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October 2, 2014


uzbek_digestOctober 2, 2014


Peculiarities of certification of foodstuffs. 2

Tashkent International Tourism Fair.. 3

Tashkent for the first time hosts the international wine festival3

17th asian games. 3

Asian games 2014: On account of the national team of Uzbekistan 27 medals. 3




Peculiarities of certification of foodstuffs

The problem of foodstuffs’ quality is of paramount importance in all civilized countries. The right to get foodstuffs of reliable quality and safety for health is one of the major rights guaranteed to citizens by law.

The modern market is next to impossible without the accurate, trustworthy and impartial assessment of quality and safety of foodstuffs. And certification proves the most general and perfect form of assessment, since it stipulates the confirmation of a product’s correspondence to the requirements established by technical regulations, standards or contractual terms.

In the Republic of Uzbekistan, certification of foodstuffs’ correspondence is performed, first and foremost, to control the sale of products that are harmful to people’s life and health. Besides, certification helps to ensure that domestic foodstuffs are competitive in the world market, as well as to create all necessary conditions for indigenous enterprises and entrepreneurs to participate in international economic and scientific-technical cooperation and international trade alike. Additionally, the assessment of correspondence not only protects the consumer from the unscrupulous producer, but also certifies the quality indicators of foodstuffs declared by the latter.

The National Certification System, which is currently effective in Uzbekistan, functions at the state level. It uses its own rules and procedures for certification of foodstuffs in strict compliance with the national legislation and regulatory documents.

The Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan, “On quality and safety of foodstuffs” as of 30th August 1997, specifies the legal fundamentals on which to guarantee the provision of the country’s population with quality and safe foodstuffs.

The state regulation of their quality and safety is effected through the establishment of sanitary, veterinary, phyto-sanitary and hygienic norms and rules, state standards and technical terms, all of which contain requirements that are imposed on the quality and safety of foodstuffs, as well as the conditions of their production, procurement, purchase, processing, delivery, transportation and sale.

Certification of foodstuffs is a very important procedure, which serves as a kind of barrier that prevents the penetration of low-quality foodstuffs into the market. It is for this reason that the documentary confirmation of quality of all categories of eatables is carried out without fail by declaring their correspondence to certain norms and standards.

It should be observed here that lots of requirements are imposed on foodstuffs. In the first place, they must be ecologically pure, i.e. do not contain any chemical admixtures that could be harmful to the human health. Besides, the certificate of foodstuffs makes it clear that the product has been made in accordance with appropriate approved norms. It means that its production has been based on a certain normative document or officially registered technical terms specified for foodstuffs. The quality indicators of foodstuffs and their safety requirements are obligatory and should be included in normative documentation for a given food product.

The certificate of foodstuffs ensures that all the quality norms are observed not only “inside” but also “outside” the product, i.e. on its package. The rules regulating the package of foodstuffs are specified in a corresponding normative document, according to which the label of foodstuffs must contain all essential information, such as the name of product, its purpose (for specialized products intended for children’s and dietary nutrition), the names of its ingredients, including supplements, the product’s nutritional value, its grade, the terms of storage, the date of production, the expiry date, composition etc.

The expiry date is established for foodstuffs without fail, because both their quality and safety can change at the expiration of the indicated term and thereby do harm to the human life and health.

The quality of foodstuffs depends on how the terms of storage and transportation are observed. The correct storage of foodstuffs is vital for preserving their high quality. Storehouses for foodstuffs should be appropriately equipped, kept clean, properly ventilated, with temperature and humidity being maintained at the established level.

In cases where foodstuffs are stored, packed and transported wrongly, foodstuffs and farm produce go bad: they grow musty, rot, have a foul smell, etc. All these processes make both foodstuffs and farm produce useless. At the same time, there appear mycotoxins (aflotoxins, ochrotoxins) on them, which are very harmful for the human organism.

The storage of foodstuffs in refrigerators proves the most rational way of their preservation in terms of hygiene.

By and large, the quality and safety of foodstuffs is a very topical problem for public health protection. Moreover, its importance tends to augment in today’s world. All countries are intensifying their efforts to improve the safety of foodstuffs.

(Source: «Business» newspaper)

Tashkent International Tourism Fair

Tashkent for the first time hosts the international wine festival

In the framework of the International Tourist Fair, Tashkent for the first time will host the first international wine festival and “Solar grapes” exposure, Uzbektourism said.

According to Uzbektoutism, the decision to hold important important for Uzbekistan events aimed at the development of a new type of tourism, adopted in the framework of consideration of the accession of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the International organization of vine and wine (O.V.W.).

O.V.W. membership suggests a more intense and deep integration of cooperation of home winemakers with the international community in this field, in order to be optimally effective and efficient implementation of international scientific-technical developments in the domestic industry, to ensure maximum competitiveness and environmental safety.

Wine festival will allow to visualize the potential of the domestic wine industry, and to accelerate the development of one of the most promising in economic terms tourist destinations – wine tourism in Uzbekistan.

Organizers of the festival – “Uzvino-holding”, “Uzbektourism”, advertising agency “Great silk road” are aimed to increase the interest of the national wineries and tourist companies in the establishment of close cooperation. As well as the infrastructure of wine tourism (wine cellars, museums, tasting rooms, hotel rooms, specialty restaurants and souvenir shops) that meet the requirements and desires of foreign tourist companies with the development of a variety of wine tours that can be successfully implemented and synthesized in the gastronomic and historical tours.

Wine festival will be directly held from October 6 to 8, in the framework of the 20th anniversary of “Tourism on the Silk road” Tashkent International Tourist Fair.

Moreover, the Festival will serve as a convenient platform for professional tasting of Uzbek winemakers products, exchange of experience between national enterprises and leading foreign wine organizations, companies and professionals in sponsored master classes and round tables.

To participate in the First wine Festival will be invited embassies and representative offices of foreign countries in the Republic of Uzbekistan, ministries and departments of Uzbekistan, representatives of chambers of commerce of foreign countries, interested companies and wine producers of foreign countries, foreign distribution companies and interested foreign experts.

(Source: «Business» newspaper)

17th asian games

Asian games 2014: On account of the national team of Uzbekistan 27 medals

At the Asian games in Incheon members of the national team of Uzbekistan has won one gold, two silver and one bronze medals.

In particular, competing in Taekwondo in the weight category up to 74 kg member of the national team of Uzbekistan Nikita Rafalovich won a silver medal.

Another our compatriot Jasur Boikuziev in the same competition won “gold” and became the winner of the Asian games.

In addition, in the wrestling greco-roman style Dilshodjon Turdiev and Besik Saldadze brought to the treasury of Uzbekistan two more medals in the Asian games.

Thus, the Uzbekistan national team with 27 medals (6 gold, 7 silver and 14 bronze) occupies 13th position in the medals standings of Asian games.



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