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December 2, 2014


December 2, 2014

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President Karimov Presents Termez with High Award of the Nation. 2

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Uzbekistan uses investments for US$10.4bn in Jan-Sep. 3

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Ravshan Irmatov Claims Fifth AFC Referee of the Year Accolade. 4




President Karimov Presents Termez with High Award of the Nation

Earlier in the year, on 22 August, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov had awarded the city of Termez with the Amir Temur Order. A festive awarding ceremony took place on November 28 in Termez.

The head of our state delivered a congratulatory speech at the official event.

With a great history and rich heritage, Surkhandarya is one of the cradles of human civilization, President Karimov said.

As it has been the case with all the regions of our country, Surkhandarya has passed through an enormous path of development during the independence years.

Dozens of modern enterprises, highways and bridges, trading and public services facilities, institutions of education, healthcare and sports, new residential quarters, squares and alleys have been built in the province.

The construction of a 223-km long railway Tashguzar-Baisun-Kumkurgan along mountain slopes and in steppes has come to be a resplendent and historic event not only in the life of the Surkhan oasis, but also of our entire country.

It is noteworthy that this blessed land of Surkhandarya accounts for the 10 percent of the cotton and around 8 percent of the grain grown currently in the country. More than 335 thousand tons of cotton and 477 thousand tons of grain have been produced this year in this region.

Islam Karimov stressed that we can state today with satisfaction that dozens of new schools, lyceums and colleges, institutions of arts and sports, the modern building of the Termez State University have been erected in the process of fostering a healthy and comprehensively advanced generation, which is our most critical and priority task. It facilitates not merely a transformation in the appearance of the province, but also a cardinal change in the consciousness and mindset of our compatriots, especially the youth.

It is essential to underscore that wide-ranging efforts have been undertaken to preserve and promote the ancient and inimitable culture, traditions and customs of the Surkhan oasis, the unique pearls of nonmaterial heritage, which have received a high recognition from UNESCO.

We have set up Central Asia’s only archeological museum in Termez, have marked the 1,000th anniversary of the Alpomish epos and the 2,500th jubilee of the city of Termez, Islam Karimov said.

Extensive construction and beautification works have been carried out in recent years in Surkhandarya Region and its administrative center Termez. New housing and infrastructure facilities have been built. 3,772 comfortable standard-design homes have been constructed in rural areas of the region, while 36 state-of-the-art apartment buildings were erected in the city of Termez.

Exceptional objects and ancient cultural monuments that this land has saved for millennia and which are discovered today by Uzbek scientists jointly with colleagues from abroad during archeological excavations and research works have been admired by the world academia, the President of our country said.

Notably, the first ruler of Bactria, Zoroaster, laid the foundations for Termez in the middle of the 1st millennium BC. Initially Termez used to be called Taramata. The convenient geographical location of the town on the trade crossroads linking the East and the West allowed it to enjoy accelerated advancement.

Expounding on the history of Termez, worth noting is the fact this city is inseparably connected with the name of our outstanding ancestor, Amir Temur, who wrote bright pages to its chronicles.

In the great and powerful state that the Sahibkiran built, Termez used to be a potent and reliable fortress.

In his celebrated volume “Zafarnoma”, the historian Sharafiddin Ali Yazdi described how courageous and heroic were the Termez residents in their fight against the Mongol invaders, and dubbed Termez “the city of daring”, which embodies a deep truth.

In the independent development years, Termez turned into one of Uzbekistan’s most beautiful cities and the principal fortress on the southern frontier of our country. Today, Termez is one of the economic, cultural and communications centers of not only the Surkhan oasis and Uzbekistan, but also of the entire Central Asian region.

In his greeting speech President Islam Karimov paid a particular attention also to issues of peace and security in Central Asia.

We live in an intricate and alarming time. A particularly grave threat to the peace and stability in our region is posed by the war in Afghanistan that has been ongoing for as long as 35 years.

In myriads of speeches, particularly those delivered from the rostrums of prominent international forums, Uzbekistan’s leader appealed to the world community and stressed that there is no military solution to the Afghan conflict.

Islam Karimov said he would like to underscore it again that our stance in this issue is clear-cut and articulate, that is, non-interference in the internal affairs of the neighboring Afghanistan, further consolidation of ties on the principles of mutual respect and cooperation with the government that the Afghan people have expressed confidence in and elected, and to live with that country in peace and harmony.

Following his keynote speech, President Islam Karimov awarded the city the Amir Temur Order.

It was a splendid holiday not only for the residents of Termez and Surkhandarya, but also for the whole of Uzbekistan. This remarkable date in the life of the ancient and eternally young city will become an unforgettable occasion.

Along with all the young people of our country, President Islam Karimov said he addressed the young men and women of Surkhandarya Region, calling them his children, and urged them to never forget that they live in so glorious a city like Termez that has deserved the Amir Temur Order, a town with a rich history and a great future. The country’s leader asserted with conviction and pride that our children will not yield to anyone in anything, will be successors of the great undertakings that we started and will make greatest achievements in all spheres.

Speaking at the festive ceremony, deputy chairman of the regional council of the Mahalla Charity Public Fund Arzikul Soatov, director of the Termez specialized boarding school no.4 Shahida Aripova, the kurash world champion Toshtemir Muhammadiev, the People’s Poet of Uzbekistan Sirojiddin Sayyid thanked the President of the country for awarding Termez with the high order of the nation and the care for the development of the Surkhandarya Region.

(Source: Press-service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan)


Uzbekistan uses investments for US$10.4bn in Jan-Sep

Uzbekistan used investment into fixed capital for US$10.4 billion in US dollar equivalent in January-September 2014, which rose by 12.3% year-on-year, the State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan said.

According to the State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan, total volume of investments directed to fixed capital in national currency exceeded 23.831 trillion soums in the reporting period, which rose by 10.7% year-on-year (currency rates of CB RU from 2.12.2014   1$= 2405.41 soums).

Ratio of the volume of investments into fixed capital to the gross domestic product (GDP) made up 23.8% in January-September 2014, which rose by 0.5 percentage points compared to the same period of 2013.

The investments for 14.79 trillion soums (62.8% from total volume of investments) were used in production industries of economy, and 8.861 trillion soums (37.2%) – non-production industries.

According to the committee, 51.7% of investments into fixed capital fell to share of enterprises and population, 19.9% – foreign investments and credits, 11% – loans of banks and other credit resources, and 11.9% – off-budget funds, including Fund for Reconstruction and Development of Uzbekistan.

Share of the state budget in total volume of used investments into fixed capital made up 5.2% and fund for land reclamation – 0.3%.

State enterprises used investments for 5.253 trillion soums and non-state enterprises – 18.577 trillion soums in the reporting period.

About 21.2% of investments, used by the state enterprises, fell to share of the state budget, 27.2% – own resources of enterprises and population, 35.3% – off-budget funds, as well as 13.1% – foreign investments and loans.

About 58.6% of investments, used by non-state enterprises, fell to share of own resources of enterprises and population, and 21.8% – foreign investments and loans. Share of loans of the banks and credit resources made up 13.7% in total volume of used investments in the reporting period.

Largest volume of foreign investments and loans were directed to fuel-energy sector (63.3%) and transport and communication sector (20.3%).



Ravshan Irmatov Claims Fifth AFC Referee of the Year Accolade

Asian refereeing icon Ravshan Irmatov claimed his fifth AFC Referee of the Year accolade at the AFC Annual Awards 2014 gala on Sunday.

Irmatov won the award ahead of fellow nominees Alireza Mohammad Faghani from Iran and Bahrain’s Nawaf Abdulla Ghayyath Shukralla.

An international referee since 2003, Irmatov was previously honoured in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

This year has proved to be another excellent one for the 37-year-old, who during the summer set a FIFA World Cup record after officiating the quarter-final match between the Netherlands and Costa Rica in the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

That game saw the experienced Uzbek become the first referee to officiate at nine World Cup matches, beating the previous record of eight he shared with Joël Quiniou of France, Benito Archundia of Mexico and Uruguay’s Jorge Larrionda.

Irmatov also officiated at the 2011 AFC Asian Cup in Qatar and was selected to referee the final between Australia and Japan.

Irmatov received the award from FIFA ExCo Member, AFC Vice-President and AFC Referees Committee Chairman Dato’ Worawi Makudi.

It is worth to mention that Irmatov won this award four-times in a row from 2008 to 2011, which is a record figure.



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