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February 6, 2017



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Shavkat Mirziyoyev received chairperson of American-Uzbekistan chamber of commerce. 1


Investment and export potential of the Surkhandarya region. 1


Uzbekistan to open new bank – Uzagroeksportbank. 4

International cooperation.. 4

Uzbekistan – USA trade forum takes place in Tashkent 4


Tamara Khanum: The Beauty of the Great Dancer 5

Society.. 6

Books to Read in Uzbekistan. 6










Shavkat Mirziyoyev received chairperson of American-Uzbekistan chamber of commerce

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev received Carolyn Lamm, Chairperson of the Board of the American-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce, on 1 February.

The head of our state, warmly greeting the guest, underlined that the visit of a large delegation of leading US companies and holding of a joint business forum is a confirmation of a growing mutual interest and endeavour to develop a beneficial trade-economic and investment cooperation between Uzbekistan and the US.

The American-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce, established over twenty years ago, is an important mechanism for supporting and pushing forward joint programs and projects in different spheres of the economy and has turned into a reliable bridge between the business circles of the two countries.

At present, world-known American companies such as Boeing, General Motors, General Electric, CNH Industrial, Hyatt, Hilton and many other others have successful businesses in Uzbekistan.

Only last year, the mutual trade turnover increased by 70 per cent and reached 454 million US dollars thanks to development and implementation of joint projects with the mentioned companies.

Nowadays, 164 enterprises with American capital operate in Uzbekistan, the volume of US investments into the economy of Uzbekistan has exceeded 1 bln. US dollars.

During the negotiations between the Head of our state and the Chair of the American-Uzbekistan chamber of commerce, the issues of further enhancing the long-term and full-scale cooperation in trade-economic, investment, technological, innovation and educational spheres were reviewed.

The parties discussed prospective projects in different spheres of the economy- agro-industrial complex, electrical engineering, pharmaceuticals and other spheres through attracting advanced experience, direct investments and modern technological achievements of leading American organizations and companies.

A particular attention was paid to the issues of organizing systemic interaction in the sphere of training highly qualified specialists in line with international standards.

The issues of creating new mechanisms of cooperation, targeted at strengthening bilateral relations, primarily, in the economic sphere were considered.

Carolyn Lamm expressed a sincere gratitude to the Head of our state for the warm welcome and the support in developing partnership relations between the business circles of the two countries, as well as created favourable conditions to enhance presence of American companies in the Uzbek market.

Carolyn Lamm also corroborated the willingness of all representatives of the American-Uzbekistan chamber of commerce to actively participate in implementing joint cooperation programs and projects with Uzbekistan.

(Source: UzA)


Investment and export potential of the Surkhandarya region

The great success and targets reached in various spheres are a clear demonstration of that. Production of gross regional production of Surkhandarya region made up 977.2 billion soums (currency rates of CB RU from 02.02.2017, 1$= 3280.25 soums) in the first half of 2016, which grew by 9.8% . At the same time the share of the industry has increased by 5,6 %, the cultivation of agricultural products by 6,8%, installation and construction works by 17,3%, retail commodity turnover by 14,5%, services by 16,2%. Thanks to technical and technological updating of production, formation of modern infrastructure growth of the mastered investments by 16,7%, including foreign investments growth by 12,6 percent was provided.

Within the investment program of the region for 2016, Surkhandarya region realized 89 projects for 215 billion soums, including 8 projects with foreign investments, 1345 new jobs have been created. Within 894 projects worth 106,3 billion soums realized on the basis of the program of social and economic development of the region 5300 new jobs have been created.

In the first half of the current year 883 new subjects of small business which share in a gross regional product makes 62,7% have been formed. To support small business and private entrepreneurship the credit worth 388 billion soums has been allocated.

Fruit, grapes, vegetables, potatoes and melon, rice, a peanut and other  are cultivated on 125 thousand 646,8 hectares of various farms lands. Due to optimum climatic conditions, fertile acreage, extensive experience and the state support volumes of production cultivation increase from year to year. For example, 1426,3 thousand tons of agricultural production have been grown up in 2014  while in 2015 this indicator has made 1584,6 thousand tons. The resolution of the President of our country “About measures on reforming and development of agriculture for 2016-2020” of December 29, 2015 is the important guidelines in this sphere. This document schedules a number of tasks of decrease of unproductive, low-profitable acreage with difficult water supply and cultivation of potatoes, oilseeds, fruit and vegetable and other cultures on this acreage. 14,3 thousand hectares of cotton fields, 5 thousand hectares of wheat fields totaling 19,3 thousand hectares of the irrigated areas will decreased by 2020 in this region. Cultivation of vegetables on 8,7 thousand hectares  oilseeds on 1,2 thousand hectares and forage crops on 4 thousand hectares  is planned. It is also planned to lay intensive gardens on 1,8 thousand hectares. Widespread establishment of the farmer movement in the agricultural sphere plays an important role in increase in volume of cultivation of fruit and vegetable and melon products, increase in fertility. Of 12209 enterprises farming in our region 7878 specializes in gardening, fruit-and-vegetable growing and wine growing. Special attention is paid to creation of intensive gardens, cultivation of agricultural production in greenhouses. Now on 5,7 thousand hectares of intensive gardens selected fruit are grown up. On 2,1 thousand hectares greenhouses which provide abundance in the markets throughout the year are located. The consecutive reforms realized in agriculture, including those in gardening have created great opportunities also for owners of personal subsidiary farms. They grow up a rich harvest of fruit and vegetable and melon products on 13,3 thousand hectares of acreage which are at their disposal.

The Stevia plant is widely used for the prevention of diabetes, diseases of a liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, stabilization of blood pressure and currently in confectionery production. In particular, this plant is grown in the experimental farm “Ollohyor Ohunov” in Shurchi district. Now in order to increase a harvest of this plant, its value in the pharmaceutical and food industry foreign investors to organize processing of production are attracted.

In 2015 according to the program for creation of multisectoral farms and their development in the region 1448 farms have implemented 1704 projects worth 57 billion 604 million soum. With implementation of projects at farms new intensive gardens, vineyards, greenhouses, refrigerating warehouses are created, processing of fruit and vegetables is arranged. The resolution of the President “About measures for improvement of system of purchases and use of fruit and vegetable products, potatoes and melon cultures” of April 12 of this year plays an important role in further development of the branch. In the region 39 refrigerating warehouses with a capacity of 17,3 thousand tons exist now. On the basis of address programs work on processing and drying of fruit is carried out. Now in the territory 12 such enterprises do business and it is planned to increase its number to 57 by 2020

Comprehensive support of the export enterprises, the opportunities and privileges created for them promote increase in export volumes of agricultural production. For example, in January-May of last year export of agricultural production made 4,1 million dollars, and this year this indicator has already grown by 6 times and has made 24,5 million dollars. It is notable that in recent years number of the farmers exporting production which is grown up on a personal household plots increases.

Large-scale work on restoration and reconstruction of historical monuments, improvement of their territories, creation of favorable conditions for local and foreign tourists is carried out. Within such actions Kirkkyz fortresses, Sulton Saodat and Fayoz – tepa complexes, a defensive wall of Hakim al-Termezi are reconstructed. Based on the resolution of the President on the program of  measures on the further development of road-transport, engineering-communication and social infrastructure of the Surkhandarya region for the period of 2015-2017 d.d. May 22, 2015 this year it is planned to allocate 1,5 trillion sum for this work.

Such achievements in economy allow to create various conveniences for the population. It can visually be seen on the example of activity of the centers of culture and leisure of the population in the remote districts and villages of our region. Capital repairs in the centers of Zharkurgan, Sariasiyo, Shurchi, Sherabad, Uzun, Baysun and Kyzyryk districts has been completed. 45 billion 250 million soums are allocated for construction and capital repairs of 8 recreation parks in Altynsay, Denau, Baysun, Angora, Zharkurgan and Kyzyryk districts. Special attention is paid to increase of authority of mahalla, improvement of its organizational and legal basis, strengthening of material and technical resources.   833 mahalla citizens’ assemblies successfully function in the region.  For the expired period of this year buildings of 43 mahalla citizens’ assemblies have been repaired, 31 buildings have reconstructed and 2 those have been  built In cooperation with the partner organizations about 2,5 thousand events devoted to an explanation of an essence of the  “The Year of healthy mother and child” State program, more than 3270 spiritual and educational events have been held. Sports competitions with participation of about 600 families and covering about 8000 boys and girls have been organized. At the same time is important that fact that positions of the chairman of a mahalla citizens’ assemblies and his advisers are hold by the persons having organizational skills, experience in work with the public.

In days of independence with a view of further improvement of living conditions of the population the priority attention is paid to social problems, including laying of water supply systems, gas pipelines, construction of roads and bridges, modern educational institutions. The resolution of the President “About the Investment program of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2016” of December 25, 2015 has included construction, reconstruction and capital repairs of 168 projects in the Surkhandarya region.

Strengthening of reproductive health of the population, first of all, protection of motherhood and the childhood, cardinal improvement of quality of medical services also in the remote and remote villages is one of the priority tasks of reforms . The number of the budgetary funds allocated for further improvement of quality of medical services increases from year to year. For example, last year this indicator has made 27,5 billion soums that in comparison with 2014 is 5,5 billion soums more. The funds allocated this year create even more opportunities for ensuring health of the population, health protection of mother and child.

Termez, the center of the region   has turned today into the huge building site. Now small ring road and the “To Amu Darya sport soglomlashtirish”center are under construction. In buildings of regional museum of local lore, 700-seats palace of arts, the Termez archaeological museum construction and repair work is carried out.

The population of the region which successfully uses the opportunities given by independence works tirelessly on the way to further development of our country and increase in welfare of the people, for inclusion of high-developed countries.

(Source: «Business» newspaper)


Uzbekistan to open new bank – Uzagroeksportbank

On 24 January, the President of Uzbekistan signed a decree on the establishment of a new Joint-Stock Commercial Bank Uzagroeksportbank.

The Bank is to be established to create favorable conditions for producers of agricultural products and the population, to render financial support for exporters and develop the export potential of fruits and vegetables.

Initial authorized capital will amount to EUR 10m. equivalent.

The Fund for reconstruction and development of Uzbekistan (75%), Uzbekinvest (10%), Uzbekoziqovqatholding (5%), Uzagrosugurta (5%) and Insurance company Kafolat (5%) will act as its founders.

According to the document, residents and non-residents of Uzbekistan, including international financial institutions can act as shareholders of the new Bank.

By 2020, Uzagroeksportbank will have to attract a strategic foreign investor with a share not less than 15%.

For five years from the date of registration, the new Bank and its branches will be exempt from all types of taxes and obligatory deductions to state funds, while channeling those funds to strengthen the resource and logistical base of the Bank.

International cooperation

Uzbekistan – USA trade forum takes place in Tashkent

A scheduled forum of the American-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce has taken place at the international cooperation centre of the capital city Tashkent.

The forum was attended by officials of relevant ministries and departments and managers of companies in such spheres of the two countries as external economic relations, banking and finance, oil and gas, machine building, commerce and industry, transport and supply lines, logistics, geology and mineral resources, metals, chemicals, food production, tourism, agriculture, water management, electronics, high technology, education and information technology.

Elyor Ghaniyev, the minister of external economic relations, investments and trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan, emphasized that Uzbekistan’s relations with the USA were developing consistently in all the areas, including commerce and industry and that this forum would serve to make use of new possibilities of the bilateral cooperation.

Uzbekistan’s economy and privileges created for foreign investment draw the attention of the most developed states today. Specifically, this country’s cooperation with the USA is developing steadily.

Trade between the two countries is increasing with every passing year. In the year 2016, the bilateral trade amounted to 454 million dollars. There are Uzbek-American joint ventures working in Uzbekistan. US firms and companies opened representative offices in this country. They specialize in such spheres as car manufacturing, petro-chemical, textile and light industries, food production, construction materials and services.

Trade-economic and investment cooperation is of priority importance in the bilateral relations. Many American companies such as Coca-Cola International, General Electric and Honeywell are implementing big investment projects in Uzbekistan.

In Uzbekistan, a favourable climate has been created for foreign investment, as have wide possibilities and privileges, which are important factors.

The American-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce has an important role in the extension of mutually advantageous trade-economic relations between Uzbekistan and the USA. This chamber, which was founded in 1993, is an independent organization that promotes trade and investment relations between the two countries.

Carolyn Lamm, chairperson of the board of the American-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce, said specifically that macroeconomic stability and high GDP growth rates were ensured in Uzbekistan.

“The bilateral cooperation with Uzbekistan serves the interests of the peoples of our countries. The stable situation in Uzbekistan, its great macroeconomic indicators and highly qualified personnel further increase its foreign investment attractiveness and investment opportunities. This forum’s results serve to further strengthen the active and forward-looking bilateral cooperation,” Carolyn Lamm said.

During the forum, there was a detailed exchange of views on the current state of and prospects for trade-economic relations between Uzbekistan and the USA and on the development of a wide range of areas of cooperation. Specifically, there was discussion about the development of cooperation in attracting US investment and technologies for investment projects in such areas as oil and gas, the chemical sphere, car manufacturing, aircraft servicing, energy and energy efficiency, pharmaceuticals production, electro-technics, food production, and on the establishment of joint ventures for the production of goods for which there is demand on domestic and external markets.

American businessmen highly evaluated the results of economic reforms being implemented in this country. It was said that Uzbekistan’s achievement of high economic growth rates and the growing number and scope of free economic zones in this country were further increasing the country’s foreign investment attractiveness.

Representatives of more than 30 big American companies attended the forum, which indicates that the USA is very much interested in the development of cooperation with Uzbekistan.

The US delegation also held talks at various ministries and departments on stepping up trade-economic and investment cooperation.

(Source: UzA)


Tamara Khanum: The Beauty of the Great Dancer

At the heart of the capital, close to the busy road, behind the houses and business centers, hidden is a museum of one of the most prominent women of Uzbekistan – Tamara Khanum. The House Museum is located on the street named in honor of this great singer and dancer, and this is the house where she spent the last years of her life.

Tamara Khanum is the artistic pseudonym of Tamara Artyomovna Petrosyan. She was born in 1906 in the Ferghana Valley. As early as at the age 13, she realized that her love for the national music and dance was not a ‘disease’ from which she had to recover, but a worthy feeling of love for the creativity of the people, who brought up her. And her life was filled with this absolute love.

As the Museum Director Gularo Abdullayeva told, Tamara Khanum lived in Chilonzor district. Composers, musicians, and artists frequently visited her. She madly loved dancing: in every spare moment, in any place, even in her small apartment. So soon she was offered to move to a more spacious apartment, where she was able to not only dance, but also to display her collection of amazing costumes.

Thus, in her lifetime Tamara Khanum already had the first exhibition of the museum, which included her collection of costumes of the peoples of the world.

Paranja (the Orient veil) opens the exhibition. In childhood of the future artist the Central Asian women wore such veil. Although Tamara Khanum never worn such veil, but her repertoire has a dance with this attire. In contrast to the gray closed attire the other costumes are of bright national color: rich fabrics of silk and Bukhara gold-embroidery. At that time only the rich married women could afford these outfits. In the dress made of nomoshom atlas fabric Tamara Khanum performed the most favorite national dances.

Here is the Khorezm dress in which the artist first took to the stage with one of the most stirring national dances – lazgi. Bright scarlet dress perfectly combined with mursak, the robe of deep green color, perfectly demonstrated her natural beauty. Golden shoes and colorful skullcap with numerous large sequins harmoniously completed the image of the Uzbek beauty.

Perhaps, the pride of the outstanding dancer was the Nagorno-Karabakh costume demonstrating the ethnic roots of Tamara Khanum. The museum archive stores photos, on which the grandmothers and aunts of Tamara Petrosyan were in the same dresses as these attires were considered the national costume of the Armenians.

“When I start understanding the people, I began to grasp the features of dialect, intonations, melodies and movements very quickly. This meant I not only I understood the people, but also opened my heart to it – fell in love,” Tamara Khanum told about herself.

Design of each costume she carefully thought over and put her soul into their creation. And only then dressmakers started sewing the costumes, in which the dancer traveled to more than 50 countries.

Her repertoire included more than 80 songs and dances of the peoples of the world. Therefore, the House Museum displays the Turkmen, Georgian, Japanese, Korean, Azerbaijani, Gypsy, Afghan, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and other costumes.

In addition to the personal collection of costumes which occupies a large part of the exhibition hall, in the House Museum visitors can see the interior of living rooms, the collection of photographs and posters, sound recordings and manuscripts of poems of the singer, portraits of Tamara Khanum created by Uzbek artists.

The creative path of Tamara Khanum lasted more than 60 years. Devoting her life to the arts, she became a true symbol of the Uzbek national dance.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Books to Read in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan could become one of the most bibliophile countries: the program for the development of comprehensive measures on the elaboration of the system for publication and distribution of books, improving and promoting the reading culture has been launched.

A commission established by the Decree of the President will develop a set of measures that will systematically set up the work on the publication and distribution of artistic, spiritual, non-fiction, educational literature aimed at increasing the intellectual potential of young people. The program touches a delivery system of published books at affordable prices in the regions, online ordering of publications and electronic versions of books. Particular attention will be paid to improving the reading culture of the population.

The working group is engaged in-depth study of the situation in this sphere. By now, it is clear that there is need to establish the study of demand on the books raising the intellectual level among the population in the country, especially the youth. Social polls will be conducted in the formation of a common list of applications for published literature.

The results showed the need to improve the management system for the publication and delivery of books to the population. It is necessary to organize the work of translating the best works of world literature in the Uzbek language and selected works of Uzbek literature into foreign languages on a regular basis.

Particular significance will be attached to children’s literature. It is essential to improve the system of encouragement for publishers and writers, creation of the conditions of granting financial privileges and material support to publishers, improving the orders for the purchase of quality paper and printing materials from abroad to publish books by printing enterprises and publishing houses.

Experts say about the need to review issues of allocation or lease of places for specialized bookstores in regional and district centers and cities. It is proposed to introduce preferences to businesses, in which the share of the book trade in commodity turnover is more than 70%.

One of the priority tasks of the program will be a review of the formation of the funds of information and library institutions, especially information and resource centers in the field of education, along with educational literature and a list of artistic, educational, scientific and popular literature, as well as estimates for the costs of its purchase.

The propaganda of published books among the public will gain momentum through the media, in particular, the TV channel Madaniyat va Marifat. Moreover the systemic organization of creative meetings with authors of books in educational institutions, libraries and mahallas, the formation of culture and skills of reading in them will also gain traction. There is due to improve the organizing system for festivals and fairs of the book in the regions with the participation of writers, poets, enhance the propaganda of highly artistic works of national and world classical literature among the population, conduct the competitions in the such nominations, as “The best book of the year”, “The best bibliophile family”, “The best children’s book”, “The best audiobook”, “Best e-book” among readers, producers of printed and electronic books, booksellers and librarians and educators.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)





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