a member of the jury of this competition, and this duty takes a lot of time and effort.”

As a member of the jury of six international competitions, do you like the new competition?

“It is special. After all, those competitions in which I have to participate are international, which take place abroad. Here, in the home country, it is a completely different feeling. For me, the young contestants like my family members. And it is quite difficult to estimate the skills of each participant. After auditions a desire appears not to estimate their skills, but to support them by recommending how to make to do better, because they are the future of our art.

It is very important not to hurt them, because any wrong word can break a child… So it is very hard to say the word ‘no’. We, the jury, try to explain why we make such a decision.”

What is interesting is prepared with the orchestra in the upcoming season?

“We will actively work with young people, it is our tradition. We always represent talents who are going to participate in the competition for the first time, and after a successful performance in one or another international project. It is very important to support talented young people. Performing with the orchestra will assist them in the formation of them as musicians. After all, tit is the way they will learn ‘little things’ that are not taught in the music schools, particularly, how to get to the scene, where to start, how to bow, hold the microphone, and more.”

Is jazz still in priority in the repertoire?

“Of course. We have specialized in jazz music for many years. The orchestra was founded in the 90s of last century under the Turkiston Palace, and then it was transferred to the Philharmonic Society, which later was transformed into a Union of Orchestras. During all these transformations staffing schedule was reduced greatly. There were 64 people, and now 30. When I was invited to the orchestra as the head, cuts have already been made. 30 people are not enough to play pop-symphonic music, and enough – to make a good jazz band. By the time the jazz went popular with people, and I realized that I fell in love with Frank Sinatra creativity. So the jazz band got formed, and the first performances were the compositions from Frank Sinatra repertoire.”

Fans are always with great interest watch the concerts with participation of foreign musicians. Do you have projects in this direction?

“For many years, on our initiative, the Golden Autumn Jazz Festival is organized in fall. I think we should continue this tradition, especially since many musicians want to come to Tashkent, to give concerts, including with our orchestra. We want to give them that opportunity this season.

We plan to invite our well-known musicians-countrymen. Those include the Stockholm Conservatory Professor Oleg Kotkoziya, whho is essentially a pioneer of jazz-rock in Uzbekistan. The world popular jazz musician Andrey Khokhlov also wants to come, who lives and works in the United States.

We want to hold a jazz festival of the two countries, Uzbekistan and South Korea. It is very interesting and promising project, which will allow to get acquainted with the work of each other.”

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)





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