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October 7, 2014


October 7, 2014


Effects of Reforms to Boost the Welfare of People. 2

special industrial zone “Angren”. 3

Projects for US$163m implemented in SIZ “Angren”. 3

International cooperation.. 4

The twelfth session of the General prosecutors of the SCO member States to be held in Tashkent4


Uzbek Circus Artists Win the Bronze Elephant5

Tourism… 5

“Tourism on the Silk road” international tourist fair launched in Tashkent5




Effects of Reforms to Boost the Welfare of People

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov traveled October 6 to the Andijan Region in order to review the course of socio-economic reforms and creative endeavors in provinces. 

The Andijan Region is assigned a special place in the development of our country’s economy. Manufacturing industry and agriculture and the labor of selfless people of this province have been instrumental in the steadfast enhancement of reforms across the spheres. The appearance of the administrative capital of the region and of other towns and villages has been transforming cardinally, and the living standards of the locals have been rising to a considerable extent.

Consistent have been the efforts dedicated to the development of industrial sectors, construction of new enterprises and modernization of the existing capacities. 2,815 projects totaling 253 billion soums have been implemented and more than 24 thousand new jobs created from the beginning of the year as part of the 2013-2015 socio-economic development program of the region. (Currency rates of CB from 07.10.2014   1$= 2371.45 soums)

As a result of comprehensive support for small business and private entrepreneurship, assistance in the enhancement of export capacities of entities in this sector, volumes of industrial production, services and exported goods have been increasing steadily in this part of the nation.

This year, on more than 80 thousand hectares of land of the region, grain crops were sown and the harvested yield reached nearly 500 thousand tons. In full swing is the season of harvesting cotton grown on 93,400 hectares of soil.

President Islam Karimov visited the fields of the Kuhna Vodiy Bahori (Spring of the Ancient Valley) farming enterprise in Altynkul District, and talked with farmers and the elite of the region.

The head of our state suggested that he had a great pleasure to meet with them and wish every success to all of them in these responsible days important for the national agriculture.

During the former system, Uzbekistan used to provide the entire Union with cotton. However, the population of this republic suffered from low standards of life and hence was losing confidence in its future. By passing the land to the ownership of dehkans, we got rid of those negative consequences, Islam Karimov asserted. A sense of genuine ownership of the land has formed in their minds, and that gave them strength and energy.

The President of our country drew a particular attention to the creation of high-yield new species of cotton catering to the soil-climatic conditions of each region and producing quality fiber.

According to Uzbekistan’s leader, cotton has numerous properties, characteristics and quality indicators. They include early maturation, high yield, length and robustness of fiber. It is essential to pay special attention in cultivating cotton, and primarily in selecting a sort. One should sow those species that suit the soil-climatic conditions of each particular province.

It was stressed during the conversation with farmers that the lifestyle and mindset of people has been changing, while the looks of our cities and rural areas transforming, and all this is the outcome of the peace and harmony reigning in the country. It was underscored in particular that our youth are being nurtured in circumstances inferior to no one, and that they have been making remarkable accomplishments in all walks of life. This overfills our hearts with the sense of pride and joy.

The constructive-creative endeavors undertaken in our country, the modern housing being erected, education and medical institutions, enterprises, broad and smooth roads have been radically changing the appearance of urban and rural areas and serving for the growth in the wellbeing of our people.

As it is the case throughout the nation, wide-ranging construction and creative works are underway in the Andijan Region, as well.

President Islam Karimov also traveled to a modern residential quarter in the Dalvarzin Mahalla of the Altynkul District.

977 standard-design houses have been erected and commissioned this year in 31 rural quarters of the province. Supply networks of natural gas, power, drinking water and internal roads have been brought to these new housing areas. Mahalla guzars, trade and public service points, sports complexes have been built.

In the residential quarter of Dalvarzin Mahalla, as well, an open-air marketplace, a shopping mall, a bakery, a stadium, a children’s playground and leisure zones have been built.

According to the President of our country, 6 hundred square meters of land is allocated for the construction of a standard-design home, with an assigned separate entrance for autos and a special parking area inside the estate. The rooms in the house are designed with an eye to the lifestyle of our people; they are planned more spacious, meeting the mentality of our compatriots.

071120141.jpgIslam Karimov visited the house of Otabek Kobulov, owner of one of such homes, and inquired into the living conditions created in the home of the young family.

“On the eve of the 23rd anniversary of our Motherland we gave a housewarming party in such a modern, comfortable home,” the hostess Nigorakhon Kobulova said. “Everything essential and every convenience, especially for women, are here for my comfort. We are endlessly thankful to You for constant attention and care for rural dwellers.”

All these noble deeds and endeavors of ours are in the name of the human being, for the future of our children. Kids are to grow up harmoniously healthy and independently thinking in such modern homes. It is so because the lifestyle of a person influences his/her world outlook and mindset. The head of our state suggested that some time in the past we used to dream of the days when our children are better, smarter, wiser and, of course, happier than us, and today it is turning into a reality.

The leader of our country pointed out that rural residents are entitled to live in most modern conditions, and that for that goal to be achieved the efforts on this front should be continued and constantly perfected.

President Islam Karimov reviewed the Istiklol Street downtown Andijan and the cutting-edge buildings erected here.

As a consequence of the grand works undertaken here, trade and services units have been built, fountains and benches been installed, and a comfortable environment been created for the locals to spend their leisure time.

The President of the country offered his recommendations to improve the appearance of the street and ensure a harmony in the color gamma in designing buildings, to layout grass lawns and expand greenery.

All this constitutes a bright reflection of the country’s development and its creative potential. It is to serve for the further growth in the wellbeing of our people.

(Source: Press-service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan)


special industrial zone “Angren”

Projects for US$163m implemented in SIZ “Angren”

Committee of international affairs and inter-parliamentary relations of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan organized a roundtable “Development of investment cooperation at special industrial zone “Angren” on 2 October 2014.

Representatives of Oliy Majlis, Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investment and Trade, directorate of SIZ Angren, Center for logistics “Angren”, ministries and departments participated in the roundtable.

It was underlined that SIZ Angren possesses large potential to develop new production capacities, processing local raw materials and production of high technologic products.

Based on the concept of the zone, it will accept enterprises on production of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemicals and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food processing and deep processing of fruits and vegetables, production of modern construction materials, and leather industry, etc.

During the past period, implementation of some 16 projects for US$224.8 million started in SIZ Angren, of which eight projects for US$163 million were completed. About 840 new jobs were created in the result.

In particular, Angren Shakar with 100% foreign capital has been commissioned, which produces 1,000 tonnes of sugar a day. Angren Quvur Zavodi was also launched and it produces copper pipes of various diameters. Another enterprise ELG-NUR produces energy saving lamps in the territory.

At the meeting, it was underlined that all necessary conditions were created for businesses in the SIZ Angren. The participants familiarized with international center for logistics “Angren”, activities of which is directed to help businesses in their foreign economic activities.

The participants also underlined that it is necessary to boost work on attracting investments into economy of Uzbekistan, in particular, foreign direct investments.

At the end of the roundtable, the participants developed recommendations directed at further improving system of protection of interests of foreign investors, development of national legislation in this area. Angren special industrial zone was created on 13 April 2012 in line with the presidential decree in Tashkent region. The zone will function for 30 years.

During operation of the special industrial zone, special tax regime and customs preferences will be applied in its territory. Administrative council of SIZ Angren will provide status of participant of the special industrial zone. The main activities of the enterprises operating in the territory of the SIZ “Angren” shall be production of a wide range of high-tech products with high added value that are competitive in both domestic and world markets.

This is expected to be achieved through efficient use of production and resource potential of the region comprising the special industrial zone.

Establishment of the SIZ “Angren” is aimed at creating a favorable environment for setting up and developing enterprises in the field of advanced processing of raw mineral resources; production of high-tech products based on local raw materials by establishing strong cooperation ties and developing industrial cooperation between enterprises within the special industrial zone and the republic as a whole.

In accordance with the very concept of the SIZ “Angren” and the priorities chosen, the enterprises of the following industries shall be dislocated in the territory of the SIZ “Angren”:

  • electrical engineering,
  • mechanical engineering
  • chemicals and petrochemicals,
  • pharmaceuticals,
  • food processing and deep processing of fruits and vegetables,
  • production of modern construction materials,
  • leatherindustry, etc.



International cooperation

The twelfth session of the General prosecutors of the SCO member States to be held in Tashkent

The twelfth session of the General prosecutors of the member States of the Shanghai cooperation organization (SCO) will be held on October 8, 2014 in Tashkent.

Perspective directions of Prosecutor’s offices of the member States of the SCO is going to be discussed in the course of the event, the press service of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Uzbekistan said.

Besides, the issues of strengthening and expanding cooperation between law enforcement authorities of the member States of the SCO to solve problems in the field of supervision over execution of legislation in the sphere of protection of rights of entrepreneurs, ensuring the rights and legitimate interests of minors, protection of nature and the results of the review of the law and practice of member States of SCO, as well as other issues will be discussed  at the event.

Upon completion of the discussion of agenda, signing of the final Protocol with the decision is planned.




Uzbek Circus Artists Win the Bronze Elephant

The Tashkent State Circus artists have returned home with the prize of the 13th International Youth Circus Festival-Contest that took place in Moscow.

Within several days artists from various countries demonstrated more than 30 performances of different genres on the arena of the Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Uzbekistan was represented by the Tashkenbaevs dynasty, the world famous ropewalkers. The audience watched breathtaking acrobatic feats by our ropewalkers with great admiration, for which they won the third prize of the festival, and received ‘The Bronze Elephant’.

“Each of the festival is a display of best world achievements, and participation in similar festivals serves a big incentive to develop,” tells a production director of the Tashkent State Circus Olimjon Tashkenbaev. “The jury estimated the presentation of the turn and performance skills of artists. They came after the artists from Russia and China, who showed better results.”

Representatives of the Tashkenbaevs dynasty won in many international contests. In 2009, in the similar festival hosted by China they won ‘The Bronze Lion’, and in 2010 in Italy our artists got the first prize ‘The Golden Coliseum.’

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


“Tourism on the Silk road” international tourist fair launched in Tashkent

A major tourist event in our country – Tashkent international tourist fair “Tourism on the Silk road” – 2014 has started in the capital. This year the event brings together more than 300 exhibiting companies, and the total number of participants is more than 120 thousand people from more than 30 countries.

TITF is held since 1994. The main purpose of the event is realization of transcontinental “silk road” project. The fair participants every year are dozens of international tourist companies interested in Uzbekistan, as in the best direction. The growing interest to the tourist potential of Uzbekistan proves annual expansion of geography of participants.

The main objective of the fair is a visual representation of all tourist potential of the region, implementation and promotion of tourist services of the leading travel agencies, resorts, offices of tourism regions and foreign countries.

The fair allows leading experts in the world to share experiences, discuss current issues of tourism, to provide new opportunities for its development.


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