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November 12, 2015


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New Stage, New Challenges. 2

Enterprises of food industry of Uzbekistan produce more than 3 thousand of food items. 2

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Olympic Race: Uzbek Canoe and Kayak Racing Team Wins Three Olympic Licenses. 3




New Stage, New Challenges

Uzbekistan’s cotton industry is known worldwide for its quality products and responsible approach to the delivery for each client. In the years since independence, it has passed a long way from obsolete plants to modern and well-equipped manufactures. To keep abreast of the time, the industry has entered a new stage of enhancing efficiency and competitiveness, spurred by a presidential decree.

In the near future, Uzbekistan is getting prepared to launch a new holding company of O’zpahtasanoateksport. It is going to be a single complex for reception and processing of raw cotton, exports of cotton fiber based on the requirements of the global market, maintaining quality and competitiveness of cotton, oil and fat products, as well as channeling domestic and foreign investments for modernization, technical and technological extension of ginning and fat and oil enterprises.

The company will unite three big joint-stock companies: O’zpahtasanoat to be responsible for the receipt and processing of raw cotton, O’zpahtaeksport to deal with the storage and export of cotton fiber, and O’zpahtayogh to specialize in the production of cotton oil.

Above all, the new holding company will be engaged in the system-based research of global and regional market trends, and development of proposals to further improve the regional distribution of area-specific varieties of cotton.

O’zpahtasanoateksport will also ensure a unified policy in terms of organization and implementation of the entire scope of works, ranging from the reception of cotton from the farms, its processing, production of high-quality and competitive fiber, as well as its storage in compliance with international requirements and standards.

Other missions include the pursuance of a unified policy and rendering of technical assistance to ginneries, oil-mills, cotton terminals in modernization, introduction of modern advanced equipment and technologies, active attraction of investment, especially FDI.

The initial authorized capital of the O’zpahtasanoateksport holding company is built from the assets of the abolished O’zpahtasanoat Association, as well as the transfer of 100% of the shares of specialized associations O’zpahtasanoat, O’zpahtaeksport and O’zpahtayogh.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

Enterprises of food industry of Uzbekistan produce more than 3 thousand of food items

The National press center of Uzbekistan hosted a press conference on the theme “Ensuring food safety is a priority”, organized by the Association of food industry enterprises of Uzbekistan.

As was noted at the event, large-scale reforms held in our country, in particular, measures to promote industrial development, improve the quality and volume of production through the modernization of enterprises is yielding significant results.

Thus, in January-September of the current year the volume of industrial production in the Republic amounted to 10 trillion 114.5 billion soums, while the share of the food industry in total industrial production increased to 17% (currency rates of CB RU from 12.11.2015   1$= 2706.59 soums).

It was stressed that the demand of the population of Uzbekistan in food production is satisfied by almost 100% due to the products manufactured by domestic producers. At norm of consumption (40 kg/person) of meat and meat products (in recalculation on carcass weight) in the amount of 1.2 million tons per year, Uzbekistan produced an average of about 1.9 million tons of meat. This year the annual consumption of milk and dairy products amounts to 4.8 million tons, while over the past five years, the average annual milk production was 8.6 million tons.

In general, during the years of Independence the consumption of meat per capita rose by 1.3 times, milk and milk products – 1.6 times, processed fruit and vegetable almost 4 times.

During the press conference, special attention is paid to the fact that the enterprises of the food industry as of today produce more than 3 thousand types of food, while their range annually increases by over 80 varieties.

At the same time, each manufacturer of food products faces an important question – implementation of new quality standards and production management, advanced technologies, at which the advancement of the enterprise to new levels of development, improving the quality and expanding the range of manufactured products depends on. For these purposes, just for the first 9 months of 2015 1005 investment projects worth 292 billion soums have been implemented.

In addition, 363 enterprises have implemented international quality standard ISO-9001 and international quality standard on safety of finished products ISO 22000.

The media representatives within the framework of the event received answers to all their questions.



Olympic Race: Uzbek Canoe and Kayak Racing Team Wins Three Olympic Licenses

At the Asian Championship in canoe and kayak racing, our athletes have been able to win three licenses.

In previous Olympic race, Vadim Menkov was only one who had sufficient level of training to compete for the licenses. To date, other members of the team are also competitive enough. This is the result of experiments and training. The head coach Alexander Panomarev told about athletes’ training in an interview to Uzbekistan Today before leaving for the competition.

Asian Championships showed that the national team is prepared better this time.

Kayaker Alexey Mochalov and canoeist Gerasim Kochnev won licenses at the distance of 1000 meters.

Our athletes managed to win another Olympic license, becoming the best among the crews-twos. Canoeists Vadim Menkov and Serik Mirbekov won it.

The last day of the Asian Championships in rowing and canoeing brought the country another license. The Asian champion and the owner of the license became canoeist Olga Umaralieva in the 200 meters.

So, the national team has three licenses and five gold medals.

(Source: IA «Uzbekistan Today»)

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