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February 6, 2015


digestFebruary 4, 2015

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The total volume of transactions at UZEX in 2014 amounted to 8.9 trillion soums. 2

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New 433 enterprises with foreign capital registered in Uzbekistan. 3

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44 Polling Stations Established Abroad. 3

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Karakalpakstan Embraces Advanced Agricultural Technologies. 4



The total volume of transactions at UZEX in 2014 amounted to 8.9 trillion soums

On January 31, 2015, an enlarged session of the Board of JSC “Uzbek Republican commodity exchange” (UZEX) with the participation of specialists and managers of structural subdivisions of the Central apparatus and regional branches was held. The participants of the meeting discussed the results of the exchange in 2014 and priorities for development in 2015, the press service of the exchange reported.

As was noted at the meeting, the main distinguishing feature of the past year was achieving positive results in all areas of activity, implementation of the approved business plan indicators, the high growth of volume of transactions.

Last year the exchange has updated the historical maximum turnover. So, the total volume of transactions made on all trading platforms increased by 24.2% or more than 1.7 trillion soums and reached 8.9 trillion soums (currency rates of CB RU from 4.02.2015   1$=2442.13 soums). For the first time in recent years, the proportion of the volume of transactions concluded on the stock exchange in the total turnover of UZEX was less than 80%, indicating expansion of opportunities conducted by the exchange on fair and auction trade. The volume of transactions amounted to 7 trillion soums, and the total volume of export contracts on the exchange and fair bidding reached $164.9 million.

Hereby, much work was done on attraction to the exchange market of goods, not included in the category of highly liquid or exclusive. The listing commission of the exchange opened new contracts on such items as glass, polymer concentrate, pipes of metal and polymer, tiles, chipboard, gypsum satin and others.

As a result of sales of own products on the stock exchange, producers received additional income due to the difference between the actual and the starting price, totaling 2.8 trillion soums, while in comparison to 2013 the growth made 25%. At that it allowed them to provide additional financial resources for development and modernization of enterprises.

Along with this, thanks to the measures taken for improving the mechanism of guaranteeing the execution of concluded transactions, by conduction of calculations through the clearing house of the exchange, the level of executed obligations on exchange contracts, in comparison with 2013, increased from 95% to 97%. Due to the expansion of access to raw materials, by more than 1.6 times increased participation of subjects of small business and private entrepreneurship in the stock exchange.

By the results of the year, more than 800 brokerage firms and 2 thousand traders rendered services to clients in the purchase and sale of goods, the number of functioning trading venues has reached 129. Special attention was paid to improvement of professional qualification of bidders and to stimulate their activity.

High performance is achieved in the system of electronic auctions, in which the amount of purchased goods (works, services) was worth 821 billion soums, which makes 9.2% of the total volume of executed on the exchange transactions.

In the public procurement system “D-xarid” concluded more than 262 thousand transactions worth 470.6 billion soums.

Special attention in the past year was paid to the implementation of modern information and communication technologies in the operation of the exchange. In particular, upgraded special information portal of the exchange – extended the list of interactive services.

Following the meeting, based on the objectives set by the leadership of the country, identified priority areas for the development of the exchange in 2015, which is also reflected in the business plan and the development plan of the exchange for 2015. The main objectives for 2015 have been identified to further increase the participation of small businesses and private entrepreneurship in the exchange, the fair and the auction through the provision of additional facilities and preferences on the stock exchange, accelerate the implementation of ICT in all spheres of exchange activities, ensuring the further development of trading platforms, as well as attraction to trading of new types of goods and services.




New 433 enterprises with foreign capital registered in Uzbekistan

New 433 enterprises with foreign capital were registered in Uzbekistan in 2014, the press service of the State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan said.

Largest number of enterprises with foreign capital was registered in Tashkent city (297 units), Tashkent region (39), Ferghana region (23), Samarkand and Jizzakh region (16 each), Syrdarya region (8), Navoi, Namangan and Surkhandarya region (7 each).

At the same time, 110 enterprises were created with participation of capital from China, 69 – from Russia, 42 – from Great Britain, 36 – from Korea Republic, 29 – from Turkey, 16 – from India, 16 – from Kazakhstan, etc.

The main part of enterprises were created in industry (219), trade and catering (100), construction (18), agriculture (16), transport and communication (11), other production spheres (46), healthcare, physical culture and sport (19).

As of 1 January 2015, number of registered enterprises with foreign capital made up 4,883 units.



elections OF THE PRESIDENT of the republic of uzbekistan

44 Polling Stations Established Abroad

The Central Election Commission (CEC) of the Republic of Uzbekistan at its regular meeting considered issues related to the formation of polling stations for the elections of the President of Uzbekistan at the representative offices of our country in foreign countries. 

In accordance with the laws, the constituencies will be established taking into account the main criteria – creating maximum comfort for voters. The electoral districts will be established at the offices of the Republic of Uzbekistan in foreign countries by the CEC upon submission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The CEC, having considered the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about establishing polling stations at the offices of the Republic of Uzbekistan in foreign countries, according to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On elections of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, adopted a resolution on organizing 44 polling stations for the elections of the President of Uzbekistan and registering them to the 14th Tashkent city constituency. Measures have been taken to ensure necessary conditions for voters in these polling stations.

The CEC also discussed the issue on accreditation of domestic and foreign journalists. The decision on the accreditation of media representatives applying to the CEC in the prescribed manner was adopted.

Taking into account legislative requirements of the electoral legislation, the CEC also considered the issue of creating working groups to verify the correctness of the signature lists submitted by political parties.

The main purpose of the working groups is delivery in time conclusions on the compliance of subscription lists with the requirements of the Law “On elections of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan”.

The meeting members also discussed the organizational and other questions relating to the privileges of the CEC.

(Source: UzA)


Karakalpakstan Embraces Advanced Agricultural Technologies

A large-scale land improvement program has been underway in Uzbekistan. As noted by the head of state at the final session of the government, last year ameliorative work was carried out on 1.7 million hectares throughout the country. Karakalpakstan invested big funds for these purposes as well.

Amelioration of irrigated lands ranks among basic trends at the current stage of agricultural development in Uzbekistan. It has been one of major priorities, because the fertility of lands and their regular improvement predetermines the efficiency of the entire agricultural production, the country’s economic and food security, the financial state of farmers and Uzbekistan in general.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, last year the areas with a critical level of groundwater (up to 2 meters) decreased by almost 500 thousand hectares, or more than by a third. Strongly and moderately saline lands decreased by 100 thousand hectares, or 12%.

Extensive works were carried out in Karakalpakstan. Land improvement, adoption of new technologies, enhancement of efficiency of the businesses that render services to the farmers, was in the spotlight of the region’s policies. As a result, cotton yields scaled up by an average of 2-3 tons per hectare, and cereals – by 3-4 metric centners in the ameliorated areas of Karakalpakstan.

Adoption of up-to-date irrigation technologies is currently at its height in Karakalpakstan. Last year, more than 50 hectares of lands have been provided with water-saving watering technology of portable irrigation piping. This approach helps to significantly reduce the intensity of water percolation saving of up to 15% compared with conventional irrigation methods. This year, the new technology will cover another 50 hectares, and by the end of 2017 it will be introduced on 300 hectares of lands.

Application of plastic films in the furrows is another effective method of water saving. In this case, as practice shows, water consumption decreases by 25%. Last year, the technology covered 150 hectares, and by 2017 this figure will reach 650 hectares.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


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