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In the near future, pharmaceutical companies of Uzbekistan intend to invest more than $220 million in projects on the establishment of new and modernization of existing capacities. 1

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New chairperson of Council of Trade Unions Federations of Uzbekistan appointed. 1

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The Music Team of Great Opportunities. 1

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Hasnboy Dusmatov was named as AIBA Best Elite Men Boxer 2016. 2








economy: Modernization

In the near future, pharmaceutical companies of Uzbekistan intend to invest more than $220 million in projects on the establishment of new and modernization of existing capacities

According to experts, the accomplishment of the initiatives would accelerate the process of filling the domestic market with affordable, high-quality medicines and medical products, as well as introduction of flexible and transparent pricing mechanism.

The list of target parameters includes the launch of production of 162 new drugs, as well as the 2.5 time increase in the production of import substituting drugs and medical devices that are in the demand of the public and medical organizations.

This sector of the economy has raised more than $300 million of investments, including $100 million of direct foreign investments over the past decade owing to the government support. That was a significant contribution to the further expansion of drug production. Today, 35.7% of assets of pharmaceutical companies are represented by the share of foreign partners, and 64.3% – by domestic players.

Provision of the competitiveness of domestic products in foreign markets through the introduction of international quality standards has been a special focus of the industry. To date, 31 domestic companies have implemented a quality management system ISO 9001, six – the international GMP standard, and three – the GMP national standard.

The abovementioned measures have helped to scale up the export capacity of the domestic pharmaceutical enterprises. Previously, the country had to import drugs from abroad, while now the domestically produced drugs and medical products are exported to more than 20 countries, including CIS countries, the European Union and the United States. A total of 226 titles of Uzbek medicines have been registered in the abovementioned countries.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


New chairperson of Council of Trade Unions Federations of Uzbekistan appointed

New chairperson of the Council of Trade Unions Federations of Uzbekistan was appointed on 20 December 2016.

New chairperson was elected during the extraordinary Plenum of the Council of Trade Unions Federations of Uzbekistan.

Qudratilla Rafiqov was elected as the chairperson of the Council of Trade Unions Federations of Uzbekistan. Prior to appointment, he worked as the director-general of Jizzakh Battery Plant.

He replaced Tanzila Narbaeva, who was appointed as the Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan – chairperson of Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan.



The Music Team of Great Opportunities

Permanent leader and inspirer of ‘Uzbegim Yoshlari’ group Lutfiya Ruzibaeva has turned 75 this year. She continues to invest her soul and strength in young talents. Many novice artists dream to get into her group.

This is not surprising. After all, the Uzbegim Yoshlari group has traveled to more than 20 countries. In different parts of the world the group represents the rich culture of our country. One of the striking examples is the Great Silk Road project, within which the group almost traveled this historic route. In countries from China to Spain, our artists introduced locals to the Uzbek traditional music and dance. The audience got fascinated with the bright and distinctive costumes of the performers.

It should be noted that all of the concerts, which this year has amounted more than 80, the group conducts for free. Sharing her experience and knowledge with young people Lutfiya Ruzibaeva asks them to be well-disciplined, respect elders and strive for success in their activities. It is barely possible to count lucky young people got trained by this caring and responsive mentor. Many have already started their professional career. For example, 17 people became winners of the Nihol State Award, 20 received the Zulfiya Prize, five were awarded the title of Honored Artist, and two were decorated with Shuhrat medal.

“These and other achievements of my students are my greatest reward. After all, not everything in this life is measured by money,” Lutfiya Ruzibaeva says. “I think if about 200 people across the country get united into one group, committed to creativity, they do not spend time in vain – it brings benefit to the society. I am glad that I can contribute to the upbringing of young people.”

To this day, the head of the group continues to discover the talented young people in the most remote corners of the country. But, of course, in many cases the young people come themselves. This year casting has involved about 200 people, of which only seven are selected to join the group.

“I do not be mistaken if I say that for all members of the Uzbegim Yoshlari the group turned a second family, and Lutfiya opa is our second mother. She taught us a lot, she cultivated in us good manners, and we are all grateful to her for this,” said the winner of Nihol State Award Mashhurbek Raimdjanov. “Of course, we have plenty of teachers in our lives, but she is special. place. Many well-known pop stars got trained in our group. I think it a great success that I got in this team, because it gave me the opportunity to grow professionally, to represent Uzbek art outside of our country.”

The group performs on various stages, from the celebrations in commemoration of the Independence Day and Navruz to the concerts in Muruvvat and Sahovat Homes. The next concert The Great Silk Road will be held on December 16 at the Turkistan Palace in Tashkent.

The concert will be started with bright and energetic performance of 40 doira players. The program will also include the new numbers from the group repertoire: Gypsy and Kalinka dances, arias, and much more. Uzbegim Yoshlari will perform its signature program, which is presented in Uzbekistan and abroad – the traditional art of different regions of Uzbekistan.

Participation of Uzbekistan pop stars is also expected in the concert. A highlight of the concert will be the performance of 16-year-old Dildora from Navoi, who 10 years ago got in a car accident and unable to walk for many years.  She will sing her author song, showing the audience the healing properties of music. ‘Navoterapiya’ (Music therapy) is one of the projects of Lutfiya Ruzibaeva, which helps to recover sick children.

Performing in different countries, the group not only demonstrates the Uzbek art, but also enriches its repertoire with dances and songs of different nations. The bright illustration of this will be the Azerbaijani songs and dances, the result of a recent trip to Azerbaijan. The group participants will also perform English, French, Italian and American songs. In short, what makes the group famous – a variety of genres and styles.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Hasnboy Dusmatov was named as AIBA Best Elite Men Boxer 2016

Boxer from Uzbekistan Hasanboy Dusmatov was named as the AIBA Best Elite Men Boxer 2016.

Dusmatov is the champion of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in the weight category of 49 kg. Hasanboy Dusmatov did not sign a professional contract with promoter company Golden Gloves (South Africa).

The awarding ceremony was held at AIBA Gala Event, which was held in Switzerland on 20 December 2016.




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