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December 9, 2014


December 9, 2014


The Legal Bedrock of Our Free and Prosperous Life. 2

Distinguished Citizens Receive High Awards of the Nation. 3

International cooperation.. 5

MyEnergy Spa to Design Photovoltaic Plant in Uzbekistan. 5





The Legal Bedrock of Our Free and Prosperous Life

A festive and official occasion timed to the 22nd anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan on December 5 at the Uzbekistan Palace of International Forums gathered state and public figures, representatives of sciences, culture and arts, the public of the capital Tashkent, embassies of foreign nations and offices of international organizations accredited in our country.

The hokim (mayor) of the city of Tashkent Ravshan Usmanov opened the festive event.

Following the sounds of the state anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov delivered a keynote speech in the festive meeting.

The head of our state stressed in particular that the major provisions, principles and goals of the Basic Law constitute the foundation for an effective and refined legislative and legal base in the country, of the well-thought-out longer-term program for reforms, democratization and liberalization of the society renowned around the world as the Uzbek Model of Development, and of the cardinal transformation and modernization of the country.

Adopted 22 years ago on the basis of democratic principles, the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan has shaped and cemented the legal guarantees of a new society in the country.

The Basic Law serves as a normative backbone for the achievement of such noble goals as constructing a democratic nation set out from the very first years of our independence and built on market economy, securing human rights and freedoms and legitimate interests, forming a fair civil society.

The Constitution is accounted for as the basis of the tremendous achievements made by our people, of the peaceful and harmonious as well as prosperous life, of nurturing the young generation as healthy and comprehensively advanced individuals. After all, our Basic Law is an important guarantee for furthering such noble ends as the construction of a democratic state ruled by law, provision for the priority of human rights, peace and calmness.

Another significant peculiarity of celebrating the Constitution Day in Uzbekistan is the fact that priority dimensions of the further development of the country are defined on this day that reflect the graceful aspirations of our people, in line with which the title for the coming year is announced.

On the initiative of President Islam Karimov, the year 2014 was declared as the one of healthy child. On the basis of the correspondingly elaborated National Program, complex of measures have been implemented to foster a physically healthy and spiritually sound generation.

Extensive works have been undertaken during the year, building on the vital wisdom that a healthy child is born normally to a healthy and friendly family. As the head of our state stressed, the measures envisaged in this program have covered all the regions of our country. Along with that, active in its realization have been the representatives of governmental and nongovernmental organizations, social institutions, industrial enterprises, business and all those who mobilized all their capacities and powers for the achievement of such noble ends as nurturing a healthy generation, which is a bright confirmation of the fact that this idea has turned into a truly nationwide movement.

President Islam Karimov proposed to announce the coming year 2015 in our country as the Year of Care for the Senior Generation. The gathered expressed support for the proposal of the head of our state with a storm of applause.

The celebratory occasion ended with a festive gala concert with the performance of celebrities and young musicians.

(Source: Press-service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan)

Distinguished Citizens Receive High Awards of the Nation

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov presented the high awards of the Motherland to a group of compatriots at an official ceremony December 5 at the Oqsaroy.

A group of citizens who made a great contribution to uplifting the economic potential of the country and the successful implementation of reforms, who displayed selflessness in the name of consolidating the peace and harmony of the people, who demonstrated achievements in the socio-economic, scientific-technical and spiritual-enlightenment areas, were awarded by decrees of the head of our state on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of the national independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan with honorable titles, orders and medals.

A festive event to present these awards took place at the Oqsaroy last Friday.

“First of all, I have a great delight to see you in this magnificent hall in such an elated mood and extend my high respect to you, my dear ones,” Islam Karimov said. “As the tradition has goes, every year, on the eve of the Constitution Day, I deem it a genuinely great honor for me to meet with fellow compatriots prized with high state awards and congratulate on the holiday and hand these awards over.”

In the meanwhile, the Uzbek leader continued, it is a great satisfaction and pleasure to convey greetings to all those who were rewarded similar titles along with those present at the Oqsaroy on Friday.

We have set out for such elevated ends as joining the ranks of the most advanced countries of the world, boosting the quality and standards of life of the people, increasing the standing of our native land in the international community of nations, President Karimov suggested. On our way toward those goals, we are mobilizing all our prowess and capacities, with cohesion and cashing in all the opportunities, for the realization of objectives we seek and the achievement of soundly ambitious goals.

This is indicated by the fact that for the last ten years, along with a handful of nations around the world, Uzbekistan has been able to secure the steady growth of the gross domestic product at the level not lower than 8 percent. In the meantime, amid the economic downturn of economies as a result of the ongoing economic crisis, our country has been advancing consistently and steadily, and growth rates as such are anticipated also in the coming year 2015, arousing a sense of pride among us and admiration in many countries.

Across all the spheres and sectors of the economy we have been making unprecedented accomplishments. As far as agriculture is concerned, President Islam Karimov pointed out that our farmers, notwithstanding the nature-climatic intricacies of the latest season and the shortage of water, made a heroic deed to collect 8 million 50 thousand tons of grain, more than 3 million 400 thousand tons of cotton, harvested a rich yield of other agricultural crops, which deserves all the possible praises.

Hundreds of industrial enterprises built on high technologies and manufacturing competitive goods are commissioned, highways and bridges as well as modern transport and communications are laid, erected are hospitals, schools, lyceums and colleges, culture and sports institutions, facilities of trade and services, along with wide-ranging construction and beautification works – and all this is a bright manifestation of how remarkable has the passing year 2014 been in the life of our nation.

One can expound boundlessly on the great achievements being made by us, accomplishments that were even unimaginable previously, in the spheres of small business and private entrepreneurship, services, information and communication technologies, assuming an increasingly decisive place in the national economy.

“Every one of you, my dear ones, can tell a lot in the example of the region you live on the cardinally transforming appearance of our towns and villages and the entire country, for that matter,” the head of our state suggested.

Our housing program enjoying a great interest not only in our country, but also abroad is worth a special attention. To this end, 11 thousand standard-design modern homes have been built this year alone, resulting in the enormous joy and happiness for those families who threw house-warming parties.

We refer to the noble labor and endeavors of our teachers, mentors and doctors who display selflessness and professionalism in fostering the young generation as healthy and comprehensively advanced individuals and in caring for the health of the population as the most critical and foremost task.

In this respect it is essential to note that the achievements made by us this year in science, culture and arts, sports as well as in bolstering the spirituality of people have become a tremendous input into the further glorification of our Motherland across the entire globe.

One can say with pride that there are people among us today who wield a great role in the development of our country’s economy with steadfast rates, in building a free and comfortable life that is inferior to no one’s, in cementing the peace and calmness as well as the atmosphere of compassion and harmony.

We all know quite well how remarkable the contribution made to these efforts by the mahalla, youth organizations and other institutions has been.

Incomparable has been the thorny and honorable service of our courageous military who safeguard our peaceful and harmonious life and the clear sky above us as the apple of the eye, and who are willing to become a reliable shield of the country against diverse threats and challenges. We ought to value the superb endeavors of these valorous and unshakeable defenders of the Motherland, the head of our state asserted.

President Islam Karimov presented the high awards in a festive environment.

“Today is a truly unforgettable and special day for every one of you, I can feel it,” the President of Uzbekistan put it. “The high awards of the native land speak of our people’s and the state’s enormous confidence in you and the well-deserved appraisal of your graceful labor and efforts.

“Appealing to all our compatriots and to you, my dear ones, who have been rewarded with high titles of the Motherland, I congratulate and wish the following: may these award that you are worth bring good and happiness, afford new power and energy and inspire you for new achievements. I wish you all a sound health, felicity, every success in your works, well-being to your families.”

Speaking on behalf of the awarded, the Hero of Uzbekistan – head of the “Bozor Ugli Abdi” farming enterprise in the Kamashi District Abdimurat Bazarov, the owner of “El-yurt Hurmati” (Respect of the Nation) Order – chief of the Karakalpak branch of the National Spirituality Center Sharap Usnatdinov, the laureate of the “Fidokorona Khizmatlari Uchun” (For Selfless Services) Order – deputy chairman of Uzbekistan Writers Union for works with youth Ikbol Mirzo, the “Dustlik” (Friendship) Order cavalier – artistic gymnastics coach of the Republican School of Higher Sports mastery for Gymnastics Tatiana Rogovaya, the Hero of Uzbekistan – head of department at the Academician Vahidov National Specialized Surgery Center Zainiddin Nizamkhojaev, the “El-yurt Hurmati” Order laureate – the Uzbeknavo music association singer Ozodbek Nazarbekov noted that these high awards of the state urge them to labor altruistically with an even greater enthusiasm for the prosperity of the native land and inspire for new achievements. They expressed sincere gratefulness to President Islam Karimov for great attention and care.

(Source: Press-service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan)


International cooperation

MyEnergy Spa to Design Photovoltaic Plant in Uzbekistan

MyEnergy Spa won an international tender for the design and development of a photovoltaic plant in Uzbekistan.

The Milan-based company MyEnergy Spa won a tender of Russian company LUKOIL. The project envisages construction of 2 megawatt photovoltaic plant in Bukhara region of Uzbekistan at a Kandym group of gas fields.

The project involves the preliminary geological analysis of the site for the installation of about 8000 modules on the ground, and strict enforcement of the legislation, international and local, for the protection of the environment and for the safety in the workplace, in accordance to the specific characteristics of the site.

MyEnergy Spa said that it is also competing in a public tender for the construction of 100 megawatt in the region of Samarkan


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