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November 30, 2016


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The electrical industry of Uzbekistan has scheduled several big projects in the coming years, aiming to develop the production of new models of refrigerators, air conditioners, mobile phones and other appliances. 1

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In Uzbekistan the average life expectancy has reached 73.5 years. 2

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Conductor Aziz Shohakimov: “Always Want to Play with Native Orchestra for My Favorite Audience”. 3










The electrical industry of Uzbekistan has scheduled several big projects in the coming years, aiming to develop the production of new models of refrigerators, air conditioners, mobile phones and other appliances

Domestic companies are currently establishing cooperation with the world’s known manufacturers to ensure the effective production of household appliances of a new generation. Producing modern refrigerators under the Artel brand, the Polaris Technologies company might be an example.

Despite the short period of operation, the company has managed to attract many customers with affordable prices and high quality products. Owing to the cooperation with the South Korean Samsung Electronics Co. LTD, the company has expanded its range with four new models this year.

The new refrigerators of 290 and 320 liters under the Samsung brand are operated by the environmentally friendly refrigerant R-600 and the inverter compressor of class A + energy efficiency. This suggests that the appliances will work for a long time and save energy.

The Tashkent-based enterprise Zenith Electronics established cooperation with the same Korean company last year by launching the production of LED TVs. Founded in 2004, it ranks among Uzbekistan’s largest home appliance enterprises.

The company specializes on television sets, washing machines, air conditioners. The cooperation with Samsung allowed for introducing innovative technologies in the shortest possible terms, and launching the production of modern TV sets in compliance with all quality requirements.

To do that, the company purchased new equipment, mastered the innovative technology of surface mounting, which is a robotic line capable of mounting electronic components from 0.3 to 30 millimeters without human intervention. The joint product accentuates improvement of design characteristics through the introduction of a modern production line of super-hard case products with a high degree of gloss and accessories to the basic products.

Modern mobile phones are a different story. The latest models of Android One smartphones under the Artel trademark are manufactured by the domestic company Great Global Line. The convenient device provides the optimal number of Google tools and resources, as well as automatic updates of the Android version, thereby gaining many positive user reviews.

There is a reason behind the fact that Google chose Artel and the Uzbek market as a partner.  Uzbekistan ranks among the CIS fastest growing markets with favorable business environment for foreign investors. Having studied the company’s enterprises and products, the Google Android One project manager Fiona Lee highly commended the progress the young company has achieved in such a short time, as domestic appliances have been confidently driving imports out from the local market.

Those smart phones have certain advantages, while costing much cheaper than imported counterparts. By the way, the prices for the handset will tend to decrease due to the full localization of production by 2017. So far, certain components of the phone are manufactured at the company’s production facilities in the Navoi region.

Another joint venture Dream Production specializes in advanced air conditioners. Some three years ago, the company owned just 3.5 hectares of land and vacant premises. Today, it runs a modern line on the production of household air conditioners, unparalleled in Central Asia.

According to experts, air conditioners, especially those that work in the heat exchange mode, refer to complicated appliances that require maximum compliance with standards at all stages of production. Advanced test lines reveal a leakage of chemical elements for cooling and heating, providing electrical safety. The enterprise runs several laboratories to ensure the product quality control, including check of imported components. Currently, it is gradually developing the production of air conditioner components. For example, the plant is using copper pipes of the Angren Pipe Plant, which are intended for the production of internal parts and outdoor units.

Previously, they were imported from China, entailing many difficulties with transportation and customs procedures, and affecting the production cost. The company’s specialists closely monitor innovations on the market, noting that the products do not yield to competitors in any parameters. They meet the power of heating and cooling, portability, low noise, resistance to electricity volatility, and certainly, design.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


In Uzbekistan the average life expectancy has reached 73.5 years

In Uzbekistan marked the Day of the Medical Worker.

The results of the republican contest were summed up during the major celebration, which this year was held at the National Drama Theater of Uzbekistan. The best ones in their professions were determined in 10 nominations. The medical association of the city of Yangiyer, Sirdaryo region, was recognized the winner in the nomination “The best establishment on the protection of motherhood and childhood”.

“Our clinic has at its disposal all necessary facilities and equipment for operative and accurate diagnostics and efficient therapy,” says chief of children’s department of the medical association of Yangiyer Shahlo Mamajonova. “Modern methods and technologies of the healthcare system are being widely introduced into our practical activities.”

Speaking at the meeting, Minister of Healthcare of Uzbekistan Anvar Alimov summed up the results of development of the healthcare system.

A unified and coordinated system of health services of the population has been set up in the country, covering all levels of the health services starting with the rural health units, district and municipal medical associations, regional multi-profile medical centers, providing primary health care, up to the republican specialized medical centers on providing high-tech medical services. The quality of people’s health keeps improving. Thus, maternal mortality rate decreased by 3.2 times, the mortality rate of children – by 3.4 times; the average life expectancy has increased from 66 to 73.5 years and that of women up to 76 years. The number of population of our country will reach 32 million people by the end of 2016, which means that during the years of independence the population increase made up12 million people, which is a clear indication of the growing living standard of the population and well-being in our country.

The minister drew special attention to activities in the field of protection of motherhood and childhood. A network of perinatal establishments and screening services for mothers and children were introduced as result of realization of the tasks outlined in the program “Healthy mother – healthy child”.

The calendar of vaccination of children against infectious diseases has been expanding from one year to another. Currently, vaccines used against 12 kinds of infectious diseases have been purchased on account of the state budget. 18.5 billion soums (currency rates of CB RU from 24.11.2016, 1$= 3157.50 soums) have been allocated for these purposes in 2016.

The minister underlined that a unique system for provision of emergency medical aid was established in the country. The Republican Scientific Center of Emergency Medical Aid, its territorial branches, municipal and district departments, local emergency aid services and the sanitary aviation service provide today medical assistance to the population at the level of international standards.

The system for provision of specialized medical assistance has been developing in the country.  Specialized Scientific-Practical Centers of cardiology, surgery, eye micro surgery, urology, therapy and medical rehabilitation, endocrinology, pulmonology and phthysiology, obstetrics and gynecology, dermatology and venereology, and pediatrics are operating successfully in the Republic. Almost fifty thousand high technological sophisticated operations are conducted annually at these medical establishments. Outpatient medical services are provided to more than 600 thousand patients.

Medical preventive activities have been brought up to the appropriate level. At the moment almost three thousand rural health units, family clinics, outpatient clinics, district and municipal central multi-profile clinics provide medical services to the population in this area.

At the same time health care today remains one of the science-intensive and high-tech spheres of our life. Specialists of the national centers have developed nearly a thousand diagnostic and treatment standards in more than 20 areas of medicine on current topics as a result of research work conducted by domestic scientists. It should be noted that the reforms, targeted at the development of the medical system, contribute to expanding the population’s access to quality health care. Almost all modern methods of treatment, practiced in the leading clinics of the world, today have been successfully applied in our country; health indicators are not inferior to similar indicators in industrially advanced countries.

Let us, for example, have a look at the cardiologic aid. A number of new techniques and technologies have been introduced and efficiently applied in this sphere. Thus, departments of roentgen-endovascular surgery departments have been organized at a number of medical establishments over the last few years. They are fitted out with the latest angiographic equipment, thanks to which our doctors conduct the most complicated surgery operations. We can by right feel proud about our cardiologists, who were one of the first in Central Asia to develop the use of high tech methods at the Republican specialized Center of cardiology – radiofrequency ablation (RFA) for complex cardiac arrhythmias and electric cardio stimulation (ECS – pacing) for heart block.

There had been much talk about the priorities that day. Attention will be concentrated on the development of the pharmaceutical industry, support of domestic producers of medicines, ensuring the sales of essential medicines at affordable prices at the state pharmacy chains, based on the needs of the population. The focus is on home nursing and “103” services’ coverage, which are two key components of the healthcare system, and there is no doubt, it will serve as an important factor in improving the health of the people.

Summing up the results of the meeting the head of the Ministry stressed that the selfless labor of the system’s employees and their commitment to their cause rests at the foundation of efforts, being undertaken in our country for the protection of the health of the population. Working today in the name of the health of the population are 72,653 qualified doctors and more than 321 thousand mid-level medical workers.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Conductor Aziz Shohakimov: “Always Want to Play with Native Orchestra for My Favorite Audience”

Aziz Shohakimov, giving his first concert at the Turkistan Palace with the National Symphony Orchestra of Uzbekistan within the Golden Autumn 2016 Fashion Show, has left the country in order to return after two weeks and give another concert as part of the same festival of art.

“Aziz, you have rather a busy schedule, constant touring, don’t you get tired?”

“I am a very mobile person. My life changed dramatically after I won the Mahler International Competition of Conductors and made my debut with the Dresden State Chorus. I began receiving invitations to play with various orchestras in Europe and America. Today I had the opportunity to conduct some 50 orchestras, and 90-95 percent of them invited me repeatedly. Last season I had 65 concerts in different cities around the world.

“There were some periods when I almost every day flew from city to city. Fatigue, of course, it happens. But this is a normal international practice. Abroad, there is such a thing as a guest conductor. Get the program of any orchestra and you will see that almost half of the concerts are organized with guest conductors. With most of the orchestras I work as a guest conductor. People often ask me where, in what city I like to live. I answer that to live comfortably is possible anywhere. Most often I am in Düsseldorf, Germany, because there I am a conductor at the opera house.

“In general, I am a citizen of Uzbekistan and it is forever, because my roots are here, my parents.”

“What does the participation in the Golden Autumn 2016 Festival mean for you?”

“I always find time to give concerts in my native Tashkent. Every year, I come for that three times. Concerning the Golden Autumn 2016 Festival, it is another meeting with my compatriots and the opportunity to work and perform with my native orchestra. After all, I was a member of the National Symphony Orchestra, and I am still its chief conductor.”

“How did the program of the first concert of the festival map out, and in your opinion, did you cope with the challenge?”

“As you know, two works were performed in the concert. Those included the First concerto by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, which we played together with the famous pianist and composer Vladimir Sverdlov-Ashkenazy. The choice was made by mutual agreement. The day before the concert we met and had a long conversation. As it turned out, we have a lot of friends in common, in same tastes. And, we agreed that the best product is the First concerto of Tchaikovsky, and made no mistake.

“In the second part of the concert we performed the 7th Symphony by Ludwig van Beethoven. It was my choice. As you know, three months ago, this August, with this composition I won the Salzburg competition for young conductors. And I really wanted to perform it in my home country. By the way, all the concerts that are warmly welcomed abroad, I perform for our audience.

“As for the evaluation, then it is better to ask from those who came for the concert that evening. I never try to catch the reaction of the audience, as it would be very wrong. The audience is unpredictable.”

“According to the program schedule of the Golden Autumn 2016 Festival, you have another concert to play, don’t you?”

“Yes, it will be held on December 3. Before that I planned rehearsals and concerts in three cities in the world. As for the program of the upcoming concert, I know nothing more than you. This will be a concert with our outstanding pianist Bekzod Abduraimov. And all the rest you will see at the concert, otherwise it is not interesting…”

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)





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