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December 6, 2015




Uzbekistan announces 2016 as Year of a healthy mother and child. 2

President Islam Karimov presents high awards of Uzbekistan. 2

senate of Oliy Majlis of republic of Uzbekistan.. 4

The fourth plenary session of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan opened 3 December 2015 in Tashkent 4

The fourth plenary session of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan finished its work on 4 December 2015 in Tashkent 6




Uzbekistan announces 2016 as Year of a healthy mother and child

A solemn meeting devoted to the 23rd anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan took place on December 5 at the Palace of international forums in Tashkent.

In the course of the event, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov delivered a speech. He summed up the expiring year and proposed to declare 2016 as the year of a healthy mother and a healthy child.

Traditionally, since 1997, the head of state during the celebration of Constitution day announces the theme of the next year and identifies priorities for the further development of society.


President Islam Karimov presents high awards of Uzbekistan

On December 5, at Oqsaroy residence, the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov presented the high awards of the Motherland to a group of our compatriots.

A group of our compatriots, who made a great contribution to the overall development of the country, who have shown dedication to strengthening peace and tranquility of the people, who have achieved success in socio-economic, scientific-technical and spiritual-enlightenment spheres of the society, according to decrees of our President on the occasion of 24 anniversary of the state independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan were awarded high state awards – honored titles, orders and medals.

A solemn presentation of these awards took place at Oqsaroy presidential residence on December 5.

Today I am pleased to see you, my dear, in this majestic hall, to congratulate on the Constitution Day, to express my sincere respect and wish you all health, peace and prosperity, new successes, – said Islam Karimov. The main goal of our today’s meeting is to congratulate you and to perform a very honorable mission, giving you, my dear, high awards of our country – the honorary titles, orders and medals.

Today, keeping the good tradition as meeting on the eve of the Constitution Day, we speak of achieved during the past period the milestones and the progress towards implementation of priority tasks – taking a worthy place among the developed democratic states of the world, improving the level and quality of life of our people, in addition, we speak about new challenges, about events that had a great influence on our lives, the President said.

If to speak about ending the year, it should be noted that 2015 was successful and fruitful for our people, we have achieved tremendous success and results for the prosperity of our country, further deepening and improving the effectiveness of the reforms.

Industry, construction and transport, agriculture, small business and entrepreneurship, science, education, social sphere, in a word, whatever sector, all of them demonstrate high growth rates.

If to consider that in agriculture we in a quit short period gathered about 7 million 500 thousand tons of grain, 3 million 350 thousand tons of cotton, thereby finished the season with dignity, with honor, we also achieved high performance in sericulture, livestock, horticulture and other industries, we have every reason to be satisfied with the results, said the head of state.

The dynamic development of our economy at a steady pace in confirmation of this makes us all glad. Among the few countries in the world for the last 11 years the growth of the gross domestic product of our country is maintained at more than 8 percent, and it would not be wrong to say that it is a rare example in the world.

The commissioning of major high-tech enterprises, which is the engine of our economy, plays a special role in the development of our country. The launch of the Ustyurt gas chemical complex on the base of Surgil deposit, establishment together with Germany of the production of heavy trucks and buses under the world famous brand “MAN” at Samarkand automobile plant, production of buses “Isuzu” in cooperation with Japan, as well as “Orlando” and “Damas” vehicles in Khorezm became a grand step in this direction, said the President of our country.

The construction of high-speed electrified railway from Tashkent to Karshi, and next year in Bukhara, the list of such our work can be continued, and no doubt all this will contribute to further enhance the quality of life of our people, to create comfortable conditions, increasing the credibility and prestige of our country in the international arena.

There is much talk about transforming the appearance of our towns and villages, the abundance and affordability in our markets, consistent wage increases, the sense of satisfaction of our people with today’s life, increasing their confidence in the future.

Thanks to the valiant service of our brave and dedicated military servicemen, employees of law enforcement bodies who as the apple of eye protect the peaceful and tranquil life of our people, protect the inviolability of borders of our country, in our country there is peace and stability, and it is the largest, our priceless wealth, Islam Karimov said.

Changing consciousness and thinking, the worldview of our people, strengthening their sense of ownership, of belonging to what is happening around events, civic and political activity, patriotism, strengthening position in life “this country, this land is my land, its future depends on my work, made my contribution” are crucial on achieving all of our successes and milestones.

In this sense, the formation of our young generation as a decisive force of all transformations – motivated, independently-minded boys and girls, free of old attitudes and stereotypes, learning advanced knowledge and in-demand professions, willing and able to any competitions on equal terms with their foreign peers, no doubt, are the guarantee of our tomorrow, a free and democratic society and prosperity of our country.

The President of our country, drawing attention to the international situation, said that the current extremely turbulent and troubled times, growing in different regions of the world of confrontation, conflict and bloodshed, the ongoing global economic crisis cannot but cause us all great concern and anxiety.

In this difficult situation we are all profoundly aware that should prevent a similar affliction to the threshold of our country, offering up thanksgiving to God for our peaceful present and a peaceful life, to keep an eye on our sky, however, we are well aware of the need to be always vigilant and attentive.

In this regard, I wish to draw your attention to a very important question, to the truth, which found its confirmation in our history and today’s life, Islam Karimov said.

If someone asks us, what was that thing that has been protecting us during our ancient history, gave strength in overcoming worthy of trial, the answer is one. In other words, whatever the difficulties our people had to experience, they always stand together shoulder to shoulder fought against all harm and adversity, never gave up, was unmoved, showed courage and bravery, determination and resilience, they were willing to give their lives for their native land.

However, our people on this path have always been the backbone of such unique qualities as mercy and kindness, mutual support and harmony, generosity and humanism. It is easy to give many examples of this from history.

It is these qualities that distinguish us from others, have always been the support for our people, and today, whatever difficult problems or standing in front of us, it gives us forces for their courageous overcoming.

Serving such a nation, mobilizing all forces, existing capacity and capabilities indeed are the greatest happiness, said the head of state.

The President handed state awards.

Today, seeing your happy faces and happy eyes, your high spirit, I have a feeling that I received the award, – said Islam Karimov. My congratulations and best wishes, may this high award, which continues to bring benefit and happiness, will inspire you to new achievements.

May all of us will be lucky enough for honest labor be worthy of such high recognition, be honor and respect among the people. May the Almighty always protects our Homeland, our people! I wish you all good health, success, prosperity and welfare to your families, said in conclusion the head of state.


senate of Oliy Majlis of republic of Uzbekistan

The fourth plenary session of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan opened 3 December 2015 in Tashkent

Invited representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers, heads of ministries and agencies, representatives of other organizations and the press attended the session.

Chairman of the Senate N.Yuldoshev chaired the session.

The Senate started its work with considering the draft resolution “On Amnesty in connection with the twenty-third anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, presented to the Senate by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in accordance with the paragraph 23 of article 93 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The participants of the session noted that, the adoption of Amnesty act in connection with the twenty-third anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan is another demonstration of humanity of our state, in which the human rights and freedoms are the highest value, the part and parcel of conducted democratic socio-political and socio-economic reforms. Application of amnesty act to specific categories of people will have huge social and educational impact.

Senators adopted the Senate resolution “On Amnesty in connection with the twenty-third anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan” in this regard. It envisages to pardon from punishment women, persons under 18 years of age at the time of committing the crime, men older than 60 years, citizens of foreign states, invalids of I and II groups, persons, who have committed crimes on imprudence and some other categories. The resolution also set guidelines to whom the amnesty act shall not apply.

The order of application of the Senate resolution is also determined, in which a procedure of judicial consideration of cases. The resolution envisages active participation of senators, deputies of Jokorgi Kenes of the Republic of Kazakhstan, deputies of regional, city and district Kengashes, regional representatives of the Ombudsman of the Oliy Majlis on human rights in carrying out public control over implementation.

It also envisages a set of measures, directed towards social adaptation and protection of people, to be exempted from punishment.

The Senate also approved the State Budget of the Republic of Uzbekistan and budgets of the state trust funds, as well as the main directions of tax and budget policy for 2016.

Senators also approved a law “On introduction of changes and amendments to Tax Code of Uzbekistan in connection with adoption of the main directions of tax and budget policy for 2016”.

According to the participants of the plenary session, the implementation of this law will create a regulatory framework to enforce the implementation of the main directions of tax policy adopted in 2016 and will provide the necessary conditions for the effective implementation of programs for socially-economic development of the Republic.

Later, the senators discussed and approved the Program of creating workplaces and ensuring employment of the population for 2016, submitted by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

It was noted that the program had been worked out based on the objectives outlined in the report of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan at a government meeting dedicated to results of socioeconomic development in 2014 and major priority directions of the economic program for 2015.

This program is important for the socio-economic life of the country and aimed at implementation of complex and interrelated measures on ensuring employment by harnessing the potential of territories and industries of the economy, rational use of labor resources taking into account demographic factors and structural changes in the economy.

The program in terms of districts and towns determined the parameters of creating jobs and ensuring employment of population in 2016 based on the number of graduates of secondary specialized educational establishments, separately expanded and highlighted areas of job creation through the establishment of small industrial zones, reservation of jobs. It provides for the use of new methods of employment of the population, including women, the disabled and other categories of the population who need social support, especially the youth, its involvement in business activities.

Measures aimed at increasing the role of small business in job creation, including through the development of family entrepreneurship and craftsmanship, improving the business and investment environment, expanding the access of entrepreneurs to credit and raw material resources, providing broad benefits to small businesses that employ college graduates took a particular place in the program.

The document establishes measures to improve efficiency and full implementation of the tripartite agreements between enterprises (employer), graduates of educational institutions and parents, to enhance the effectiveness of the commissions on employment organized by the local khokimiyats.

The program defines specific tasks for state and economic management bodies, Kengashes of people’s deputies of districts and cities, khokimiyats at all levels on job creation, employment of the population. In general, in accordance with the program, in 2016 it is planned to employ 992,7 thousand people, of them 511,5 thousands of graduates of educational institutions.

Further, the senators considered the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On electronic government”.

As was noted, this normative act is aimed at further improving the efficiency of activities of state bodies, improving the system of provision of public services to the population, individuals and legal entities through the expanded use of information and communication technologies (ICT).

The law establishes such principles of organizing the activities of e-government as: openness and transparency of activity of public authorities; equal access of applicants to electronic public services; information security, etc.

The law extends the possibilities of wide application of electronic document, including the principle of “one window”, provides for the establishment of effective feedback mechanisms with the population and business entities, the development of the electronic public procurement system, etc.

The law sets out the powers, functions of the Cabinet of Ministers, state authorities and management in the centre and on places, which provide e-government services, as well as the rights of citizens, individuals and legal entities in this sphere. The order of operation, basic infrastructure components of “electronic government” are being set.

The senators during the session spoke about the normative-legal base in the sphere of information-communication technologies available in the Republic, as well as successful operating Government portal of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Single portal of state interactive services. Those resources provide more than 250 types of government services, including services for business registration via the Internet.

According to the senators, the enactment of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On electronic government” will be the next important step in the development of the system of provision of electronic public services, will provide the basis for further simplification of various administrative procedures, ensures transparency, increases efficiency of activity of bodies of state power and control.

The senators also considered the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On approval of the Customs code of the Republic of Uzbekistan”.

It was noted that the Customs code in a new edition is designed to further the systematic development of a unified and harmonized legislative base of the customs business, to ensure the uniform application of norms and institutional mechanisms at all stages and levels of customs administration, improving the integrity and transparency of customs regulation.

The Code in detail, on the basis of norms of direct action, regulates all types of customs regimes and procedures in line with international standards of customs clearance.

The Code simplified the procedures, substantially reduced the time frame for a decision making by officials of customs bodies on the questions connected with the issuance of various permits, customs clearance when declaring and clearance of goods, including before they enter the customs territory.

The new edition has significantly optimized the order of transportation of vehicles for commercial and non-commercial purposes, as well as of goods across the customs border by pipeline transport and by power lines. New forms of customs control have been introduced.

Great importance will be the introduction of modern forms of interaction of participants of foreign economic activity with the customs authorities, based on the use of information and communication technologies.

As was noted at the session, the adoption of the Customs code in a new edition will be an important factor in increasing the efficiency of the foreign policy activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan, fencing of the domestic market from low-quality and counterfeit products, creating more favourable legal conditions for entering of the economic entities, domestic manufacturers, including small businesses and entrepreneurship entities to the world markets. The senators approved the law.

The senators further reviewed and approved the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On making amendments and recognizing invalid some legislative acts of Uzbekistan in connection with the adoption of the Customs code of the Republic of Uzbekistan”. This legal act amends the laws “On certification of production and services”, “On the rational use of energy”, “On foreign economic activity”, the Code of Uzbekistan on administrative responsibility, as well as a number of other legislative acts.

The Senate will continue its session tomorrow.

(Source: Information Service of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan)

The fourth plenary session of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan finished its work on 4 December 2015 in Tashkent

During the session, the senators considered the Law “On introducing amendments and additions to some legal acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan”.

Aiming to implement the changes to the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, introduced in 2014 and directed towards further democratization of the system of state power, amendments and additions to the Law “On Regulation of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis”, “On regulations of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis”, “On the Cabinet of Ministers” and other laws.

The senators noted the particular significance of the amendments and additions, directed towards increasing the role of political parties in organizing legislative, controlling and analytical activity of the Legislative Chamber. In particular, mandatory consultation with the party groups in each stage of considering draft laws as well as preliminary discussion of the report on execution of the State budget by party groups has been legally secured.

The rights of the opposition party groups on introducing alternative draft laws have been specified and broadened.

Several norms on further democratization, raising the efficiency of legislative process are included in this law. In particular, in order to organize all-round elaboration of legal acts, consider other issues under the competence of the Oliy Majlis, a precise order of establishing expert groups under the Committees of chambers of the Parliaments, consisting of specialists of government bodies, scientific and educational institutions, representatives of nongovernmental and noncommercial organizations with experience in specific spheres. Mandatory invitation of representatives of civil society institutions during consideration of socially and publicly significant issues draft laws.

In order to implement constitutional norms, directed towards strengthening parliamentary control over the activity of state executive bodies, the order of hearing of annual reports of the government, reports of heads state management bodies on implementing the legal requirements, state programs in relevant areas of socio-economic development, on adopting by-laws, related to implementation of the Laws and others are clearly defined in the Laws on regulations of chambers of the Parliament.

Aiming to implement amendments to the Constitution on further increasing autonomy and accountability of the government, the powers of the Cabinet of Ministers are more clearly defined in a relevant Law, which, according to the senators, will promote further democratization, raising the effectiveness of the executive power system, activity of state management bodies.

Several amendments are added to the election laws, in particular, to the Laws “On elections to the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, “On Central elections commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan” and others. The powers of the Central elections commission have been broadened, which now include methodological support of the activity of elections commissions on elections to regional, district and city Kengashes of people’s deputies.

During the session amendments and additions to the legislative act, regulating corporate management sphere. In relation to adoption of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures to introduce modern methods of corporate management in joint-stock companies” dated from 24 April 2015, amendments and additions to the Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On joint-stock companies and protection of the rights of shareholders”, “On guarantees of freedom of entrepreneurial activity”, “On insurance activity”, and other legal acts have been adopted.

The senators also adopted the Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Veterinary” (new edition), “On medical drugs and pharmaceutical activity” (new edition), heard the report of the Attorney General of the Republic of Uzbekistan on strengthening lawfulness, ensuring protection of the rights and lawful interests of citizen and enterpeneurs.

Further, the senators considers the issues of making changes to the composition of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In total, during the fourth plenary session of the Senate 15 issues, including 7 laws, have been considered.

(Source: Information Service of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan)


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