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November 4, 2014


November4, 2014


Weekly volume of exports of cathode copper at the UZEX made up $777.5 thousand. 2

investments. 3

Depths in Full View.. 3

elections to the oliy majlis of the republic of uzbekistan and local Kengashes of people’s deputies. 3

CEC: 44 Polling Stations Established in Foreign Countries. 3

International cooperation.. 4

First Committee of UN General Assembly Unanimously Supports Resolution, Initiated by Uzbekistan  4




Weekly volume of exports of cathode copper at the UZEX made up $777.5 thousand

After two weeks of growth, commodity markets of Uzbek Republican Commodity Exchange (UZEX) has once again entered a correction phase. During October 20-26, the total amount of goods sold on the stock exchange trading platforms, decreased by 10.6% and amounted to 180.5 billion Soums. However, in the system of public procurement has been a significant revitalization of trading. (currency rates of CB RU from 4.11.2014   1$= 2388.25 soums)

The exchange trades

Last week exchange trades resulted in different directions. The total volume of transactions decreased from 167.4 billion soums to 147.2 billion Soums. Nevertheless, on the individual commodity segments achieved positive trend. In particular, a significant increase was observed for food products, feeds for animal farming and chemical products. However, these amendments did not have a significant impact on the structure of sold goods. The combined share of construction materials and food products remained the same – 50%.

The volume of export transactions also decreased from $2.3 million to 1.8 million. Through currency trading platform realized copper cathode at $777.5 thousand, accounting for 43% of total exports. Ammonium nitrate and carbamide taken in equal shares by – 13%. UDP “Mubarek Gas Processing Plant” liquefied gas sold by $495.8 thousand (27%). Outsider of the week was the engine oil production Fergana refinery – 4%.

Exhibition trades

The volume of transactions on the exhibition trades, fell to 16.4 billion soums. However, the amount of goods sold on the domestic market increased from 13.6 billion to 15.8 billion soums.

The most active auction took place in sales of goods of light industry, which amounted to 8.1 billion soums. The second of the results achieved by the implementation of engineering products, and has closed three top leaders products of industry. The aggregate amount of sales accounted for 13.7 billion soums, or 83.6% of the trading volume. Biggest deal of the week is enclosed in Andijan branch on implementation on tarpaulins  for 4.1 billion Soums.

Public procurement

Public procurement system, in contrast to other trading platforms, showed an increase of 25.4% or 10.6 billion Soums. Simultaneously, 29%, or up to 3.1 billion Soums increased budgetary savings. The results achieved are due to the increase in the number of participating at the auction of budget from 2288 to 2767 organizations that have signed by 1043 deal more than the previous week. The share of small business in the total volume of transactions made 98%.

According to the amount of transactions, in the first place ranking of regions traditionally occupy suppliers of capital. With some delay, on the second place suppliers from Samarkand region.

Biggest deal of the week was enclosed in Chilonzar distr. on supply of computers to 159.9 million Soums.  Largest amount of savings of 52.0 million Soums achieved on the deal for the supply of textile products, concluded in Payariq district of Samarkand region.

Corporate purchases

Over the past week on the corporate electronic purchases made ​​310 transactions totaling $ 6.2 billion Soums, which is 9.5% less than the previous week. In this financial savings customers exceeded 1.03 billion Soums or 15% of the total amount of transactions took place. The share of small businesses in the total volume of transactions held increased by almost 2% and made 98%.




Depths in Full View

The mining industry of Uzbekistan ranks among the leaders in the real economy sector and has a huge capacity of attracting foreign investors. The truth has been once again proved at the last week’s seventh international conference on ‘Investment Potential of Solid Minerals UZGEOINVEST 2014’.

The large-scale event was aimed at interpreting the essence and content of ongoing reforms, introducing the potential miners to the system of privileges, preferences and safeguards to protect the interests and rights of foreign investors. This year’s forum has brought together over 200 representatives of foreign and domestic mining and consulting companies, research institutions, manufacturers of specialized equipment. The reports by specialists of the geological sector presented the potential of attracting foreign and domestic investors in the development and exploration of mineral resources, clarified the application of the broad system of legal guarantees and incentives that stimulate businesses in the field.

To date, over 1,760 mineral deposits have been explored in Uzbekistan. About half of them have been discovered in the years of independence. In order to draw investments in the development of domestic mineral resource base the government approved certain legislative acts regulating the subsoil management and licensing the areas with mineral resources.

At the conference, the investors were offered 547 solid mineral deposits, ready for mining. The sites are feasible for enterprises producing a wide range of products in demand in the local and global markets. Some of them are located near free industrial economic zones.

The offers are backgrounded by an impressive package of privileges and preferences that promote exploration on prospective areas. For instance, legal entities and individuals who fund the geological studies, have an exclusive right to obtain a license for mining on the field they have explored. Therefore, the domestic experts have prepared more than 200 proposals for exploration works within the investment blocks and promising areas. For example, the investors may choose among 38 promising areas with uranium, tungsten, lithium deposits and other rare metals under the terms of production sharing agreements, establishment of joint ventures, and others.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

elections to the oliy majlis of the republic of uzbekistan and local Kengashes of people’s deputies

CEC: 44 Polling Stations Established in Foreign Countries

Regular meeting of the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which examined the issues of organization of polling stations abroad and accreditation of journalists to cover the elections to the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, regional, district and city Kengashes of people’s deputies was held.

The meeting was chaired by the Chairman of the Central Election Commission M.Abdusalamov.

It was noted that according to the law, polling stations are formed taking into account the main criteria – creating maximum comfort for voters. Precincts are formed also in military units, as well as in remote and inaccessible areas. At the offices of the Republic of Uzbekistan in foreign countries precincts will be established by the Central Election Commission upon submission of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The Central electoral Commission, having considered the proposal of the Ministry of foreign Affairs about the establishment of polling stations at the offices of the Republic of Uzbekistan in foreign countries, adopted a resolution on establishment of 44 polling stations for parliamentary elections and attaching them to the 126th Temiryulchi electoral district of Tashkent city with the adoption of measures to ensure the necessary conditions for voters.


International cooperation

First Committee of UN General Assembly Unanimously Supports Resolution, Initiated by Uzbekistan

The First Committee of the UN General Assembly considered a draft resolution “Treaty on a Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone in Central Asia” at its session on 29 October 2014 and without voting approved it based on consensus.

About 60 countries, including nuclear powers – Great Britain, China, Russia, United States and France, became co-author of the resolution, Jahon news agency reported.

The resolution says that the UN General Assembly would welcome that Treaty’s entry into force on 21 March 2009.

The agency said that initiative of Uzbekistan, announced by the Uzbek President Islam Karimov at the 48th session of the UN General Assembly on 28 September 1993, was supported.

Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone in Central Asia is a unique as it became first such zone in northern hemisphere. It also became the first multilateral agreement in security sphere, in which all five Central Asian states are taking part.

According to the agreement, the signees undertook obligation not to hold researches, produce, stock or purchase, possesses any nuclear weapon or other nuclear explosive devices in any form. Five nuclear powers guarantee not to use nuclear weapon or other nuclear explosive or threat to use them against any member state of the treaty.


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