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October 17, 2014


October 17, 2014

uzbek_digestelections to the oliy majlis of the republic of uzbekistan and local Kengashes of people’s deputies. 2

Media Role in Electoral Process. 2

X International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair.. 2

According to the results of International Uzbek cotton and textile fair signed contracts for the supply of 580 thousand tons of cotton and textile exports worth $1 billion. 2

special industrial zone “Jizzakh”. 3

Production of LED-lamps to be launched in SIZ “Jizzakh”. 3






elections to the oliy majlis of the republic of uzbekistan and local Kengashes of people’s deputies

Media Role in Electoral Process

The role of mass media in the electoral process has been addressed at a panel discussion organized by the Public Fund for the Support and Development of Independent Print Media and Information Agencies of Uzbekistan as well as the Independent Institute to Monitor the Formation of Civil Society. The event comes as part of a joint project entitled “Uplifting the Role of Mass Media in the Further Modernization of the Country and Building a Robust Civil Society”. 

The occasion sought to boost the knowledge of journalists working during election campaign, to explain the tasks in the realization of citizen rights to receive maximum complete and comprehensive information on the electoral process, and to inquire into modern technologies, principles and norms of election campaigning.

Participants of the panel discussion pointed out that during its independence years Uzbekistan has garnered a rich experience in the organization and conduct of elections on the principles of openness, publicity and transparency of the entire electoral process. Also it was noted that a major purpose sought from the cooperation of the Central Election Commission with mass media is to create all the necessary conditions for voters for their free participation in elections, for their all-round familiarization with election platforms of political parties and programs of those running for membership of the parliament, and for their conscious decision on the election day.

“Legal guarantees of coverage of the election campaign by mass media are stipulated in the electoral legislation,” Rahimjon Hakimov, head of department at the Institute for Monitoring the Acting Legislation under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, has suggested. “Today, everything necessary has been created for journalists to organize an effective information works to extensively explain the provisions of the electoral legislation among voters, and to propagate the essence and significance of the further democratization of the national electoral system, to bolster the law culture of the population, inform the wider public on the course of preparations for and conduct of elections.”

The event participants exchanged views on the essence and significance of amendments and addenda introduced to the electoral legislation in accordance with the Concept of Intensification of Democratic Reforms and Formation of Civil Society in the Country proposed by the head of our state. The contributors to the roundtable discussion said these novelties are designed to implement – to an even greater extent – the principle of the freedom of choice, to further democratize the electoral system of the country, raise the effectiveness in securing equal opportunities for candidates running for deputyship and political parties during election campaigning, and to cement the principles of openness and transparency of elections of deputies to the lower house of parliament from the Ecology Movement of Uzbekistan.

The panel discussion participants also addressed normative foundations of the evolution of multiparty system in our country, issues related to the development of interparty competition as a factor in the enhancement of electorate’s participation in shaping the representative bodies of government. Source

(Source: UzA)


X International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair

According to the results of International Uzbek cotton and textile fair signed contracts for the supply of 580 thousand tons of cotton and textile exports worth $1 billion

Uzbek cotton and textiles are among the best in the world. This once again was confirmed in the framework of organized on the initiative of President Islam Karimov, X international Uzbek cotton and textile fair. The event was completed by officially signing ceremony of a number of contracts and agreements.

So, for the supply of cotton fiber contracts were signed:

between SFTJSC “Uzinterimpex” and “Premier Cotton Spinning” (Bangladesh);

between SFTJSC “Uzinterimpex” and “Diagram General Trading (UAE);

between SFTJSC “Uzmarkazimpeks” and “Daewoo International (Korea);

between SFTJSC “Uzmarkazimpeks” and LLC “IP-Inter Group” (Russia);

between SFTJSC “Uzprommashimpeks” and LLC “Cotton Torg” (Russia);

between SFTJSC “Uzprommashimpeks” and “Societe D importation Et De Comission (France);

between SFTJSC “Uzprommashimpeks” and “Tirotex” (Moldova);

between SFTJSC “Uzprommashimpeks” and “Xinjiang Yinlong International (China).

In addition, there were signed contracts for the export of textile products:

between SFTJSC “Uzmarkazimpeks” and “Nanyang Red Cotton Angel Textile Co., LTD. (PRC);

between SFTJSC “Uzmarkazimpeks” and “Textil A.A.A.” (Latvia);

between SFTJSC “Uzmarkazimpeks” and LLC “textile-Contact” (Ukraine);

between SFTJSC “Uzmarkazimpeks” and “Feko Dis Ticaret (Turkey);

between SFTJSC “Uzmarkazimpeks” and LLC “MEDEX” (Russia);

between SFTJSC “Markazsanoateksport” and “Alashankou Finix Trade Co., LTD. (PRC);

between SVTC LLC “Uztadbirkorexport” and TH “Ustenko” (Russia);

between JV “Uztex Chirchik” and LLC “Runo” (Russia);

between FE “Indorama Kokand Textile” and “ISIN International Ltd (Singapore).

It should also be noted that the results of the cotton forum signed a Memorandum of cooperation:

between SJSC “Uzbekyengilsanoat” and “Indorama” (Singapore);

between SJSC “Uzbekyengilsanoat” and the International Federation of textile manufacturers, the Bremen cotton exchange (Germany).

In General, according to the results of the tenth International Uzbek cotton and textile fair contracts were signed for the supply of 580 thousand tons of Uzbek cotton and exports of textile products for more than $1 billion.

Thus, on the international Uzbek cotton and textile fair has given a new impetus to the further development of market mechanisms for the implementation of the cotton fiber, the improvement of economic relations between the Uzbek producers and buyers and has become one of the most important and significant events of world cotton community this year.



special industrial zone “Jizzakh”

Production of LED-lamps to be launched in SIZ “Jizzakh”

A project “Organization of production of energy-efficient LED lamps at the territory of special industrial zone “Jizzakh” is implemented in the special industrial zone Jizzakh.

According to the press service of Uzbekenergo, JIzzakh PTES and Owell created a joint venture YORQIN CHIROQLAR to implement the project.

Currently, the premises are repaired to create capacities on production of LED lamps, including production shop, administrative and other premises.

In November, it is expected that foreign partner will deliver equipment for production line.

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed a decree for creation of new special industrial zone Jizzakh on 18 March 2013. The branch of the zone will be in Syrdarya region.

The zone was created in line with a memorandum of understanding on implementation of project on creation of Uzbek-Chinese industrial park in Uzbekistan. It was created to form favourable conditions for attracting foreign and local investments to creation of high technologic industrial capacities, production of competitive products with high added price, complex and effective use production and resource potential of Jizzakh and Syrdarya regions.

The special zone was created for 30 years with possibility of extension. The decree set tax and customs preferences for enterprises, operating in the zone. The enterprises, located in the zone, will be exempted from payment of income tax, property tax, tax for accomplishment and social infrastructure, single tax, and mandatory payments to Road Fund.

They will be also exempted from payment of customs duties for imported materials, equipment and spare parts, which are not produced in Uzbekistan.

The preferences will be provided from three to seven years based on the volume of investments. The investors will be get these preferences for three years, if they invest US$300,000, five years – for investments from US$3 to US$10 million and seven years – for investments for above US$10 million.


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