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February 6, 2015


February 6, 2015


President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed a decree on creation of Ministry of development of information technologies and communications of Uzbekistan. 2

economy.. 2

The turnover of securities on the RSE “Tashkent” in 2014 made up 97.6 billion soums. 2

Over 2 trillion soums. 3


Small Zones with Big Prospects. 3

February 9 – the anniversary of Navoi (1441 – 1501)4

What Alisher Navoi Wrote About…… 4


Three Awards for One Song. 5





President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed a decree on creation of Ministry of development of information technologies and communications of Uzbekistan

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed a decree on creation of Ministry of development of information technologies and communications of Uzbekistan on 4 February 2015.

The document was adopted to further improve state governance, speed up implementation of modern information technologies and communications, electronic government system, information systems in industries and spheres of economy, modernize telecommunication infrastructure and data transfer networks.

New ministry was founded on the base of the State Committee for communication, information and telecommunication technologies of Uzbekistan.

Ministry of development of information technologies and communications is assignee of the State Committee for communication, information and telecommunication technologies of Uzbekistan on its liabilities and agreements, including international agreements.

Ministry will implement single system in information technologies and communications, introduction of electronic government, development and implementation of complex programme on introduction and development of national information-communication systems, protection and use of information.

New ministry will also develop and modernize telecommunication infrastructure, including broadband internet, full transfer of telephony communications and television to digital systems, control activities in communication and telecommunication, use of radio frequency spectrum.

Among functions of the Ministry are formation, storage and use of the state information resources and databases, creation and management of inter-departmental information systems, monitor activities of the state bodies on improving state interactive services, etc.

The ministry is also responsible for development of national segment of internet, creation necessary technical conditions to develop modern websites, network resources to meet demands of population, develop local market of software and services, ensure information security and introduce modern technologies of protection of communication networks, further development of infrastructure for protection of information resources, and others.

(Source: UzA)


The turnover of securities on the RSE “Tashkent” in 2014 made up 97.6 billion soums

According to the press service of the Republican Stock Exchange “Tashkent”, the total turnover of securities in 2014 amounted to 97.6 billion soums (currency rates of CB RU from 06.02.2015   1$= 2442.13 soums), which is almost 5% higher than last year.

In tote in 2014 concluded 893 exchange transactions (in 2013. – 941 transaction), which resulted realization of about 178 million shares of 120 joint-stock companies totaling 89.3 billion soums and 7.7 thousand pieces of bonds of 4 bond issuers in the amount of 8.3 billion soums.

In the structure of total exchange turnover dominates the market of initial public offerings – 67% of the total stock market turnover, or 65.4 billion soums. In this regard, turns on the primary market increased in comparison with 2013 (58.8 billion soums) by 11.2%.

The turnover of securities by major sectors of the economy in the reporting period was as following:

– The share of enterprises of the financial sector accounts for 90.3% of the stock market turnover, or 88.1 billion soums, including banks – 87.7% of turnover or 85.6 billion soums, insurance and leasing companies, respectively, 2.3 billion soums (2.4%) and 0.2 billion soums (0.2%). In 2013, the share of the financial sector accounted for 86.1%, or 80.2 billion soums;

– The share of agro-industrial complex – 2.7% or 2.6 billion soums (in 2013 – 3.7% or 3.4 billion soums);

– The share of the industrial sector – 1.6% in the exchange turnover or 1.5 billion soums (in 2013 – 4.2% or 3.9 billion soums);

– The share of the construction industry – 2.1%, or 2 billion soums (in 2013 – 2.3% or 2.2 billion soums).

If to consider the Exchange indicators through categories of investors, it should be noted that the volume of investments of legal entities constitute the bulk of the stock market turnover – 78.2 billion soums or 80.1%.

During the reporting period there was an increase in investment activity from individuals, whose shares in exchange turnover rose to 19.9% and amounted to 19.4 billion soums (in 2013 the share of investors – individuals was 8.9%).


Over 2 trillion soums

This is the volume of commodity products produced by enterprises SJC “Uzkimyosanoat” during last year. 

In comparison with 2013 the growth rate of production reached 106.8 percent. Consumer goods were produced on 171.9 billion soums (currency rates of CB RU from 06.02.2015   1$= 2442.13 soums), growth rate amounted to 109.7 percent. Produced more than 1.2 million tons of mineral fertilizers, including nitrogen – more than 979.2 thousand tons of phosphorus – more than 136.5 thousand tons of potash fertilizers – 96.36 thousand tons.

Within the localization program from January to December last year produced goods for 234.2 billion soums at the forecast of 180.4 billion soums. For the implementation of investment projects included in the investment program, enterprises SJC “Uzkimyosanoat” mastered 184.5 million investment. Under contracts concluded at the International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange, the company purchased production enterprises to 189 billion soums.

Also in 2014, the territorial joint-stock companies “Qishloqxo’jalikkimyo” agrochemical services rendered by 44.9 billion soums. In particular, cooked and sold 94.6 thousand tons of compost – a mixture of organic and mineral fertilizers by about 1.3 billion soums in the field of farms delivered 242.3 thousand tons of organic and 613.6 thousand tons of mineral fertilizers. Carried out suspension and made mineral fertilizer on 237.5 thousand hectares of cotton acreage and crops, as well as defoliation of cotton on more than 1.1 million hectares.

(Source: IA «Jahon»)


Small Zones with Big Prospects

Uzbekistan has launched an important project on the development of the real economy, small business and private entrepreneurship. The government has approved the procedure of the establishment and operation of small industrial zones.

Global practices have long been applying a mechanism of merging of specialized enterprises and companies on one area with certain benefits and preferences for their development.

Uzbekistan has been no exception: there are three successfully operating special zones of priority development: Navoi FIEZ, Angren and Jizzakh SIZ. However, the entry barrier was too high for the representatives of ‘small economy’, which were not able to invest the funds required. Therefore, it was decided to create pecial small industrial zones for small business and entrepreneurship.

They will be arranged on unused areas and idle production sites of state property that are transferred to public authorities in the field in accordance with the decisions of the President or the government. The construction of necessary engineering communications in the zones of 10 hectares or more is financed by own funds of Uzbekenergo, Uztransgaz, as well as regional budgets.

The participants of industrial zones will be subject to tendering. The priority will be given, along with other equal terms, to the applicants who are planning to establish export-oriented productions with real financial capacity. The production areas on the territory of industrial zones will be provided to entrepreneurs on the long-term lease at the minimum rent rate for the use of the municipal property.

According to experts, such a decision would enhance the efficiency of the further optimization of unused areas and excessive production facilities of unprofitable or economically insolvent and low-profit organizations, as well as would increase employment in the industrial sector, intensify investment and technologies in new competitive industries through their concentration of certain areas with engineering communications and infrastructure.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

February 9 – the anniversary of Navoi (1441 – 1501)

What Alisher Navoi Wrote About…

A new perspective on the eminent poet’s oeuvre.

The string of events honoring the anniversary of eminent medieval Uzbek poet and thinker Alisher Navoi, celebrated on February 9, includes the publication of four brochures with an analysis of the poet’s works. They represent the first outcome of a major project that will result in the world’s first “Encyclopedia of Alisher Navoi”.

Encyclopedias are accorded a special place in the global literary world and are instrumental in turning the rising generations to the life and creativity of literary greats and encouraging indepth studies of their works and their impact on the development of culture and arts as a whole.

“The ongoing work on the Encyclopedia of Alisher Navoi was launched under a five-year fundamental project funded by the Committee for the Coordination of Science and Technology Development,” said Rakhmatulla Barakoyev, a Doctor of Philology and Scientific Secretary of the Institute of Languages and Literature. “This year, we have started working on the publication of research results that will serve as the basis for a two-volume encyclopedia in the making. The decision to create the encyclopedia stemmed from numerous requests from representatives of higher education schools to provide fresh materials related to the creativity of the outstanding poet.

The first book was authored by Ibrohim Hakkul, a Doctor of Philology and head of the Classical Literature Department at the Institute of Languages and Literature. Titled ‘Shahsiyat and sheriyat’ (Personality and Poetry), it zeroes in on certain lines from Alisher Navoi’s gazelles, in which the poet reflects on morality and on what people should be like.

The other three brochures were penned by a senior research fellow, Buriboy Rajabov, PhD. In the book “Ozum sori boqma, sozum sori boq” (Do not look at me; look at my word), he focuses on stanzas from gazelles in which Navoi says than man’s words and deeds must not be at variance, but should rather unite in actions.

Another brochure, “Olam mamurligi alardin…” (They determine the prosperity of the world…), provides a detailed analysis of lines of the poem “Mahbub ul-qulub” in which the poet glorifies the labor of farmers.

Finally, the brochure titled “Onalar bilan suhbat” (A conversation with mothers) analyses literary techniques that the poet relied on to create images of mothers in his literary works.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Three Awards for One Song

The finale of the ‘Song of the Year 2014’ project treated the audience to the best Uzbek pop hits.

It is said that a song lives as long as people listen to it. Perhaps, many of the songs performed during the twoday song contest at Tashkent’s Istiqlol Palace are in for a long lifespan. In the meantime, they have scored plaudits at the recent contest, the first of its kind in Uzbekistan.

Prior to the finale of the Song of the Year project, Uzbeknavo Variety Art Association and Uzbek TV and radio channels submitted over 100 popular songs, aired throughout 2014, to the Arts Council of the Center for Youth Culture and Arts. Twenty of the songs were selected as finalists.

The event saluted not only singers, but also poets, composers and music arrangers. So, the big audience cheered at the sight of their favorite singers had the opportunity to see for the first time people who contributed to a music piece “behind the scenes”. In addition to finalists, the event also featured young and veteran singers. The winners were honored with statuettes and diplomas.

“I am so thrilled that one of the winning entries is a song I have arranged, with lyrics by poet Bobur Bobomurod with whom I have collaborated for several years,” says music composer and arranger Ahmad Hojimatov. “It is my hope that people will enjoy the song for a long time.”

“The government’s close attention to culture and arts ensures that artists come up with deep, content-rich works,” says Uzbek singer Ulugbek Rakhmatullayev, a winner of the project. “I think that this contest will give a fresh impetus to the growth of national music. It will also help to step up artistic collaboration between poets, composers and performers.”

The Song of the Year project was masterminded and overseen by the Center of Youth Culture and Art with support from the Ministry of Culture and Sports and Uzbeknavo Association.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

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