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December 18, 2015


investments. 2

Chemists to Help Farmers. 2


Income of state budget makes up 26.338 trillion soums in Jan-Sep. 2


The awarding ceremony of winners of the Republican contest Best teacher of higher educational establishment of Uzbekistan held in Tashkent 3





Chemists to Help Farmers

Uzbekistan is planning to launch the country’s first large-scale production of complex fertilizers in January 2016.

As reported by the O‘zkimyosanoat press service, all construction and installation works will be completed by the end of December to proceed with the commissioning and testing of the equipment, and production of first products in the end of January.

Uzbekistan ranks among the few countries in the world to produce all three types of fertilizers: nitrogen, phosphate and potash. This is conditioned not just by the availability of the resource base, but also by the high demand of the boosting agricultural sector. At the same time, the region and CIS countries have a significant export capacity for this type of products.

Based on these realities, it was decided to organize the production of complex fertilizers that would contain all three of the existing types. The new product has a plenty of advantages. Along with obvious increase of yields, complex fertilizers are free from harmful contaminants, environmentally friendly and are well absorbed by plants.

New capacities have been established on the basis of Samarkandkimyo Company in Samarkand. The total project cost has exceeded $20 million, including $5 million of the company’s own funds, and $15 million of foreign investments and loans.

Having extensive experience in the production of similar equipment, the Chinese company of Jiangsu was entrusted with turnkey installation of the technological line. The company is planning to produce 100,000 tons of products in the first year after the launch, and in furtherance reach the projected capacity of 240,000 tons.

The project is seen as strategic for the economy of Uzbekistan, because the share of agriculture in GDP made up 15.4% in the first nine months of 2015 alone. In the long term, the share of crop production in the agricultural sector will continue to grow due to the expansion of exports of fruit and vegetables.

It is also planned to organize a similar project on the basis of Almalyk ernterprise Ammofos-Maxam with the capacity of 160,000 tons per year. The launch is scheduled for 2016.

Uzbekistan has produced a total of over 1 million tons of fertilizers, including 801.600 tons of nitrogen, 117.400 tons of phosphate, and 124.500 tons of potash fertilizers in the first ten months of the current year.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Income of state budget makes up 26.338 trillion soums in Jan-Sep

Income part of the state budget of Uzbekistan made up 26.338 trillion soums in nine months of 2015 or 22.4% to the GDP, the press service of the Ministry of Finance of Uzbekistan said.Compared to the same period of 2014, incomes of the state budget rose by 16.6%, the Uzbek Finance Ministry said (currency rates of CB RU from 18.12.2015   1$= 2780.05 soums).

The Ministry said that fall of some direct taxes in 2015 did not result in decrease of some income, but income part increased due to expansion of taxation base of legal entities and population, which rose by 1.008 trillion soums (+18.7%) year-on-year and reached 6.388 trillion soums.

In the reporting period, the receipts from indirect taxes made up 13.946 trillion soums, which rose by 2.136 trillion soums (+18.1%) year-on-year.

The receipts from value added tax made up 7.814 trillion soums, which grew by 19.6% year-on-year and excise tax – 4.115 trillion soums (+18.1%).

The budget received resource payments and property tax for 3.461 trillion soums in January-September 2015 or by 357.2 billion soums more compared to the same period of 2014.

Expenses of the state budget (without state targeted funds) made up 26.248 trillion soums in nine months of 2015 or 22.3% to GDP.


In the reporting period, the social expenses of the state budget made up 15.395 trillion soums or 58.7% of total expenses. Its ratio to GDP made up 13.1%.

The expenses to education made up 8.675 trillion soums of 56.3% of total expenses to social sector in the reporting period.

About 3.689 trillion soums or 24% of total expenses of social sphere were directed to healthcare sector, which rose by 17.1% year-on-year.

Some 133.6 billion soums or 0.9% of expenses to social sphere were directed to development of science. About 103.1 billion soums were directed to support elder people and people with the disabilities. About 1.571 trillion soums were used to social support and improve well-being of population.

The state budget allocated 448.4 billion soums to payment of allowances to people with the disabilities from childhood.

About 2.712 trillion soums were directed to economy, which rose by 14.3% year-on-year. About 1.866 trillion soums were issued to support agriculture sector and 203.2 billion soums to geological exploration works.

Expenses of the state budget to environment made up 535.9 billion soums in nine months of 2015. The centralized investments from the state budget made up 1.322 trillion soums.



The awarding ceremony of winners of the Republican contest Best teacher of higher educational establishment of Uzbekistan held in Tashkent

The awarding ceremony of winners of the Republican contest “Best teacher of higher educational establishment” held at the Turkistan Art Palace.

Youth obtain contemporary knowledge and professions; demonstrate their talents and potential in the international subject Olympiads, sports competitions, festivals and contests.

Due to constant attention given to educational sphere systematic work on advanced training, improvement of pedagogical personnel, popularization of best experience is conducted.

The initial stages of the competition, organized by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan in cooperation with a number of organizations, was attended by over a thousand teachers of higher education establishments.

These contests are aimed at further stimulation of work of teachers and mentors that make a significant contribution to the education of youth.

59 teachers became the winners and prize-winners of 23 nominations. Active participants were awarded by the organizers.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan Bakhodir Khodiev delivered a speech at the event.

(Source: UzA)


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