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February 29, 2016


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Light Industry of Uzbekistan. 1


Dozens manufactures of energy-saving bulbs have been launched in Uzbekistan over the last five years  1


Train tickets can now be purchased via mobile phone. 2



Light Industry of Uzbekistan

Major reforms on the upgrade, technical and technological extension of the operating facilities, and establishment of new enterprises for the production of output with high added value have been in progress. O’zbekyengilsanoat Company has been making a remarkable progress in this direction. The head of Technical Policy and Forecasting Department, Dilbar Muhamedova, told UT about the achievements and future plans of the domestic light industry.

Our company has been implementing a range of measures to upgrade its facilities, introduce innovative technologies, and increase the output with high added value. As a result, in 2015 alone, the volume of the industrial production of enterprises exceeded 3 trillion soums, while that consumer goods – 1 trillion soums. (currency rates of CB RU from 29.02.2016, 1$= 2851.65 soums)

O’zbekyengilsanoat enterprises have been actively boosting their presence in foreign markets, as testified by the growing export performance, which exceeded $1 billion, and the number of exporting companies reached 254, accounting for 89% of the total number of O’zbyekengilsanoat  enterprises. Their export structure has included new types of textile products like bamboo, modal and blended yarn, jacquard fabric and wale cloth, new types of ready sewed and knitted articles, models, patterns and weaves. Last year, the share of high value-added products in total exports reached 42%.

Domestic textile, garment and knitwear articles are exported to more than 55 countries. Last year, Uzbekistan entered new markets in Colombia, Brazil, El Salvador, Pakistan, Georgia, Croatia, Nigeria, and others. Enterprises participated in international specialized trade fairs in Germany, the Republic of Korea, China, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Turkey and other countries in order to diversify foreign markets and expand the export range.

Foreign investments, opening of new joint ventures and expansion of existing manufactures were the main thrusts of O’zbekyengilsanoat’s activity last year. Under the Investment Program of Uzbekistan for 2015, the company drew $187.3 million, which is 2.7% more YOY. Last year, it commissioned 33 new enterprises and created more than 12,500 new jobs.

The manufacture of products for sports purposes ranks among the future priorities. In line with them, the industry enterprises developed the design of children’s sportswear and established the mass production. In 2015, the sportswear production volumes exceeded 190.8 billion soums, which is 12.2% more YOY.

In the current year, the enterprises of light industry keep working on the increase of high value-added finished products. They accentuate the increase of exports, attraction of foreign investments, and production of children’s sportswear. By the end of 2016, it is planned to bring exports indicators to $1.1 billion, implement 32 investment projects on the establishment of 24 new enterprises and upgrade 8 existing facilities. It is expected to create 12,700 jobs, including for graduates of vocational colleges.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Dozens manufactures of energy-saving bulbs have been launched in Uzbekistan over the last five years

The energy saving trend has been growing worldwide with the years, showing a remarkable growth in the household sector. Uzbekistan has been keeping abreast of the global trends: dozens manufactures of energy-saving bulbs have been launched in the country over the last five years.

Today, LED bulbs are a common product in the domestic market. Experts expect that in the near future they will displace the conventional fluorescent lamps. Expanded service life, power saving, environmental friendliness and no flicker are seen as major advantages of LED lamps over conventional bulbs. This is natural, because they allow decreasing power consumption by almost 80%. The service life of such lamps exceeds 50,000 hours.

The Egl-Nur company in the Angren Special Industrial Zone  has ranked among the country’s leading industrial facilities in a short time. It was founded in 2013 by joint efforts of Uzbekenergo and the South Korean EG Lightings. Today, the joint venture specializes in the production and maintenance of energy-saving LED bulbs in different formats and purposes.

According to the analytical agencies that specialize in the study of new energy technologies, the replacement of a 100-watt bulb by a 22 watt fluorescent lamp saves 23.4 kW/h of electricity a month. The saving efficiency of LED bulbs is even higher. For example, the replacement of five incandescent light bulbs by LEDs might save 135 kW/h of electricity per month. Moreover, the light from the LED lamps is less weary for the eyes unlike that of the conventional ones.

“Foreign investors see Uzbekistan as a promising country. For example, our company is exempt from paying a range of taxes and customs duties, which is a strong motivation for evolvement. We are planning to significantly increase the production capacity. In 2015, we produced 174,000 bulbs, and hope to increase the indicator by more than 70% this year,” noted the Egl-Nur Director General Jee Hyung Seok.

He said that in the coming years the company will focus on the expansion of the export component. Egl-Nur is currently negotiating with several foreign companies on promoting its products to foreign markets. The production of new types of lighting fixtures in the next two years would contribute in the achievement of abovementioned goals.

This is far not the only example. It is expected that in 2015-2019, Vesta Electric, Plastic Modernity, Yorqin Chiroqlar and other companies will produce 15.7 million energy-saving bulbs and lighting fixtures for household, street and industrial lighting.

Investment projects on the upgrade of outdoor lighting with modern energy-saving lamps will be implemented by 2020 in regional centers and big cities of Uzbekistan with preference to LED lamps in combination with photovoltaic plants.

In Context:

Uzbekistan bans free circulation of incandescent light bulbs over 40 watts from July 1, 2016, and their sales – from 1 January 2017. Meanwhile, the country has been streamlining the organization of collection and disposal of obsolete and unserviceable energy-saving and gas-discharge lamps.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Train tickets can now be purchased via mobile phone

JSC “Uztemiryolyulovchi” has launched a mobile app for the online purchase of train tickets.

Users of the application, which was developed on the platform of the operating systems Android and iOS, will also be able to obtain background information about changes in the schedule of the trains as well as learn the latest news of railway transport.

The system “UzCard” has been involved as a mechanism for payment of travel documents.

JSC “Uztemiryolyulovchi” hopes that the innovation will significantly increase the level of convenience of service for our passengers.


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