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September 30, 2015


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President of Uzbekistan awards group of teachers and tutors. 2

International Investment Forum in tashkent (November 5-6, 2015) 2

Import substitution in the oil and gas industry of Uzbekistan. 2

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Show Must Go on. 3

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Our Four Athletes have got Olympic License. 4


october 1 – the day of teachers and tutors

President of Uzbekistan awards group of teachers and tutors

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed a resolution “On awarding a group of employees of the education sector in connection with the Day of Teachers and Tutors” on 29 September 2015.

Group of citizens received honourable titled of People’s Teacher, Honored worker of public education, Honored teacher of youth, and Honored coach for their contribution to raising intellectual and spiritual potential of Uzbekistan, upbringing harmonically developed youth, achievements in education sector, etc.

For their contribution to improvement of education system in Uzbekistan, upbringing of healthy and harmonically developed youth generation, the group of workers were awarded with such orders as Fidokorona Hizmatlari Uchun, Mehnat Shukhrati, Soglov Avlod Uchun (II level), Dustlik, as well as Shukhrat medal.

Overall, fourteen citizens of Uzbekistan received honourable titles and 84 people were awarded with orders and medals.


International Investment Forum in tashkent (November 5-6, 2015)

Import substitution in the oil and gas industry of Uzbekistan

The localization of production ranks among the major factors for achieving economic efficiency for any industrial enterprise. This is especially true in today’s conditions of growing cost of imported components and parts in the international market. Chief specialist of Uzbekneftegaz Unified Technical Policy Department Sanjar Berdiyev told Uzbekistan Today about the prospects of import substitution in the oil and gas industry:

“Our company aims at maximizing the opportunities for a remarkable increase in hydrocarbon production, providing them for the domestic market, enhancing technological oil and gas processing in order to produce products with high added value, ensuring import substitution and entering export markets, as well as creating favorable conditions for channeling direct foreign investments.

As envisaged by the ongoing program of industrial development, the scale of localization will increase several times over in the next five years, especially in key sectors of the economy. Uzbekneftegaz National Holding Company has been making some important steps in this direction. The dynamics of localization-based production, supply and purchase of finished goods, equipment, and raw materials has been increasing year by year in the framework of intra and inter-sectoral cooperation links. This has been proved by the last year’s International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange. Contracts totaling 705 billion soums were concluded and registered in the industry in 2014. The contracts-intentions for exporting the output of home manufacture industry worth $288.4 million were also signed and registered as part of the event (currency rates of CB RU from 30.09.2015   1$= 2621.00 soums).

This June’s trade fair has also achieved good outcomes. Joint-stock companies and enterprises of the industry have concluded 50 contracts for the purchase of finished products, components and materials, as well as providing services totaling over 74.9 billion soums. Upon the forum we were awarded a valuable prize and a diploma ‘For High Performance in the Development of Cooperative Ties’.

Today, almost all Uzbekneftegas divisions are involved in projects on localization of the products that are needed not only for oil and gas, but also for other industries. The implementation of 30 projects worth 87.7 billion soums has been scheduled for 2015. In the first half of the current year we have managed to implement 20 projects and manufactured products worth 28.6 billion soums.

It is noteworthy that our products are in demand both in the local market and in other countries. For example, we have exported to Kazakhstan 128 tons of Lamco Clay.

The industry has been working on the preparation and subsequent implementation of five promising projects based on local raw materials and resources. They include the production of polyethylene and polypropylene in the Ustyurt Gas Chemical Complex, the commissioning of which is scheduled for the coming months. In 2016, it is planned to increase the total output of localized products to 746 billion soums through the implementation of 31 projects.

This work is a long-term strategy. In the future the Company intends to carry out ambitious initiatives on decreasing the imports of logistical resources through the expansion of inter-sectoral and intra-industry cooperation with industrial enterprises of the republic.”

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Show Must Go on

The Sabo national dance group will soon present an updated concert program to the metropolitan spectator. The exclusive report by Uzbekistan Today has tried to catch the brightest moments.


To truly open up the curtain of the stage and feel the atmosphere of the colorful show, we went backstage. It was there that generated a real creative workshop. When walking to the hall for rehearsals via the dressing room, your eyes inadvertently run through hangers with costumes. Here you can see almost the entire spectrum of Uzbek colorful apparel and the dream of all fashionistas, that is, a huge collection of accessories and jewelry. One does not want to go out: what fascinates is the play colors, fabrics and glitter, the abundance of styles, textures and styles – it charms…

In the hall for rehearsals it is quite noisy and unusual for a simple layman. There’s no way, like that in the movies, of large elements of scenery, and the dancers do not walk around in tutus. Everything is much more realistic and, crucially, this is where you realize that every dance is a product of thorny and laborious efforts. Once they announce a break, we get anxious to have a talk with the artistic director of the ensemble, the Honored Worker of Culture of Uzbekistan Muborak Mirzaeva, about the upcoming season, the new program, plans for the future and the most important things and events for the dance ensemble.

“The style that our ensemble Sabo sticks to is originality and individuality combined with a bright national color. We have always put emphasis on it. Each dance is rather distinctive, despite the fact that girls take to the stage both solo and in groups.”

In conjunction with the national motifs dance images are revealed clearly to the Eastern viewer and quite puzzling for the foreign one. For example, Bukhara dance is rhythmic, flying, and the abundance of gold in the suit only adds up to the expression, but for the full effect this is not enough – girls need to transmit the nature of the elements performed and all the little details and nuances inherent in this field.

The artistic director of the ensemble told us also what the team is now preparing for the upcoming season.

The band continues to study and restore the shows put by Mukarram Turgunbaeva: no Sabo concert passes without her dances. The collection of dances is adorned by new performances entitled “Uzbegim Taronasi” (“Melodies of the Uzbek people”), “Bayram Muborak” (Congratulation on the Holiday).

The first is considered a holiday dance, and it will open the program of the ensemble. “Uzbegim Taronasi” consists of two parts: the 12 girls dance onstage first with satin scarves. Then they are joined by 12 participating young women in costumes for Khorezm dance, thus setting turns into a medley. It was decided to make the national symbols, doira, savate with treats and painted lagans The staging of the dance “Congratulations on the Holiday”.

However, our meeting was not limited to the story, and some surprises that will be presented to the public in the new season, they opened up visually…


After the break the girls and boys continued to run, we just sat down in a corner, trying not to miss the enchanting scene. Despite the fact that we faced the team perform in austere black, we practically were watching with own eyes how the most unexpected colors were blooming in smooth rhythm and dynamic cycle of national dances… The music and plastic, which Sabo demonstrated, worked without visual costume show.

And suddenly, we come across a pause. We are trying to turn up among a group of dancers of the choreographer to find out what the hitch is. As it turned out, there was no hesitation, no way; we just did not notice that one of the soloists was preparing to work out her dance. And then we have something like an electric shock. The girl was dressing a men’s suit.

Viktoria Vasilishina performs the solo dance “The Mockingbird” staged for Sabo. The unique show turned out to be more than a dance. This real ‘pearl’ of the ensemble, and it has its history. As it turned out, the setting had been created a year ago by the outstanding dancer, teacher, choreographer, Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Taimuraz Tikoev, whose record is made up of hundreds of triumphant performances, and the same number of his own dance scenes.

In the story, “Mockingbird” is a comic, actor playing dance, where the soloist plays the role of a young boy bully of the 1970s. Staging of the dance took two weeks, and then went for months to finalize the accuracy of the image and acting. As planned by Tikoev, the fragile and feminine Viktoria had to enter into the image of the little bully who never misses an opportunity to make fun of all. The intricate and deep meaning is revealed in the final steps when the Mockingbird is in the end caught for his antics.

“Taimuraz Muratovich never made a mistake in choosing ideas. That is why the production of the “Mockingbird” has received the highest award in the Arleo contest in Almaty, Kazakhstan,” the soloist told us after the rehearsal. “Mentor congratulated me on the Grand Prix at the competition, and now it is an immense honor for me to resubmit the show to the metropolitan audience.”

We still did not want to leave the halls of the Turkiston Palace in anticipation of new experiences, but, once the rehearsal ended, so did our exciting journey into the world of backstage dance.

We will for sure tell you more about new victories of Sabo in the meantime, but for now – the show must go on…

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Our Four Athletes have got Olympic License

Our compatriot Marina Khmelevskaya, by participating in the Berlin marathon, has received Olympic license to XXXI Summer Olympic Games 2016 which will be held in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

As reported by National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan, the marathon distance of 42 km was won by Marina Khmelevskaya in 2 hours 39 seconds and it helped her to get the right to participate in the Summer Olympic Games.

In current time, our four athletes have got licenses. Previously, Olympic licenses were won by marathoner – Sitora Hamidova, Svetlana Radzivil  at the high jump competition and Suhrob Khodjaev in the hammer throw.

(Source: UzA)


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