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November 6, 2014


November 6, 2014

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Expanding the Export Potential of Uzbekistan’s Textile Industry. 2

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Uzbek insurance companies collect 20.12bn soums of premiums on MICLE.. 3

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11th International Exhibition “Transport and Logistics – TransUzbekistan 2014” will be held from November 12 to 14. 4





Expanding the Export Potential of Uzbekistan’s Textile Industry

In today’s world, the light industry ranks high among the most profitable export-oriented sectors. This can be explained by a wide product range it exports – from yam to finished produce. It won’t be an overstatement to say that the light industry of Uzbekistan is one of structure-forming sectors in manufacturing. At the same time, an annual increase in absolute figures is observed in a given field.

Being a strategic industry of the Uzbek economy, the textile sector develops at a steady pace year in, year out. It is a vital multi-profile economic sector, whose attractiveness in terms of innovation is very high. The introduction of up-and-coming production technologies and the use of highly productive modern equipment, coupled with efficient management, are conducive to the achievement of high labor productivity and a continued rise in production volumes at the Republic’s ‘ textile factories.

Uzbekistan boasts the enormous potential in the textile sector. The Uzbek cotton is well known in the world marketplace for its high quality. The industry’s infrastructure is well developed.

The traditional international exhibitions – Textile Equipment & Technologies – CAITME and Textile Industry – Textile Expo Uzbekistan – held in the country on an annual basis contribute much to the successful implementation of projects designed to boost the development of the national light industry.

Up to now, foreign investments, worth more than US $1.5 billion, have been attracted to the sector. Upwards of 120 textile enterprises have been set up with the participation of overseas investors from Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, the US, India etc. As many as 150-plus projects to organize the production of garments have been brought to completion in the textile industry. Their output includes sports clothes, clothes for adults, children’s garments, underwear and suchlike.

According to official data from the State Joint-Stock Company Uzbekengilsanoat, 2013 was a successful year for the light and textile industry of Uzbekistan, as it has been making headway and developing dynamically, creating new possibilities for the further development of economic and social life in the country. Last year, the production volume of industrial output in Uzbekistan has grown by 8.8 percent. Its value has been estimated at 2143.9 billion Soum (122.1 per cent above the 2012 level). The sector has produced consumer goods to the tune of 857.6 billion Soum (up 126.4 per cent on a year earlier). In 2013, the domestic textile enterprises have manufactured goods of 128 product categories, including 52 new ones. Among them are cotton fabrics (such as percolated fabrics, avizen, tent linen, sailcloth, waffle cloth, gabardine, blue denim etc.), finished clothes and knitted wear, valued at 210 billion soum. (currency rates of CB RU from 6.11.2014   1$= 2388.25 soums)

Each year, the sector has been swelling its export volumes, with the overall foreign trade potentialities of the Republic’s regions growing rapidly. In 2013, the export of goods with high value added has accounted for 42 per cent of the total volume of exportables. the value of textile exports from Uzbekistan last year has been estimated at US $827.3 million, 117.3 per cent higher than the 2012 level. In the current year, there are as many as 252 enterprises-exporters in the light industry, including 45 new ones. Besides, they have succeeded in penetrating 5 new markets (Tunis, Nigeria, Kenya, Sri-Lanka and Estonia). These days, the output of the Uzbek light industry is exported to 48 countries of the world

In 2013,31 textile enterprises have been modernized, with the total cost of all those modernization projects coming to US $231.92 million. As a consequence, more than 4,000 new jobs have been created there. These enterprises are currently in a position to turn out 52.55 thou tons of yarn, 7.25 million sq. m. of cotton fabrics, 2.03 thou tons of knitted fabric, 16.8 million pairs of hosiery, 17.73 million clothes and knitted garments and 120 tons of raw silk. As well as manufacturing non-food consumer goods for the population, the light industry has a social dimension, since it is facilitating the creation of new jobs in the Republic.

In September 2013, the city of Tashkent hosted the 8th Central Asian International Textile Exhibition “Textile Equipment & Technologies – CAITME 2013” and the 10th International’ Exhibition “Textile Industry TextileExpo Uzbekistan 2013”. Their participators ‘included 250 companies from 21 countries. The exhibitions drew a total audience of over 8,000. Among them were 5,000+ specialists and heads of enterprises, operating in the light sector of the CIS member states and “far-abroad” countries.

The Republic’s foreign trade company Uztadbirkoreksport carries out successful exports activity, exporting finished textile produce to its foreign firms based in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation and to the Latvian Republic of late, What is more, the company has set up a trade-exhibition firm, called Orient Hall, in the town of Shymkent, whose aim is to demonstrate and promote a wide range of textile output made by national manufacturers. Shirts form the centerpiece of the exhibits placed on view there. According to Kazakh buyers, their quality, design and outward appearance are not second to shirts produced by leading Turkish companies. In addition, Orient Hall demonstrates garments made of adras, men’s, women’s and children’s underclothing, men’s shirts, football jersey, women’s night­gowns, children’s pajamas, sports trousers, pullovers, jumpers, socks, terry towels, bath ropes for men, women and children, rubberized, rugs etc.

The volumes of textile exports from Uzbekistan tend to increase from year to year. The same is true of the demand for domestically produced knitted garments in foreign markets. Such a growing demand is due to both their high quality, which meets all the international standards, and acceptable prices. In the first six months of the current year, 183 export contracts have been concluded for the delivery of goods made by 168 small-scale companies and private entrepreneurs operating in the Republic.

To promote Uzbekistan-made textile produce, the foreign trade company Uztadbirkoreksport regularly takes part in international textile fairs and exhibitions. In the first half-year of 2014, its participation in such exhibitions as Textilelegprom (Russia) and Restoration of the Silk Road (China) has resulted in the conclusion of a number of export contracts.

(Source: «Business» newspaper)


Uzbek insurance companies collect 20.12bn soums of premiums on MICLE

Insurance companies of Uzbekistan collected insurance premiums for 20.119 billion soums on mandatory insurance of civil liability of employers (MICLE) in nine months of 2014, which rose by 30.7% year-on-year, according to preliminary data of the Ministry of Finance of Uzbekistan. (currency rates of CB RU from 6.11.2014   1$= 2388.25 soums)

Major part of insurance premiums on MICLE fell to share of insurance companies with the state share. They collected 16.612 billion soums of insurance premiums on MICLE (+36.9%). Other companies collected on 3.507 billion soums on MICLE (+7.4%).

According to Finance Ministry, insurance companies signed 48,215 agreements on MICLE in nine months of 2014. The companies with state share inked 40,574 agreements and other companies – 7,641 agreements.

The volume of liabilities on MICLE reached 15.968 trillion soums in nine months of 2014 (+14.7%), of which 12.347 trillion soums fell to share of state companies and 3.621 trillion soums to other companies.

Insurance companies made 8.86 billion soums of insurance payouts on MICLE in nine months of 2014, which grew by 63.8% year-on-year. The companies with state share increased payouts by 64% to 7.499 billion soums and other companies – 62.9% to 1.361 billion soums.

It is worth to mention that nine companies provide MICLE services in Uzbekistan. Uzagrosugurta, Kafolat and Uzbekinvest are companies with state share. Kapital Sug’urta, ALSKOM, ALFA INVEST, Asia insurans, Universal Sug’urta and IShONCh are in group of “other companies”.

Kafolat (6743 billion soums), Uzagrosugurta (6.346 billion soums) and Uzbekinvest (3.523 billion soums) are leading on volume of collected premiums in nine months of 2014. Kafolat (2.689 billion soums), Uzbekinvest (2.589 billion soums) and Uzagrosugurta (2.22 billion soums) are leading on volume of payouts in January-September 2014.



11th International Exhibition “Transport and Logistics – TransUzbekistan 2014” will be held from November 12 to 14

The 11th International Exhibition “Transport and Logistics – TransUzbekistan 2014” will be held from November 12 to 14 of this year in the capital “Uzexpocenter”.

The event is organized by the international exhibition company ITE Uzbekistan. The exhibition aims to be a meeting place for professionals and an effective platform to conclude contracts, exchange experiences, obtain the most actual information about the market in the region, expand business ties, and also to provide an opportunity to present its company’s activities to business circles of Uzbekistan and to the entire region of Central Asia.

Note that the International Exhibition “Transport and Logistics -TransUzbekistan 2014” this year will be differentiated from previous ones, with the participation of a large number of domestic companies in it.  The JV “Man Auto-Uzbekistan” will offer high standards of German quality in Uzbekistan to the partners. Among the participants also will be debutants, including the company «Universal Logistics Services» – the largest modern railway container terminal in Uzbekistan, which is offering a full range of services for handling containers, railcars, and oversized cargo. In addition, with complex solutions for satellite monitoring of transport and fuel consumption control «International Monitoring Group» will be carried out B2B dialogue near stands this year.

It is necessary to mention that the innovation of the upcoming exhibition will be a new section which is dedicated to the auto-components and equipment to provide services to vehicles for various purposes.

– We are pleased to note that today the international exhibition “Transport and Logistics – TransUzbekistan 2014” is the only trade fair in this sphere in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Every year, the exhibition attracts a growing number of international experts in the field of logistics, transportation, loading and unloading, shipping, as by road transport and by rail, air and sea routes. Moreover, every year there is an increase in the number of exhibitors and the exhibition area, for example, last year the exhibition attracted about 30 specialized international companies, and this year their number already amounted to 50, said Malik Musaev PR Manager of the international exhibition company ITE Uzbekistan.

There are many foreign companies among the alleged participants, in particular, a group of companies from Latvia, which are providing services such as passenger rail transportation, repair, cargo, also navigation and protection safety of the marine environment. At the same time the stand of “Lark Logistics” company which was founded in 2005 in India and specializes in the delivery of goods to the Russian Federation and the countries of Central Asia promises to be interesting. In Uzbekistan Georgia will introduce “Trans Caucasus Terminal” – a subsidiary of JSC “Georgian Railway” for the first time. Chinese People’s Republic is represented by companies “Sinochain Logistics” and “Trans Sea And Railway Logistics Group” which are providing a wide range of logistics services.

– International exhibition “Transport and logistics-TransUzbekistan 2014” has been around for 11 years, and during the whole time the exhibition took place in different formats.This year, by conducting a monitoring and marketing research we concluded that, in accordance with the requirements of the times and the development of the transport and logistics sector in Uzbekistan, the exhibition should become an independent project. We expect a large number of visitors, professionals who are interested in expositions, participants and in the development of cooperation. In addition, the exhibition year by year shows the dynamics of growth, and this year we are taking about 40% of regular participants, and the share of foreign participants makes about 80-85%, the rest – are our national companies. Since ancient times the region has been at the heart of the Great Silk Road, thence passed all the main caravan cargo, and this tradition continues to this day, therefore, this exhibition has relevance today. This is a very good opportunity for domestic companies in terms of establishing relationships, agreements, contracts with foreign parties says Malik Musaev PR-Manager of the international exhibition company ITE Uzbekistan.

Thus, the International Exhibition “Transport and Logistics -TransUzbekistan 2014” – will be an effective platform for business expansion for both domestic and foreign transport and logistics companies.

It should be noted that the exhibition will be held with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade of Uzbekistan, the Association of International Road Carriers of Uzbekistan, the Chamber for Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


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