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March 12, 2017






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President of Uzbekistan received UN Assistant Secretary-General 1

March 2, 2017 – the 25th anniversary of the membership of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the UN.. 1

for investors. 3

The list of investment projects on the organization of manufacturing of finished products, materials and components on the territory of Free Economic Zones of Uzbekistan in 2017-2019 year 3

investments. 10

Investment advance of the country. 10

International cooperation.. 12

Uzbekistan and Netherlands signed a protocol to the convention for the avoidance of double taxation. 12


Uzbek melon, fruit and vegetable products arouse great interest among foreign customers for excellent taste and abundance of useful elements. 12

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Feeling the Spirit of Great Composer 13










President of Uzbekistan received UN Assistant Secretary-General

On 2 March President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev received Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations for political affairs Miroslav Jenca.

The Head of state, welcoming the guest, expressed a gratitude for a congratulatory message of the UN Secretary General António Guterres on the 25th anniversary of the membership of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the Organization as well as reaffirmed the commitment of Uzbekistan to strengthen partnership relations with the UN and its agencies.

The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan underlined an important role of the UN in maintaining global security and stability, in solving social-economic and environmental problems, in the fight against terrorism, extremism, narcotics trafficking, organized crime and other contemporary threats and challenges.

During the years of productive cooperation, such initiatives of Uzbekistan as formation in Central Asia of a nuclear-weapon-free zone, introduction of arms embargo on Afghanistan, establishment of the 6 plus 2 Contact group, promoting global agenda in the sphere of development in our region and the issues of addressing the consequences of Aral Sea disaster and many others have found support not only within the frameworks of the UN, but also on an international arena.

During a conversation, the parties exchanged views on crucial aspects of interaction and stressed the closeness of positions on all considered issues. Priority directions of enhancing bilateral relations in the future were also discussed.

The Head of our state called on the UN to more actively engage in the development processes, occurring in our country and all Central Asia, as well as jointly work on addressing principal regional problems in the sphere of security.

Miroslav Jenca sincerely thanked President of our country Shavkat Mirziyoyev for a warm welcome and reiterated the willingness of the UN to further reinforce close contacts with Uzbekistan as well as to develop a full-scale cooperation in all directions, based on mutual interest.

(Source: UzA)

March 2, 2017 – the 25th anniversary of the membership of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the UN


To His Excellency Mr Antonio Guterres,

United Nations Secretary-General

Esteemed Mr Gutterres,

It gives me great pleasure to genuinely congratulate you on the successful beginning of your responsible work in the post of Secretary-General of the United Nations and to wish you every success in this noble work that is very important to the world community.

On 2 March, we celebrate a significant date of our cooperation – the 25th anniversary of the Republic of Uzbekistan becoming a full member of the UN. This historic event was one of the most important milestones of our country’s independent development, the recognition of its national statehood and sovereignty in the world arena.

I am sure that independent Uzbekistan as an equal entity in international relations has made a worthy contribution to raising the prestige of the UN and strengthening its potential and also to implementing goals and tasks specified in its charter.

UN membership gave our country a possibility to more actively participate in the promotion of peace, development and cooperation globally and to resolve a number of the most complicated modern world and regional problems.

Uzbekistan’s initiative on creating a nuclear-free zone in Central Asia that was put forward in 1993 and successfully implemented with support from the UN was a weighty contribution to observing the comprehensive nuclear non-proliferation regime.

Practical proposals submitted by the Uzbek side in 1995 on the introduction of an arms embargo on the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and in 1997 on the creation of the 6+2 contact group directed towards searching for ways of a political resolution of the Afghan conflict made it possible in quite a short space of time to consolidate the efforts of key states and international organizations for the promotion of Afghanistan’s peace process.

Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s visit to Uzbekistan in 2002 and Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s visit to Uzbekistan in 2010 and 2015 helped to promote the global development agenda in the Central Asian region and to step up partnership between our country and the UN. Moreover, Mr Ban Ki-moon’s visit to the Aral Sea region in 2010 was an important catalyst for the strengthening of the world community’s attention to the Aral tragedy and that environmental disaster zone.

In this context, I would like to express gratitude to you and the entire United Nations for firmly supporting efforts to create a special trust fund under the aegis of the UN for the Aral Sea and Aral zone. One of the significant steps in this direction was the 10 February 2017 launch of the UN’s programme Sustaining Livelihoods Affected by the Aral Sea Disaster.

Esteemed Secretary-General,

Today the world faces an increasingly greater number of various challenges and threats ranging from socio-political to ecological problems. Considering the current volatile state of the world economy as globalization and competition increase, there is a need to work out and implement completely new ideas and principles for the sustainable and harmonious development of all the countries of the world in future.

For its part, Uzbekistan welcomes and supports in every way possible measures being taken globally for the effective realization of sustainable development goals adopted at a UN summit in September 2015. Moreover, at a national level, our country is doing large-scale work to raise the effectiveness of reforms and to create conditions for ensuring the comprehensive and rapid modernization of the state and society.

For this purpose, on 7 February 2017 we approved an action strategy for five priority areas of the development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021 where attention is mainly concentrated on conceptual issues of socio-political, socio-economic and cultural-humanitarian changes in the country.

I would like to emphasize that the key provisions of the action strategy coincide with the sustainable development goals. I am sure that this creates a firm foundation for our fruitful cooperation.

I hope to meet you soon in New York at the forthcoming session of the UN General Assembly in September this year.

Making use of this opportunity, let me wish you, Mr Guterres, robust health, wellbeing and further success in your responsible work.

With genuine respect,


Shavkat Mirziyoyev

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan


* * *


To His Excellency Mr Shavkat Mirziyoyev

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Your Excellency,

I would like to congratulate you and the entire nation of the Republic of Uzbekistan cordially on the 25th anniversary of your country’s membership of the United Nations.

Since 2 March 1992, your country has been making an important contribution as a member of the UN to such spheres as tackling climate change and ensuring peace and security and nuclear disarmament. The UN highly values cooperation with Uzbekistan and continues to count on your country as a partner in the maintenance of peace and development. Specifically, I would like to emphasize my gratitude for your country’s cooperation with the Regional Centre for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia and the UN Country Team.

I can assure you that the United Nations remains adherent to working closely together with the Republic of Uzbekistan, especially with a view to implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and striving to achieve sustainable development for the people of Uzbekistan.

Your Excellency, please accept assurances of my highest regards.

With best wishes and kind regards

Antonio Guterres,

United Nations Secretary-General


(Source: UzA)

for investors

The list of investment projects on the organization of manufacturing of finished products, materials and components on the territory of Free Economic Zones of Uzbekistan in 2017-2019 year

Projects and Responsible Organizations Period of Implemen-tation Project capacity Project value*
(mln USD)
Financing/Serving Commercial Banks Work places Place of implementation
  Total (118 investment projects):     1 003,8   9 806  
  НХК “Uzbekneftgaz” (oil and gas)     49,5   342  
1 Organization of production meters for accounting of natural gas consumption 4-quarter 2017 150 thousand units 3,0 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 50 FEZ “Navoi”
2 Organization of manufacture of waterheating boilers 4-quarter 2017 100 thousand pieces 2,0 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 45 FEZ “Navoi”
3 Organization of production of reinforced glass-basalt fiber tubes made of polypropylene in “Polipropilen Quvurlar” 3-quarter 2017 420 tonnes 0,5 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 12 FEZ “Navoi”
4 Organization of production of pipes and fashional parts for sewerage systems in “Polipropilen Quvurlar” 1-quarter 2018 100 tonnes 0,5 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 10 FEZ “Navoi”
5 Organization of production of fittings for large-size polypropylene pipes in “Polipropilen Quvurlar” 2-quarter 2018 250 thousand pieces 0,5 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 10 FEZ “Navoi”
6 Organization of production of composite household cylinders for compressed gas 2-quarter 2018 150 thousand pieces 3,0 Orient Finance Bank 45 FEZ “Angren”
7 Organization of  production of drilling fluids based on polymers 2-quarter 2019 4,3 thousand tonnes 40,0 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 170 FEZ “Navoi”
JSC “Uzbekenergo” (energy sector) 0,3 15
8 Organization of the production of electrical products (circuit breakers, fuses) 1-quarter 2018 2 thousand pieces 0,3 JSCB “Uzpromstroybank” 15 FEZ “Angren”
JSC “Almalyk MMC” (mining industry) 69,0 332
9 Organization of production of galvanized metal sheet and the profiled sheeting 4-quarter 2017 15 thousand tonnes 25,0 JSB “Ipoteka Bank” 100 FEZ “Jizzakh” Syrdarya branch
10 Organization of production of medium power electric motors (1-20 kW) 4-quarter 2017 100 thousand pieces 9,2 JSB “Ipoteka Bank” 32 FEZ “Jizzakh” Syrdarya branch
11 Organization of production mixers with zinc housing 3-quarter 2018 2 thousand tonnes 15,8 JSB “Ipoteka Bank” 100 FEZ “Jizzakh” Syrdarya branch
12 Organization of production of brass fittings 4-quarter 2018 2 thousand tonnes 9,4 JSB “Ipoteka Bank” 60 FEZ “Jizzakh” Syrdarya branch
13 Organization of production contacts and terminals for switches and sockets 4-quarter 2018 2 thousand tonnes 9,6 JSB “Ipoteka Bank” 40 FEZ “Jizzakh” Syrdarya branch
JSC “Uzkimyosanoat” (chemical industry) 229,0   1 226
14 Organization of production of conveyor belts, tires for automobiles and agricultural machines 4-quarter 2017 100 thousand meters
3,0 mln pieces
200 thousand pieces
214,0 Eximbank (China)
Fund for reconstruction and development
JSB “Asaka Bank”
1 119 FEZ “Angren”
15 Organization of production of paper glue 2-quarter 2018 500 tonnes 0,3 JSCB “Uzpromstroybank” 11 FEZ “Navoi”
16 Organization of production of calcium carbonate (for autopaints and PVC profiles) 4-quarter 2018 2 thousand tonnes 2,8 JSCB “Uzpromstroybank” 30 FEZ “Jizzakh”
17 Organization of production of organic solvents and diluents 3-quarter 2018 5 thousand tonnes 6,0 JSB “Asaka Bank” 55 FEZ “Navoi”
18 Organization of production of plastified polyvinylchloride (plastic compound) 3-quarter 2019 1,45 thousand tonnes 5,9 JSCB “Uzpromstroybank” 11 FEZ “Jizzakh”
JSC “Uzmetkombinat” (metallurgy) 2,0 229
19 Organization of production of technical silicon 4-quarter 2018 5 thousand tonnes 2,0 JSB “Ipoteka Bank” 229 FEZ “Angren”
JSC “Uzavtosanoat” (automobile industry) 11,0 32
20 Organization of production of speedometers for Lacetti cars on the JV «UzMinda» 2-quarter 2017 20 thousand pieces 0,8 JSB “Asaka Bank” 5 FEZ “Navoi”
21 The organization of manufacture of fuel tanks for vehicles “Labo” 4-quarter 2017 5 thousand pieces 0,8 JSB “Asaka Bank” 10 FEZ “Hazarasp”
22 Organization of production of switches and exterior door handles for cars on the JV «UzMinda» 2-quarter 2018 40 thousand pieces 1,0 JSB “Asaka Bank” 5 FEZ “Navoi”
23 Modernization of mineral wool production of basalt fiber in “Sandwich Panel” LLC 3-quarter 2018 10 thousand tonnes 5,6 JSB “Asaka Bank” 5 FEZ “Jizzakh”
24 Organization of production of electrical extension cords and household wires in JV “UzEraeCable” 2-quarter 2019 3 thousand pieces,
100 km
0,3 JSB “Asaka Bank” 5 FEZ “Navoi”
25 Modernization of technological equipment of “Jizzakh Battery Plant” 3-quarter 2019 800 thousand pieces 2,5 JSB “Asaka Bank” 2 FEZ “Jizzakh”
JSC “Uzeltehsanoat” (electotechnical industry) 95,5 850
26 Organization of production of aluminum profiles and aluminum products in JV “Green Line Profil” (1st stage) 3-quarter 2017 35 thousand tonnes 35,2 Kapital Bank 200 FEZ “Navoi”
27 Organization of production of cable products in “Navoi Cable Connector” LLC 4-quarter 2017 1 thousand km 1,8 JSCB “Uzpromstroybank” 10 FEZ “Navoi”
28 Organization of production photovoltaic panels
(FE LLC “Tashelektroapparat”)
2-quarter 2018  50 MWt 19,2 Trast Bank 50 FEZ “Navoi”
29 Organization of production of steel structures for supporting the installation of photovoltaic modules
(FE LLC “Tashelektroapparat”)
2-quarter 2018 200 thousand pieces 1,0 Trast Bank 15 FEZ “Navoi”
30 Organization of the production of electronic meters for accounting electricity for AMR systems
(FE LLC “Tashelektroapparat”)
2-quarter 2018 500 thousand pieces 6,0 Trast Bank 60 FEZ “Navoi”
31 Increasing the production capacity of high-voltage copper cables (2-phase) from 3 to 10 thousand tonnes on JV “HPC System” 3-quarter 2018 10 thousand tonnes 5,0 JSCB “Uzpromstroybank” 200 FEZ “Navoi”
32 Organization of production of couplings for high-voltage cables in “Navoi Cable Connector” LLC 4-quarter 2018 1 thousand pieces 2,0 JSCB “Uzpromstroybank” 15 FEZ “Navoi”
33 Organization of production of profiles and other PVC products in JV “National Plast” 3-quarter 2019 42 thousand tonnes 20,3 Kapital Bank 200 FEZ “Navoi”
34 Organization of production of new types of profiles on the JV “Green Line Profile” (2-stage) 4-quarter 2018 5 thousand tonnes 5,0 Kapital Bank 100 FEZ “Navoi”
JSC “Uzagrotehsanoatholding”
(agricultural machinery)
2,0 25
35 Organization of assembling production of agricultural machinery 2019 1000 pieces 2,0 JSB “Asaka Bank” 25 FEZ “Jizzakh”
JSC “Uzstroymaterialy” (construction materials) 59,6 373
36 Organization of production porcelain tiles in “Lyux Granit” LLC 3-quarter 2017 2,7 mln sq.m. 37,1 Kapital Bank 85 FEZ “Angren”
37 Organization of production ceramic tiles in the joint venture “Great Wall Ceramics” 4-quarter 2017 4 mln sq.m. 4,0 JCB “Hamkor Bank” 90 FEZ “Angren”
38 Organization of sanitary ceramics production in the joint venture “Great Wall Ceramics” 3-quarter 2018 200 thousand pieces 3,5 JCB “Hamkor Bank” 80 FEZ “Angren”
39 Organization of production of construction sealants 4-quarter 2018 2 mln pieces 1,5 JSCB “Uzpromstroybank” 20 FEZ “Angren”
40 Organization of production of wallpaper 4-quarter 2018 4 mln rolls 5,0 JSCB “Uzpromstroybank” 25 FEZ “Angren”
41 Organization of production of sandwich panels with fiberglass 4-quarter 2018 100 thousand meters 3,0 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 23 FEZ “Jizzakh”
42 Organization of production of various kinds of glassware (glasses, wine glasses, etc.) 3-quarter 2019 30 tonnes per day 5,5 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 50 FEZ “Jizzakh”
JSC “O’zbekyengilsanoat” (light industry) 120,5 1 235
43 Creation of textile complex on the basis of LLC “Urggazkarpet” 4-quarter 2018 10,8 thousand tonnes cotton yarn,
17,2 mln sq.m. cotton fabrics,
3,6 mln pieces garments
59,5 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 500 FEZ “Urgut”
44 Organization of production of denim fabrics and garments 3-quarter 2019 10 mln sq.m.
1 mln pieces
11,0 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 200 FEZ “Jizzakh”
45 Organization of production of finished fabric at JV “Bulut Textile” 3-quarter 2019 20 mln sq.m.. 10,0 JSB “Asaka Bank” 35 FEZ “Qoqand”
46 The organization of textile production in LLC “Otabek Sardor” 4-quarter 2019 8 thousand tonnes yarn,
5 mlnsq.m. fabrics
25,0 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 300 FEZ “Gijduvan”
47 Organization of production cotton yarn 4-quarter 2019 7 thousand tonnes 15,0 Kapital Bank 200 FEZ “Jizzakh”
HC “Uzbekozikovkatholding” (food industry) 25,0   52,0
48 Organization of production chocolate confectionery 2-quarter 2019 2 thousand tonnes 20,0 JSCB “Uzpromstroybank” 40 FEZ “Angren”
49 Organization of dairy production 3-quarter 2019 5 thousand tonnes 5,0 JSCB “Uzpromstroybank” 12 FEZ “Angren”
“Uzbekcharmpoyabzali” Association
(leather production)
1,5   60
50 Organization of production leather-haberdashery articles on LLC “Peng Sheng Shoes Making” 4-quarter 2018 4 bln soum  (currency rates of CB RU from 03.03.2017, 1$= 3404.35 soums) 1,5 JCB “Turon Bank” 60 FEZ “Jizzakh” Syrdarya branch
HC “Uzvinpromholding” (alcoholic beverages)     13,3   120  
51 Organization of production dry wheat gluten in JSC “Qoqandspirt” 2-quarter 2018 8 thousand tonnes 13,3 JSCB “Uzpromstroybank” 120 FEZ “Qoqand”
JSC “Uzpharmsanoat” (pharmaceutical industry)     4,6   137  
52 Organization of production of antibiotics and injections in the JV “NOVO FARM KOMPLEKT” 4-quarter 2017 2 mln pieces 1,5 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 20 FEZ “Navoi”
53 Organization of production of medicaments (capsules, ointments, tablets, syrups) in “Bravo Pharmaceutical” LLC 4-quarter 2017 600 mln pieces 2,6 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 21 FEZ “Navoi”
54 Organization of production medical cotton wool on «ASAKA COTTON IMPEX» LLC 2-quarter 2018 2 thousand tonnes 0,5 JSB “Asaka Bank” 96  FEZ “Angren”
Bukhara Regional Government     22,1   207  
55 Organization of production acrylic decorative laminates in «G`ijduvon Mashxurasi» 2-quarter 2018 6 mln pieces 1,9 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 20 FEZ “Gijduvan”
56 Organization of production of glass containers in “Burkhon Elyor Diyori” LLC 2-quarter 2018 1 mln pieces 3,8 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 15 FEZ “Gijduvan”
57 Organization of production of hosiery products in “Behrouz Trans Servis” LLC 4-quarter 2018 3 mln pair 3,9 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 25 FEZ “Gijduvan”
58 Organization of production sandwich panels with fiberglass in «Behruz Trans Servis” LLC 4-quarter 2018 100 thousand pieces 3,9 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 20 FEZ “Gijduvan”
59 Organization of production of packaging materials from corrugated cardboard in “Gofro eco box” LLC 2-quarter 2018 1 mln pieces 0,8 JCB “Agro Bank” 10 FEZ “Gijduvan”
60 Organization of the production of cardboard packaging materials in “Navoi karton kogoz” LLC 2-quarter 2018 1,5 mlnpieces 1,2 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 12 FEZ “Gijduvan”
61 Organization of detergents production in “Biobithim Baraka” LLC 3-quarter 2018 5 thousand tonnes 0,6 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 15 FEZ “Gijduvan”
62 Organization of production of finished leather materials in JV “Oltin Daryo” 4-quarter 2018 22 млн sq.m 3,0 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 50 FEZ “Gijduvan”
63 Organization of equipment production for greenhouses in JV “Oltin Daryo” 4-quarter 2018 300 pieces 3,0 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 40 FEZ “Gijduvan”
Jizzakh Regional Government     124,2   751  
64 Expansion of the production of a wide range of modern electrical products to the JV “Roison Home White Goods” (II stage) 3-quarter 2017 650 thousand pieces 11,3 JSCB “Uzpromstroybank” 200 FEZ “Jizzakh”
65 Organization of patterned glass production in “Mingyuan Silu Industry” LLC (1st stage) 3-quarter 2017 1,2 mln sheets 28,9 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 120 FEZ “Jizzakh”
66 Expansion of the electrical production in JV “BEEK ELECTRO” 4-quarter 2017 12,6 mln pieces 3,2 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 160 FEZ “Jizzakh”
67 Organization of production of float and ultra-thin glass, and deep processing of sheet glass on the FE LLC “Mingyuan Silu Industry” (2-stage) 2-quarter 2019 2,4 mln sheets
– float glass,
1,2 mln sheets – ultrathin glass,
4,63 mln sq.m. – flat glass processing
80,8 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 271 FEZ “Jizzakh”
Navoi Regional Government     26,0   150  
68 Organization of production of ceramic tiles in “Utkirbek Service” LLC 2-quarter 2018 400 thousand sq.m. 3,0 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 20 FEZ “Navoi”
69 Organization of liquid glass production in “Almalyk Bithim” LLC 1-quarter 2018 6 thousand tonnes 1,0 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 18 FEZ “Navoi”
70 Organization of production plasterboard and dry construction mixtures in “RAZATA” private enterprise 1-quarter 2018 600 thousand sq.m,
10 thousand tonnes
1,0 JSCB “Uzpromstroybank” 40 FEZ “Navoi”
71 Production of a wide range of glass products (color, patterned and laminated glass) – I stage 4-quarter                      2018 330 thousand tonnes 21,0 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 72 FEZ “Navoi”
Samarkand Regional Government     33,1   1 234  
72 Organization of production of chalk and paper products in “Bobir Print Service” 2-quarter 2017 500 tonnes 0,3 JCB “Ipak Yuli Bank” 20 FEZ “Urgut”
73 Organization of production hosiery products in the LLC “Nur Qutlan Textiles” 3-quarter 2017 6 mln pairs 0,8 JCB “Savdogar Bank” 50 FEZ “Urgut”
74 Organization of production of footwear in LLC “Urgut Davr Savdo” 3-quarter 2017 1,4 thousand pairs 1,5 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 20 FEZ “Urgut”
75 Organization of production of building materials in LLC “Cabrina Savdo Servis” 3-quarter 2017 1,5 thousand pieces 1,0 JCB “Savdogar Bank” 30 FEZ “Urgut”
76 Organization of production non-woven fabrics from recycled PET in “Nice Optimum” LTD 4-quarter 2017 1,5 thousand pieces 1,6 JSB “Asaka Bank” 44 FEZ “Urgut”
77 Creation of a logistics center for the storage and processing of fruit and vegetable production in “Urgut Agro Vet Servis” LLC 4-quarter 2017 4 thousand tonnes 1,6 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 50 FEZ “Urgut”
78 Organization of production various creams in “Iskandar Omad Savdo” LLC 4-quarter 2017 21,6 thousand pieces 1,0 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 40 FEZ “Urgut”
79 Organization of production of building materials from wood waste and polymers 4-quarter 2017 1,3 thousand tonnes 1,2 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 40 FEZ “Urgut”
80 Organization of production men’s shirts in “Iftikhor Gulbahor” LLC 4-quarter 2017 1 thousand pieces 0,5 JSB “Ipoteka Bank” 35 FEZ “Urgut”
81 Organization of the production of road polymer tiles 4-quarter 2018 500 thousand pieces 0,5 JSCB “Uzpromstroybank” 20 FEZ “Urgut”
82 Organization of knitwear production in “Global Garant Plast” LLC 1-quarter 2018 15 thousand sq.m.. 1,9 JCB “Qishloq Qurilish Bank” 30 FEZ “Urgut”
83 Organization of production disposable medical products in “Dodi bobo” LLC 1-quarter 2018 15 thousand pieces 4,0 JSB “Asaka Bank” 100 FEZ “Urgut”
84 Organization of production of polymer products 1-quarter 2018 1,5 thousand tonnes 0,7 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 25 FEZ “Urgut”
85 Organization of production of schoolbags 1-quarter 2018 360 thousand pieces 0,5 Peoples Bank of Ubekistan 40 FEZ “Urgut”
86 Organization of production of disposable razors 1-quarter 2018 40 thousand pieces 0,9 JCB “Hamkor Bank” 40 FEZ “Urgut”
87 Organization of production of tableware made of recycled PET in “Sam Dry Fruits” LLC 2-quarter 2018 8 thousand tonnes 5,8 JSB “Asaka Bank” 120 FEZ “Urgut”
88 Organization of production finished garments “Tumaris Textile” LLC 3-quarter 2018 3 thousand pieces 3,8 Kapital Bank 400 FEZ “Urgut”
89 Organization of finished fabric production in “Arfa Eksprod” LLC 4-quarter 2018 1,5 thousand meters 2,0 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 60 FEZ “Urgut”
90 Processing of fruit and vegetable products (drying and packaging) in “Shakhboz Gas Oil” LLC 4-quarter 2018 9 thousand tonnes 1,1 JCB “Qishloq Qurilish Bank” 30 FEZ “Urgut”
91 Organization of shoe manufacturing 4-quarter 2018 900 thousand pairs 2,5 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 40 FEZ “Urgut”
Tashkent Regional Government     78,2   861  
92 Organization of production of sanitary products (toilet tank, sink, etc.). 2-quarter 2018 400 thousand pieces 24,2 JSCB “Uzpromstroybank” 180 FEZ “Angren”
93 Organization of chocolate production in “ANGREN CHOCOLATE” LLC 3-quarter 2017 11,25 mln pieces 5,5 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 52 FEZ “Angren”
94 Organization of the production of chemicals for the leather industry 2-quarter 2018 3 thousand tonnes 6,0 JSCB “Uzpromstroybank” 100 FEZ “Angren”
95 The organization of production of modern wall insulating materials made of basalt 4-quarter 2018 10,5 thousand tonnes 18,5 JSCB “Uzpromstroybank” 80 FEZ “Angren”
96 Organization of production of steel structures for solar panels and industrial purposes 2-quarter 2018 20 thousand tonnes 20,0 JSCB “Uzpromstroybank” 200 FEZ “Angren”
97 Organization of production of agricultural machinery (cultivators and laser planners) in «Chirchik Mashagro” JV 3-quarter 2018 150 pieces – cultivators,
100 pieces – laser planners
1,0 JSCB “Uzpromstroybank” 50 FEZ “Angren”
98 Expansion of sanitary ware production in “Laziz” LLC 4-quarter 2017 35 thousand pieces 0,3 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 30 FEZ “Angren”
99 Organization of production of welding electrodes in  «Overbridge Welding-Angren» LLC 1-quarter 2018 5,4 thousand tonnes 1,2 JCB “Ipak Yuli Bank” 49 FEZ “Angren”
100 Organization of production pipes and fittings made of polypropylene in «Ideal Inter Biznes» LLC 2-quarter 2019 1,2 thousand tonnes 1,5 JCB “Hamkor Bank” 120 FEZ “Angren”
Ferghana Regional Government     27,3   1 395  
101 Organization of production of cotton yarn in “KIRAL SHOES” LLC 3-quarter 2018 2,6 thousand tonnes 6,8 JCB “Hamkor Bank” 100 FEZ “Qoqand”
102 Organization of production of pharmaceuticals in “AERO MAX VITA” LLC 2-quarter 2018 10 mln packs 0,8 Kapital Bank 70 FEZ “Qoqand”
103 Organization of production of spare parts for bicycles in “KOKAND BICYCLES” LLC 4-quarter 2017 1500 pieces 0,4 JSCB “Uzpromstroybank” 100 FEZ “Qoqand”
104 Organization of production of insulation film in “Global Asia Standard” LLC 2-quarter 2018 400 tonnes 0,9 АКБ «InfinBank» 120 FEZ “Qoqand”
105 Organization of production of pharmaceutical products in “FARM INVEST KOKAND” LLC 3-quarter 2018 350 thousand pieces 0,6 АКБ «InfinBank» 50 FEZ “Qoqand”
106 Organization of pharmaceutical production in “Heath IMM” LLC 3-quarter 2019 50 thousand pieces 1,0 JCB “Agro Bank” 50 FEZ “Qoqand”
107 Organization of production of covers (twist off) for canning in “Elet Konserva” LLC 4-quarter 2017 60 mln pieces 1,5 JSCB “Uzpromstroybank” 55 FEZ “Qoqand”
108 Organization of production of children, sports and school bags in “Al-An Tekstil Plus” LLC december
160 thousand pieces 0,6 JSB “Asaka Bank” 60 FEZ “Qoqand”
109 Organization of production of baby knitwear in “Exact Delivery” LLC september
280 thousand pieces 0,6 JCB “Qishloq Qurilish Bank”” 70 FEZ “Qoqand”
110 Organization of production of spare parts for cars in “Gold Lux Plast Kokand” LLC december
57,6 thousand pieces 0,3 JCB “Hamkor Bank” 40 FEZ “Qoqand”
111 Organization of production of gypsum board and slate in “Yaypan Agro Invest” LLC december
6,5 mln sq.m.
2,0 thousand pieces
1,7 JCB “Universal Bank” 100 FEZ “Qoqand”
112 Organization of dyeing of cotton yarn and fabrics in   “Vodiy Ziyo tex” LLC december
1,5 thousand tonnes 3,0 JCB “Qishloq Qurilish Bank”” 80 FEZ “Qoqand”
113 Organization of production of yarn, towels and jerseys in “Global tekstil status” LLC 2017-2018 240 mln meter 9,0 JSB “Asaka Bank” 500 FEZ “Qoqand”
Khorezm Regional Government     10,2   180  
114 Organization of production of hosiery products 4-quarter 2017 0,5 mln pairs 1,1 JSB “Asaka Bank” 30 FEZ “Hazarasp”
115 Organization of production men’s and women’s shirts 4-quarter 2017 80 thousand pieces 0,3 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 20 FEZ “Hazarasp”
116 Organization of production of blocks from expanded polystyrene 4-quarter 2017 200 thousand pieces 3,4 JCB “Hamkor Bank” 40 FEZ “Hazarasp”
117 Production of spare parts for cars in “Marifjon Khazorasp service” LLC 4-quarter 2017 200 thousand pieces 0,3 JCB “Turon Bank” 20 FEZ “Hazarasp”
118 Organization of cement production in “Grand Crystal Group” LLC 2-quarter 2018 100 thousand tonnes 5,2 National Bank of Foreign Economic Activity 70 FEZ “Hazarasp”
*Final cost of the projects will be specified once the design and estimate documentation will be developed and approved

(Source: “Uzbekistan profile” – Information bulletin of Embassy of Uzbekistan in Belgium)


Investment advance of the country

Quarter of the century ago nobody could have imagined that Uzbekistan, its capital, regions, cities and districts would change beyond recognition, mud houses and dusty streets would disappear, there would be created modern industrial, inhabited and civil facilities, architecture of construction not only would be imbued with national and constructive color, but also would converge towards the European standards. The state independence the republic have gained and realization of own economic model the world community calls  “Uzbek model” have changed “image” of the country, have strengthened its power, have improved life of people. Over the years of independence population of the country has increased more than by 10 million people, life expectancy has grown from 68 to 75 years, maternal and child mortality has decreased more than 3 times.

The major factors which have provided this progress were, first of all, the purposeful long-term investment policy, Investment program of the country annually defined by the government, growth of investment activity of the enterprises and the population aimed in total at the economic growth and improvement of life quality.

Earlier, before independence the economy developed mainly due to the centralized state capital investments as in the country almost anything and everything were state owned property. Nowadays in the general structure of investments into economy the share of the enterprises, organizations and the population prevails over a share of the public budgetary funds allocated for the investment purposes. This demonstrates not only creation in the country of true democratic foundations of a social system and granting  the enterprises and another equated structures of wide economic freedom, but also the aspiration of the state to reduce really the level of its presence at economy.

Within the international investment cooperation a foreign capital inflow in economy which in early 90’s of last century was practically absent in the investment portfolio of the country occurs. Today over 20% of total amount of the mastered capital investments are foreign investments and credits, about 5 thousand enterprises carry out their production activity with participation of foreign investments.  At the same time investors are representatives of a business community, businessmen and financial institutions not of one or two-three states, but more than from 90 countries of the world. The “Uzbek” market became attractive to many investors.

Investments are considered as a resource artery of economy. As economic practice shows, almost all countries, even high-developed those need investments. For example, it turns out that the USA which carries out investment support to other countries, attracts foreign investments for their needs. So, if in 2012 USA have been attracted foreign direct investments worth $166 billion, and for the first half of the year 2013 this value made $84 billion, in 2015 this amount made $3,1 trillion that is 37% more than in 2010.

Uzbekistan which from the very first days of independence committed itself not only to liquidating old mud houses and dusty streets, but also raw, mainly cotton orientation of the economy, needed investments not less but more than the USA. For years of independence over $195 bln. of which about $70 bln. have made foreign investments have been invested in updating and modernization of branches, creation of new hi-tech productions. Such new branches as automotive industry, railway mechanical engineering, consumer electronics, oil and gas chemistry, oil and gas mechanical engineering, industry of modern construction materials, pharmaceutics, etc. began to function. Today the share of capital investments in GDP exceeds 23% that provides not only high rates of economic growth, but also self-sufficiency, and competitiveness of national economy.

High economic achievements are demonstrated by results of nine months of the last year during which within the Investment program of the country 100 large production projects with estimated cost totaling $3,7 bln.  have been implemented, the enterprises have mastered over 50 new types of industrial output, modern energy saving technologies are introduced in production. Besides, within territorial programs of social and economic development of regions the projects providing creation at the enterprises of new kinds of activity, reconstruction and expansion of the operating capacities, creation of new jobs have been realized.

In regions on a wide front housing construction is also being carried out. For the indicated period of last year over 12 thousand of individual houses under standard projects with personal plots were commissioned on new rural housing areas. The houses built by hands of domestic builders by the comfortableness and constructive planning solutions don’t concede, but in some cases even surpass the city analogs. That is regions aren’t what they were two decades ago,  they have stopped being especially agrarian ones. It is important to note that they have stopped being those, partly as a result of the transition of a certain part of industrial potential from the capital to regions. This not only has relieved the capital from the industry concentration which has been developed in Soviet period and the congestion called in science as distortions in placement of productive forces but also promoted elimination of these distortions and alignment on this basis of level of social and economic and technical development of regions.

At the end of December of last year the international conference dedicated to economic reforms and investment policy in Uzbekistan which was organized by Committee of the Senate  on international relations, foreign economic relations, foreign investment and tourism, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan and Chamber of Commerce and Industry took place in the capital. Heads and representatives of diplomatic circles of Hungary, Israel, Jordan, Italy, India, Slovakia, Belarus, France, Switzerland and other states accredited in our country have taken part in the conference. Main objective of the forum was informing foreign partners and international business community about efficiency of the reforms which were carried out in the republic and the changes following from the Decrees of the President Shavkat Mirziyoev issued in October-December, 2016. It is about such Decrees as “On additional measures on ensuring rapid development of entrepreneurship activities, all-round protection of private property and the qualitative improvement of the business climate” , “About additional measures on activization and expansion of activity of free economic zones”, “About additional measures for ensuring rapid development of tourist branch of Uzbekistan”. The measures provided in these documents create favorable climate for implementation of effective investment projects, activization of small business and private entrepreneurship which considerably become the important sphere of economy and  increase their turnover every year. These documents also include wide system of legal guarantees and privileges for investors, elimination of all barriers and obstacles in a way of development of business and entrepreneurship, strengthening partnership between the state and business, etc. All this opens the new horizons for business and investment at all levels of economy.

To promote development of hi-tech productions and support of implementation of innovative projects it is planned to expand positive experience of activity of the free industrial zones “Angren”, “Navoiy” and “Jizzakh”. Such zones, for example, are planned to be created in Urgut and Gizhduvan districts, and in Kokand city with granting tax, customs privileges and preference to their participants.  It will strengthen not only the investment and industrial and production potential of the regions, but also potential of the country which according to   foreign rating estimates enters the five of the countries with the most quickly developing economy in the world today. As legends testify, it turns out that our great ancestor Amir Timur was not so much proud  of victories in military battles, as  construction, process of creation of the human benefits. His following statements: “Should  you want to make sure of power of my country, come and look at the built buildings and constructions, palaces and bridges, monuments and gardens,  what clear water flows in the channels, cleanliness is observed everywhere” became history. It seems, our ancestor would be very happy, having seen today’s creative progress of our republic where everything is to satisfy human interests and for his benefit. Such country has the good present and, undoubtedly, the great future.

(Source: «Business» newspaper)

International cooperation

Uzbekistan and Netherlands signed a protocol to the convention for the avoidance of double taxation

In the Hague, there was conducted a ceremony of signing the Protocol amending the Convention between Uzbekistan and the Netherlands on the avoidance of double taxation and prevention of tax evasion on income and capital dated October 18, 2001.

At the meeting of the Uzbek delegation with the leadership of the Ministry of Finance of the Netherlands, the Dutch side stressed that our country is an important partner of the Kingdom in the region of Central Asia. This year – the 25th anniversary of the establishment between Uzbekistan and the Netherlands diplomatic relations which are always developed on the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation and mutual respect. The Netherlands attaches great importance on the cooperation with Uzbekistan in the framework of the European Union. Through cooperation with the EU the sides interact in a number of important areas, including in the economic sphere, issues on the rule of law, administration and education.

According to the results of the talks, there were expressed confidence that the signed protocol will improve the efficiency of the exchange of tax information and will contribute to further strengthening of mutually beneficial trade-economic and investment cooperation between the two countries.

The sides also reached an agreement on future maintenance and deepening of relations between the Ministry of Finance of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the State Tax Committee of Uzbekistan.

(Source: «Business» newspaper)


Uzbek melon, fruit and vegetable products arouse great interest among foreign customers for excellent taste and abundance of useful elements

According to foreign experts, the fruits, vegetables and melons grown in Uzbekistan are valuable for the concentration of sucrose, amino acids and organic acids, as well as essential trace components.

In Navoi region, for instance, special attention is paid also to the expansion of orchards and vineyards, increase the fruit, vegetable and melon production. Intensive gardens were laid on 232 hectares, and vineyards on 191 hectares in the region last year. The total area of intensive gardens reached 1,483 hectares, and vineyards – 4,162 hectares.

“Planting of quality seedlings instead of unproductive fodder, and selection of appropriate soil and climatic conditions for species have been producing good results in horticulture. Gardens of five farms on the area of 14 hectares were reconstructed last year. The old vineyards were replaced by the new ones on 116 hectares,” said the Expert of the Agriculture and Water Management Administration of Navoi region, Shavkat Bobomurodov.

Expansion of orchards and vineyards, increase of melon and vegetable plantings in inter-row spacing, as well as increase in the number of refrigerators and freezers is a focus of the current year. In 2017, it is planned to create 833 hectares of intensive gardens, and 670 hectares of vineyards. Outdated and unproductive fodder gardens have been already renovated on 519 hectares, and vineyards on 91 hectares. 12 promising projects will pave the way for the establishment of 2,100 tons cold storages. The construction of five mini-mills for rapid and high-quality processing of farmed products will help to procure additional 3,520 tons of products per year.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Feeling the Spirit of Great Composer

Continuing with the series ‘Abodes of outstanding figures’, the creative team of Uzbekistan Today is honored to introduce readers to the place where a great composer, musician and writer Yunus Rajabi lived and worked.

Not far from the Kosmonavtlar subway station in Tashkent, on the street bearing the name of the Honored Art Worker and People’s Artist of Uzbekistan Yunus Rajabi, a house is located where he lived and worked the last 20 years of his life. A monument to the singer-hafiz decorates the front of the House-Museum. In one hand the statue has a pen, indicating Rajabi as a writer and a man who collected and systematized more than thousand songs and melodies. Besides, he authored the five-volume Uzbek Folk Music and the six-volume Shashmaqom. And a nightingale sits on the second hand of the master embodying his glorious creations that the composer presented to the Uzbek people.

When entering the house one’s attention is drawn to the picture depicting the main landmarks of the four cities: Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. It is in these cities that the composer spent most of his life. He was born in Tashkent, lived and taught for a long time in Samarkand, and frequently visited Bukhara and Khiva for performances.

The author of the picture, as well as the beautiful stained glass windows represented in almost each of the seven rooms, is the academician and People’s Artist of Uzbekistan Alisher Mirzayev. They depict the main characters of the musical dramas ‘Farhod and Shirin’, ‘Layli and Majnun’ and others. To the centenary of the composer, Alisher Mirzayev also presented a picture depicting Yunus Rajabi surrounded by musical geniuses of the Uzbek people, teachers, musical instruments and… his works of 12 volumes.

The composer’s room is located on the right, which keeps all the things in the same place when he was alive. The bed stands in the corner of the room, and a round table in the center has his glasses, pencils, music paper, dutor… Looking at it, one feels the inspiration and the ease with which Yunus Rajabi got transformed the heard melodies in musical notation. The room also has an old telephone, radio, and gramophone. There are also awards and prizes of the composer and the ensemble, bearing his name, as well as of his children and grandchildren.

Next exposition room was the kitchen in lifetime of the musician, so it is possible to see a lot of household items: dishes, pots, kettles, irons and many other wares. Here is the rostrum, and next to it a three-meter folding pointer, which is waiting for the fair hand of a mentor. In addition, there is a model of the house where Yunus Rajabi was born welcomed as the 16th child. He spent in this house most of his life. By the way, the genius himself had 12 children. One of his sons followed the footsteps of his father. Hasan Rajabi is the People’s Artist of Uzbekistan and director of the Memorial House Museum. It is thanks to him that the Museum is filled with the atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

Without a doubt, the interest of visitors will be drawn to the collection of musical instruments, as Yunus Rajabi for many years collaborated with the master Usman Zufarov who created and modified such instruments as sator, tanbur and chang.

Places of honor in the house of the composer also were designed for pictures of his teachers: Khoja Abdulaziz Abdurasulov, Tuychi Hofiz Toshmuhamedov, Shorahim Shoumarov, the teacher Khalima Ibodova and other great artists of the early 20th century.  Yunus Rajabi himself had more than 300 students, who included Tamara Khanum, Khalima Nasirova, Kommuna Ismailova, Berta Davidova, Saodat Kabulova…

On the second floor of the museum visitors can enjoy the numerous awards Yunus Rajabi earned. There are more than 100 exhibits that can be viewed for hours, and the music that plays in every room boosts the spirit.

One can feel in the Museum the spirit of the wise, hard-working and talented composer and musician, touching the history of the huge descent of Rajabi, and enjoying his lyrical maqoms…

The creative team of Uzbekistan Today presents a column on memorial house museums of great personalities who lived in the capital of our country. Readers can not only feel the life of their favorite writers, artists and composers, but also learn about the interesting exhibits decorating those abodes.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)



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