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December 9, 2015


investments. 2

Technology Park for production of enamel and varnish to be established in Tashkent 2


Number of Internet users in Uzbekistan has exceeded 12 million. 2


State Programme to improve activity of children’s music and art schools to be adopted. 3

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Back Home – with Medals and Olympic Licenses. 4




Technology Park for production of enamel and varnish to be established in Tashkent

An investment project for diversification of the production of the Tashkent paint and varnish plant (TPVP) is going to be implemented soon. It is planned to establish environmentally friendly, modern technology park for the production of enamel and varnish on the territory of the plant. The project will be implemented in partnership with investors from Poland.

In the period from 2016 to 2020, investors will establish production facility through the construction and reconstruction of premises at the plant. The investors will also replace the outdated equipment and create a compact, energy-efficient plant to produce high-quality and competitive products.

It is planned to involve to all these processes high-qualified engineers and other skilled professionals, who in the construction of a complex will take into account the modern quality standards and latest scientific advances in the industry.

The new complex will be a place for organization of a new logistics center with a fleet, were other projects for the production of import-substituting building materials and consumer goods will be implemented. These products will be sold to the domestic market, and will be oriented on export as well. Moreover, due to above measures, about 1500 new jobs, as well as new types of import substituting and export-oriented goods will be created.

Tashkent paint and varnish plant was founded in 1945 and is a manufacturer of paint products such as pigments, solvents, varnish, enamel, paint and varnish.

The production volume for 2014 comprised 2 393,84 tons at 11, 986 billion soums, and since the beginning of 2015 it produced 681 tons of finished products in the amount of 3,002 billion soums. Currentlyбtheplantemploysabout 350 people (currency rates of CB RU from 09.12.2015   1$= 2750.43 soums).

(Source: «Business» newspaper)


Number of Internet users in Uzbekistan has exceeded 12 million

Over a third of Internet subscribers in Uzbekistan have been using broadband access (BBA), and their number has been steadily growing. The availability of this kind of telecommunications has become a mandatory requirement in the conditions of intensive introduction of information and communication technologies in all fields.

According to the latest data, the number of Internet users in Uzbekistan has exceeded 12 million, of which 3.7 million subscribers use broadband technologies. More than 3.3 million of broadband users are subscribers of mobile telephony, and 426,000 people use fixed Internet access.

These numbers vividly demonstrate the outcomes of interesting projects on the development of broadband networks and a variety of information resources that have been implemented throughout the country in recent years. The Program for the Development of Telecommunication Technologies, Networks and Infrastructure by 2020 has become another impulse for the development.

The Program has empowered expansion of transport networks at main intraregional and long-distance networks, construction of more than 4,100 kilometers of fiber-optic communication lines, installation of more than 2,000 base stations for the development of mobile broadband.

“We are not going to stop there. Given the fact that the number of users of mobile broadband is significantly higher than that of the fixed one, our main mission now is to ensure the quality of the mobile Internet we provide. Uzbek mobile operators Coscom, Unitel and Uzmobile have started introducing the mobile technology of the fourth generation 4G LTE in Tashkent, where the connection speed can reach 100 Mbit/s. It is planned to expand the coverage area of this technology across the country stage by stage,” commented Zokhidjon Ziyayev, a department chief at the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications.

In order to provide broadband telecommunication networks with equipment, joint ventures Telecom Innovations and Olive Telecom in Navoi FIEZ have launched the production of station and customer equipment to xDSL technology, as well as optical subscriber terminals Home Gateway, which allow providing IP-TV, IP-telephony, high-speed Internet and other services.

According to experts, fixed broadband access is most widespread in Tashkent region – 32,600 subscribers, Samarkand – 23,800, Fergana – 22,700, Bukhara – 22,400 subscribers.

More than 10 telecommunication operators in Uzbekistan have been actively introducing broadband access technologies via fiber-optic connections based on FTTx architecture for multi-storey residential houses and buildings. The technology makes it possible to receive a wide range of multimedia services.

The numbers are obviously far not sensational. Therefore, operators of the telecommunication market have been working on the increase of broadband access ports in the regions. The work has been carried out in accordance with the Target Program for the Development of Information and Communication Technologies for 2015-2019. It comprises nine big investment projects totaling $883.7 million.

That would increase the number of fixed broadband ports by 2.2 times, data rates up to 20 times, allow introducing more than 20 new types of services, including the most advanced ones. The integrated work has been implemented under the program of development of information and communication technologies, which was purposefully developed by domestic experts with the involvement of the leading international experts. There still much to do, says Zokhidjon Ziyaev, so we need to intensify efforts, introduce the latest technologies, keep up with the times and meet the expectations and needs of our customers.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


State Programme to improve activity of children’s music and art schools to be adopted

Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan approved the State Programme to further improve the activity of children’s music and art schools in 2016-2020.

The state program provides for the construction, major maintenance and modernization additionally of 98 children music and art schools with capacity of 14.7 thousand pupils. These schools will be equipped with 28.2 thousand units of training equipment and inventory, 11.7 thousand units of musical instruments, 57.2 thousand units of computers and other equipment and furniture.

The state program aims to introduce a differentiated system of payment for teaching in schools of music and art, including a reduction in tuition fees for musical direction in Tashkent up to 75% of the minimum wage, in the regional centers – up to 50%, and in the Republic of Karakalpakstan and other settlements – up to 30%, and for art direction up to 50%, 30% and 20% of the minimum wage respectively; exemption from payment of the annual contribution by international winners (1-3 places) and national (1st place) competitions, when teaching 2 or more children from the same family tuition fee of each child is established in the amount of 70% of the fixed amount.

Resolution of the head of state identified that the sources of financing for the construction, major maintenance and equipment of children’s music and art schools will come from:

– Children’s Sports Development Fund under the Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

– Off-Budget Fund for reconstruction, major maintenance and equipment of schools, professional colleges, academic lyceums and medical institutions under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

– Concessional foreign loans and grants, charitable investments of legal entities and individuals, as well as other sources not prohibited by law.

In addition, according to the decree, musical instruments and special equipment imported for strengthening material and technical base of children’s music and art schools within the State program to further improve the activity of children’s music and art schools in 2016-2020 on lists approved by the Cabinet of Ministers are exempt of customs duties until January 1, 2021 (except for fees for customs clearance).

It should be noted that as a result of the implementation of the State program to strengthen material-technical base and further improve the activity of children’s music and art schools in 2009-2014, 278 children’s music and art schools with modern teaching equipment and musical instruments were put into operation in the regions. As a result, the capacity of children’s music and art schools increased by 1.2 times compared to 2008, the teaching staff – by 1.3 times, the number of students –  by 1.5 times. During that period, young talented musicians and performers of the republic won 441 prizes at the prestigious international competitions.



Back Home – with Medals and Olympic Licenses

During the Houston IWF World Weightlifting Championship 2015, the leader of the Uzbek team Ivan Efremov in the -105kg weight category won a gold medal in the snatch. In the same weight category Sardor Dustmuradov became a bronze medalist in the clean and jerk. In the team rankings Uzbekistan took ninth place and secured five Olympic licenses.

The native of Zangiota district of Tashkent region, Ivan Efremov is well known among the enthusiasts of this sport in the country. He was an Asian champion in the snatch, a silver medalist of the Asian Games, and was fifth during the Olympic Games in London. Ivan has been competing in the +105kg weight category for two years now. In Houston, due to the absence of Ruslan Nurudinov, the coaches selected Ivan to represent the country in a lower weight category and he secured eighth place in overall standings.

Sardor Dustmuradov was also strong in the snatch. With a result of 228kg he won a bronze medal. The 22-year-old athlete was in 10th place based on the results of two disciplines. A great result for such a young athlete.

During last year’s world championship in Kazakhstan, Ulugbek Alimov came in third place. In Houston, he came in fourth in the clean and jerk and was eighth overall in the 85kg weight division. Mahhammad Begaliev competed in group C in the same weight category came in second place. Overall he was 16th out of 37 athletes.

One of the youngest athletes of the championship Adhamjon Ergashev is only 16. He showed a result of 278kg and got a silver medal in Group C.

“Men have won five Olympic Licenses,” said the General Secretary of the Weightlifting Federation of Uzbekistan Bahtiyar Abdukarimov. “Our girls were unfortunate to lose out on licenses in Houston, but next year we will host the Asian championship in Tashkent and hopefully they will be able to obtain tickets to the Olympics then.”

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


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