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February 27, 2015


February 27, 2015

elections OF THE PRESIDENT of the republic of uzbekistan.. 2

Islam Karimov met with voters of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and Khorezm region. 2

insurance.. 3

Uzbekinvest provides insurance protection to exporters for US$130.9m in 2014. 3

Exhibiton.. 3

Major Expo Kicks off in Tashkent3



elections OF THE PRESIDENT of the republic of uzbekistan

Islam Karimov met with voters of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and Khorezm region

Candidate for the post of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen – Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov on February 26 met with voters of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

The meeting was opened by the Chairman of the 1st Karakalpak district election commission on elections of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan K.Karimov.

The presidential candidate Islam Karimov made a speech and presented the main directions of his election program.

The programme outlines important issues such as consistent continuation held in our country large-scale economic and political reforms, support and development of small business and private entrepreneurship as one of the important pillars of our prosperous life, a review of state involvement in the economy, the continuation of the reform of agriculture, amelioration and crop improvement of land, development of farmers ‘ movement, the implementation and production of high technology, further improving the investment climate, rising living standards and welfare of the people. A special attention also paid to the provision of employment and increase of real incomes.

The result of socio-economic development of our country clearly manifested in the Republic of Karakalpakstan. New factories and enterprises, infrastructure and modern houses are building.

Within the framework of programs for localization and investments, a lot of promising projects were realized. Kungrad Soda Plant, joint ventures “Orient tehnolozhi”, “Wayt mashin tehnolozhi”, complexes for the production of building materials and textiles play an important role in the economy of our country. One of the largest projects in the world “Ustyurt Gas Chemical Complex” is under construction.

Chairman of the Karakalpak branch of the fund “Nuroniy” Sh.Usnatdinov, Chief editor of “Korakalpogiston Tongi” G.Annaklicheva, director of Sports school of Karakalpakstan and others noted that our country has been developing radically, the outlook and way of life of the people is changing, which are an important factor in the peace and tranquility that prevails in Uzbekistan. A preparation for the election of the President is in full compliance with national legislation and international democratic requirements. The speakers called on the voters to take an active part in the upcoming March 29 elections of the President of Uzbekistan.

On the same day, President Islam Karimov met with voters of Khorezm region.

The meeting was opened by the Chairman of the 12th Khorezm District Election Commission A.Rahimov

Candidate for President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov in his speech highlighted the main issues of his election program.

The ancient cities of our country, unique nature, rich and unique culture for centuries attracted the attention of the whole world. Active work is underway on the development of a modern tourism infrastructure, rehabilitation and restoration of historical monuments, sacred places of worship serve to the further improvement of the quality of tourist services of the region. Transport, engineering and communication networks and social infrastructure are developing consistently.

In order to dramatically improve the water supply of the population in all regions of the country, special attention is paid to the rational use of water resources. Special programs aimed at the development of the industrial potential of the regions serve to improve people’s welfare and to further economic growth.

The veteran labour K.Artikov, head of the Khorezm regional branch of the Union of Writers of Uzbekistan G.Ibodullaeva and others noted the tremendous achievements, our country achieved in the years of independence. They stressed that the process of preparation and holding of presidential elections fully meet the requirements of national law and generally accepted international democratic principles.




Uzbekinvest provides insurance protection to exporters for US$130.9m in 2014

National export-import insurance company collected insurance premiums for 60.4 billion soums in 2014, which rose by 17.4 billion soums compared to 2013, the press service of the company said (currency rates of CB RU from 27.02.2015   1$= 2460.32 soums).

Last year, the insurance liabilities of the Uzbek insurance company made up 129.2 trillion soums, which rose by 173.2% compared to 2013.

The company signed over 150,000 insurance agreements, including 220 insurance agreements on export insurance.

The Uzbek company provided insurance coverage for US$130.9 million to national exporters. The premiums, collected on export insurance, mad up 376.7 million soums with the growth of 33%.

Uzbekinvest provided insurance services for 12.7 trillion soums on 81 projects, including to the state investment programme. The company signed 8,700 agreements with small and private enterprises and provided insurance coverage for 941 billion soums. The sum of collected insurance premiums exceeded 3.2 billion soums, which rose by 23% compared to 2013.

The insurance company said that it signed 81,200 insurance agreements on mandatory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners. The insurance premiums made up 3.3 billion soums, growing by 3.9% year-on-year.

On mandatory insurance of civil liability of employers, the company inked 3,500 agreements in 2014 and collected insurance premiums for 5.13 billion soums, which rose by 25.3%. These two products accounted 14% of insurance portfolio of Uzbekinvest in 2014.

The company said that the volume of insurance payouts in 2014 reached 12.2 billion soums. About 22 of payouts fell to share of property insurance, 21.8% – automobile insurance, 11.1% – liability insurance, 8.5% – insurance of civil liability of employers, etc.

About 60.7% of total insurance premiums or 36.6 billion soums were collected by head office of Uzbekinvest and 23.7 billion soums (39.3%) – by offices of the company in the regions.




Major Expo Kicks off in Tashkent

In what has become a tradition, the expo season on Uzbekistan’s main exhibition platform, UzExpoCenter, kicks off with the country’s largest international expos dedicated to the construction and furniture industry as well as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. This choice is quite symbolic because the beginning of a year is a perfect time to start thinking about new undertakings and launch engaging initiatives that determine the path of development for years to come.

Three exhibitions sharing the same platform at the same time have come as a good example of uniting three sectors that are developing in parallel, albeit in nascent stage. Today in order to cut the costs and universalize the construction of many residential buildings, industrial and social facilities, parameters are being set at designing stages not only in laying the framework, walls and the foundations, but also in providing the right furniture and modern systems of ventilation and air-conditioning.

Experts have noted that the implications of this exposition in the development of the real sector of the Uzbek economy cannot be overestimated. For example, UzbBuild, since its inception, has set the tone in the construction technologies, attracting top manufacturers specializing in equipment and construction materials and maintaining business dialog with local companies, heads of enterprises and those directly linked with construction work.

This year, the UzBuild-MebelExpoUzbekistan-Aqua-Therm Tashkent expo trio is packed into two pavilions and features 20 participating countries and around 180 companies and brands. The geography of exhibits is quite vast and diverse and is represented by Austria, Belarus, Germany, Iran, Spain, Italy, China, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Turkey, Finland, Switzerland and, of course, Uzbekistan. This year the share of foreign participants stands at 75% while that of domestic participants is at 25%.

The simple explanation behind the intense interest in this exhibition project is the growth of the national economy and the volume of manufacturing and social construction. In 2014, domestic companies in the construction materials industry produced goods to the tune of over 4.5 trillion soums, with a 10.7-percent increase by 2013(currency rates of CB RU from 27.02.2015   1$= 2460.32 soums). The share of the sector in the general volume of industrial production in the Republic has reached 6.1%. Major industrial companies have increased production of marble, travertine and gypsum 2.2 times, bricks and building blocks from cement, concrete and granolith – 1.6 times, prefabricated elements and other items for buildings – by 12.6%, ceramic paving tiles and glazed facing ceramic tiles – by 7.1%. The production of cement and clinker has soared by 5.1% and 4.5% respectively.

“Today, the market of Uzbekistan is, perhaps, the region’s most interesting,” commented for Uzbekistan Today representative of the Chinese company Shandong Chambroad Holding Wang Te Ho. “Your country has been leading in new housing and transport infrastructure rates not only in Central Asia, but across the continent. That is why so many foreign companies tend to present their products, find new partners and clients in the Uzbek market. The preferences and privileges the Uzbek government is providing to foreign investors who intend to establish joint ventures here and produce the technology-savvy products, are particularly attractive. I believe the exhibitions will produce many similar intentions and initiatives.

Furniture manufacturers have been keeping up with the building industry. Over the past 12 years the MebelExpo Uzbekistan has been a unique event that provides a wide range of opportunities for manufacturers of furniture and accessories. The exhibition will introduce the visitors to all the know-how of the industry leaders, they will be able to explore the needs of the market, to meet with style and design experts, as well as offer their products to a broad audience. Today, it is not just an exhibition – for many domestic companies it has turned into a landmark event that promotes the image of a manufacturer, and, most importantly, draws the vector of development.

The number of domestic manufacturers of furniture and accessories has been growing with the years. Last year the domestic market was presented by 14 representatives, while in 2015 their number has reached 17. A busy agenda is another feature of this year. Experts, industrialists, designers and customers were able to discuss all the development trends in the industry at the specialized business forum on the Development of Furniture Industry in Uzbekistan.

The organizers estimate that within three days the exhibition will be visited by about 15,000 people. The event will be promoted by a new spin in the domestic exhibition industry: on the threshold of the exhibition the country’s export market has launched its first mobile application, which is available both for iOS and Android platforms. The benefits of the mobile application and useful information are already available for exhibitors and visitors. It offers related news, profiles of companies, a scheme of their location, opening hours of the exhibition, the opportunity to get a personal ticket to the exhibition, as well as online chat with industry experts.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

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