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February 28, 2017



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Uzbekistan’s President receives Russian Deputy Prime Minister 1

economy.. 1

PRODEXPO-2017: Uzbekistan signs contracts for US$74m.. 1

investments. 2

164 projects were implemented last year in Uzbekistan in the framework of the Investment Program.. 2


In 2016, Qishloq Qurilish Bank allocated almost 2 trillion soums of loans for the development of the national economy. 2

export.. 3

In January 2017, Uzbekistan exported fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products for almost $42.6 million, twice as much as in the same period of 2016. 3

sport.. 3

Uzbek judokas win medals at tournament “Grand Slam”. 3










Uzbekistan’s President receives Russian Deputy Prime Minister

On 15 February President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev received Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kozak, who has arrived in our country to take part at the regular session of the Uzbekistan-Russia intergovernmental commission on economic cooperation.

The Head of our state, welcoming the guest, has underlined the dynamic development and steady reinforcement of strategic partnership relations between Uzbekistan and Russia in many areas, including in commercial and economic spheres.

The parties have emphasised the active and productive implementation of the agreements, reached during the meeting of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev and President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in Samarkand on 6 September 2016.

Today Russia is one of the key economic partners of Uzbekistan. In 2016 the bilateral trade volume exceeded 4,2 bln. US dollars. A package of bilateral agreements on organizing delivery of fruits and vegetable products from Uzbekistan to Russian customers through “a green corridor” has been signed in order to further increase the trade turnover. In 2017 over 1 million tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as wide assortment of processed products are planned to be shipped.

The contacts on all areas of the cooperation, including among the regions of the two countries have significantly intensified.

The investment cooperation is also improving. Currently in excess of 960 enterprises with the Russian capital operate in Uzbekistan, representative offices of 64 leading Russian companies have been accredited.

Development and implementation of new investment projects are underway, which along with an oil and gas sector, encompass such spheres as machine building, metallurgy, textile industry, pharmaceuticals and production of modern medical equipment, deep processing of agricultural products. New programs and agreements in education and healthcare spheres are being developed.

The issues of further diversifying the areas of a mutually beneficial cooperation in various spheres of the economy have been discussed at the meeting.

The parties stressed the important role of the intergovernmental commission on economic cooperation in establishing long-term business contacts between companies of the two countries, as well as in pushing forward new joint programs and projects.

Dmitry Kozak has expressed a sincere gratitude to the President of our country for a warm welcome and reaffirmed the willingness of the Russian Federation to develop a full-scale trade-economic partnership with the Republic of Uzbekistan.

(Source: UzA)


PRODEXPO-2017: Uzbekistan signs contracts for US$74m

Companies of Uzbekistan signed agreements for US$74 million to supply fresh and processed agriculture products within the International exhibition of food, drinks and raw materials PRODEXPO-2017, which was held in Moscow, Russia, on 6-10 February.

Representatives of trade networks, processing companies and individuals visited the stand of Uzbekistan. The visitors tasted Uzbek fresh, processed and dry fruits and vegetables.

Uzbek companies held negotiations with representatives of the foreign companies to discuss establishment of mutual beneficial long-term relations on organization of supply of fruits and vegetables from Uzbekistan.

Uzbek companies reached agreements on establishing of cooperation with large importers from Mongolia and Vietnam. These markets are new for fresh, processed and dried fruits and vegetables, as well as beans.

Within the framework of the international exhibition, the Uzbek delegation held meetings with the representatives of such companies as Honkong Line Trading CO LTD (China) Ltd, Metro Cash and Carry (Kazakhstan), Eurotorg (Belarus), Chelny-Hleb, SPAR Tula (Russia), IPSUN (Lithuania), Happy Fruits (Mongolia), and others.

In the result of meetings, the Uzbek companies signed export agreements for the supply of fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products worth US$74 million.



164 projects were implemented last year in Uzbekistan in the framework of the Investment Program

The total value of completed projects exceeded $5.2 billion, the number of jobs – 5,300. Non-ferrous metallurgy, light industry and electrical engineering dominate in the implemented projects.

The list of major completed projects includes the construction of electrified railway line Angren-Pap, serial production of passenger cars T-250, renovation and unification of the fleet of NAC Uzbekistan Airways, expansion of Talimarjan Thermal Power Plant, construction of power unit at Angren Thermal Power Plant, among others.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


In 2016, Qishloq Qurilish Bank allocated almost 2 trillion soums of loans for the development of the national economy

The funds were channeled to a variety of investment projects and to support the real economy.

Funding of initiatives of small businesses, which totaled to 782.6 billion soums (currency rates of CB RU from 16.02.2017, 1$= 3309.35 сум soums), was an important area of the Bank’s activity. Meanwhile, micro-credits for citizens amounted to 234.7 billion soums.

QQB paid close attention to the support and financing of business projects of graduates of secondary specialized educational institutions. To this end, the bank allocated 26.6 billion soums of credits in 2016. They enabled many young people of rural areas opening their own business.

Representatives of the fair sex were a separate category among those, who obtained funds for business promotion. Business ladies received a total of 109.4 billion soums bank loans.

In 2016, the Bank lent its shoulder to those involved in the organization and improvement of services in rural areas, by allocating 64.3 billion soums for their projects. In turn, representatives of home-based work and family businesses received almost 44 billion soums of financial assistance.

These measures have helped to create thousands of additional jobs in the field of livestock, poultry farming, greenhouse business, handicrafts in the country, primarily in rural areas, thereby considerably contributing in the improvement of business environment in the country.

Based on the objectives for 2017, it is planned to catalyze people’s involvement in business by providing loans for implementation of their own projects. To date, over 14,000 citizens expressed willingness to do business. Nearly a quarter of them have already managed to arrange bank loans for a total of 35.5 billion soums.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


In January 2017, Uzbekistan exported fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products for almost $42.6 million, twice as much as in the same period of 2016

A total of more than 31,000 tons of fruits was exported from Uzbekistan in the first month of the current year. For comparison, in January 2016, the inflow of foreign currency from exports of fruits, vegetables, cucurbits and legumes totaled $20.7 million.

The bulk of exports fell to the grapes, pomegranates, lemons, persimmons, apples, greens, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, beets, radishes, turnips, peanuts, mung beanы and other fresh producеы. Most of the orders were fulfilled within the framework of obligations under the contracts concluded during the First International Fruit and Vegetable Fair on 8-10 November 2016 in Tashkent.

Russian Federation is the major importer of Uzbek fruits today. In order to make export deliveries effective, Uzagroeksport company opened four trading houses in Russia, and three in Kazakhstan. The work on the establishment of trade houses in the UAE, South Korea, India and some countries of the European Union is nearing completion. Active negotiations are underway in the new markets in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Last year, direct deliveries of Uzbek fruits and vegetables to Russia and Central Asian countries tripled, to South Korea increased fivefold, to UAE – 1,8 times, Germany – 1.6 times.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Uzbek judokas win medals at tournament “Grand Slam”

The first in this year’s “Grand Slam” tournament on judo, which saw 409 strongest athletes from 61 countries was held in Paris.

At the prestigious international competition, the team of Uzbekistan was represented by 9 judokas.

The most successful performance of our athletes showed Sharafiddin Lutfullaev in the weight category up to 60 kg. On the way to the final he broke the resistance of competitors from Slovenia, Russia, Brazil and the Republic of Korea. And only in the final battle Sh.Lutfullaev lost to Olympic bronze medalist in Rio de Janeiro Naohisa Takato from Japan and won the “silver” of the Paris tournament.

In the overall medal standings Uzbekistan national team took seventh place. Currently, our judokas are preparing for the next tournament in the series “Grand Slam”, which will be held in Baku, Yekaterinburg, Abu Dhabi and Tokyo.







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