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March 16, 2015


 digestmarch 8 – INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY.. 2

Islam Karimov congratulates women on the occasion of March 8. 2

President of Uzbekistan has awarded gifted girls the State Prize of Zulfiya. 4

elections OF THE PRESIDENT of the republic of uzbekistan.. 5

The meeting at the Central Election Commission. 5

science.. 5

Betting on Researchers. 5

sport.. 7

Uzbekistan Football Federation announced the names of the winners in 2014. 7



Islam Karimov congratulates women on the occasion of March 8

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov has sent congratulations to the women of the country on the occasion of March 8 – International Women’s Day and wished good luck, beauty and love, family warmth, well-being and affluence, peace and prosperity:

Dear mothers! Dear sisters and dear daughters!

In this long-awaited spring days when it’s a wonderful time of awakening and renewal of nature, it gives me great pleasure to sincerely congratulate you, my dear, and in your face all the women of Uzbekistan with a wonderful holiday of March 8

In our lives there are many bright holidays that we celebrate widely. And March 8 takes a special place among them, when hearts are filled with a sense of beauty and joy, charm and freshness of spring. Even if we did not have such a wonderful holiday, I think it had to be established.

After all, this holiday gives us another opportunity to say in your honor most sincere, most sublime words to express to you our high respect, feelings of love and devotion, dear women, who are truly incomparable creations of God.

We all know how much heartfelt words are said by our thinkers and poets about the woman, her beauty and tenderness, that it is a symbol of kindness and selflessness, homemaker.

Above all, we are reminded wise saying of our great ancestor Alisher Navoi “Paradise is at the feet of mothers” and with a sense of indebted bow before the sacred image of the mother.

With the onset of the holiday of March 8, in every family, in every home we try to say the most beautiful, heart-felt words about our dear women, as if we become poets, and believe, that such feelings inspire us always. Of course, to be a poet is not given to everyone, but on behalf of all the men of our country, I want to express you, my dear, great respect and appreciation and sincerely wish all your dreams to come true, noble aspirations and hopes be realized.

Now, turning to you, I would like to note that our people always treat their mothers, sisters, life partners with a special love and esteem. But it was in the years of independence, when such reverent attitude towards women, an understanding of how they are dear and are close to us, comprehensive attention and care about them abound in new, more profound meaning.

If we talk about the origins of this phenomenon, it should be emphasized that in recent years has changed dramatically and our relationship to the family, the woman, to life in general is constantly enhanced.

It is known that the level of democratic, cultural and spiritual development of any country is largely determined by the attitude of the state and society to women, their rights and protection of their vital interests.

The nation who appreciates and takes care of women comprehensively, takes care of the creation of decent conditions for them and thus exhibits a high level of culture and spirituality, their immutable values, certainly deserves great respect.

It is therefore quite natural that we pay so much attention to the education of our children, the younger generation in this spirit – in the spirit of national and universal values. When it comes to this, it should be noted that today we open many truths again. In our minds the idea that if a woman’s life is beautiful, then a world is wonderful, if a woman is happy, then the family, the whole of society is happy becomes stronger and becomes a life philosophy.

Of course, we appreciate that our women have always been the most reliable support in the preservation of families, mahallas, atmosphere of peace across the country, harmony, and mutual respect, and today because of theirs unique qualities they fill the lives of their families, our lives with light, goodness, and love.

Dear friends!

All of you are well aware that on the path of democratic renewal, building of free and prosperous life in our country, we do a great job to enhance the role and status of women in society and ensure their rights and legal interests, exercise their abilities and potential, in a word, making of our women equal, creative and active members of society.

Speaking about it, I consider as appropriate to review briefly the carried out by us in the past year work on the implementation of the State program “Year of a healthy child.” It should be noted, that along with other important activities, there was conducted a medical examination of over 13.6 million women and children, as a result2.8 million women and 2.5 million children became healthier.

Another practical concern for our women was the assignment of for young families to purchase, construct and reconstruct housing, purchase durable goods almost 215 billion soums of preferential mortgage loans and 57 billion soums interest-free loans, as well as free issue of sportswear sets of 6 billion soums to young athletes (currency rates of CB RU from 9.03.2015   1$= 2466.86 soums).

In short, only for the realization of the “Year of a healthy child” from all sources of funding there were directed 4 trillion 795 billion soums and more than 260 million US dollars, which certainly shows how enormous scale and scope of services of our work was.

Today, the growing level of political and legal culture, social activism of women in our country can be observed at all levels of state and public administration, the judicial system, in the activities of non-governmental organizations, social structures, in all areas and sectors of our society as a whole.

When it comes to this, it is necessary to emphasize that 17 percent of the members of the Senate and 16 percent of the deputies of the Legislative Chamber were women, hundreds of women are active in regional, city and district councils of deputies.

Currently, women with their knowledge and experience, professionalism and skill have leading positions in many areas. The development of these key areas and industries which become increasingly important in our lives as farmers’ movement, small business and private entrepreneurship, modern industry based on high technology, science, medicine, education and training, culture and art, and other are hard to imagine without the participation of women.

In this regard, I would like to recall a truth which again and again confirms the life itself.

Only a healthy mother give a birth to a healthy baby. Only spiritually rich with knowledge and high intellectual potential mothers can raise harmoniously developed children.

Deeply aware of this, we  are carefully designed and consistently implementing aimed at long-term national programs to improve the health of women in our country, protection of family, motherhood and childhood, develop physically healthy and spiritually mature younger generation, and it gives great results today, which gives all of us a sense of pride.

Of course, a lot can be said about this,  many examples can be cited, but I want to draw your attention to just a few figures.

Over the past three years our students of secondary schools, academic lyceums and professional colleges, university students were awarded 110 medals at prestigious international Olympiads, 44 of which won the girls.

With great joy it should be noted that at the international contests in the field of art and music, held in major cultural centers of the world such as Paris, Rome, Berlin, Tokyo, Moscow, Prague, Cairo, Seoul, New Delhi, more than 530 young representatives of Uzbekistan were winners, among them about 240 girls.

Over the same period, more than 1850 of our talented young athletes have won in various international competitions, and we are pleased that about 620 of them – girls.

Undoubtedly, a huge recognition and thanks are due to your, dear women, great achievements in education, that is our support and hope for children, including girls, who become healthy and harmoniously developed, independently thinking individuals, master modern knowledge and professions, able to compete on an equal footing in all spheres with their counterparts from developed countries in the fence of our youth from negative ideas and influences.

In these wonderful holidays throughout the country is widely celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of the national poet of Uzbekistan Zulfiya, who is another practical embodiment shown by our state, society boundless respect and reverence for the woman and gives even greater significance, beauty and charm of this holiday.

Dear women, dear sisters and daughters!

Once again, I heartily congratulate all of you on a wonderful spring holiday of March 8!

Let  the fortune, beauty and love never leave you!

Let your homes will always be filled with family warmth, well-being and prosperity, peace and prosperity!

Be healthy and happy, our dear women!


President of Uzbekistan has awarded gifted girls the State Prize of Zulfiya

On March 3, 2015, President of Uzbekistan signed a decree “On awarding the State Prize of Zulfiya”.

The document was adopted in order to provide a decent respect for the women of our country, to increase their role and status in society, education of harmoniously developed generation of girls, promoting talented youth.

The resolution notes that the State Prize of Zulfiya awarded gifted girls the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regions and Tashkent city for excellent behavior, unique talent, gumption, initiative, academic achievements, and outstanding achievements in the field of literature, culture, art, education and sports.

Laureate of the State Prize of Zulfiya will be awarded diplomas and badges, as well as gratuity equals to 50 times the minimum wage. The award ceremony will be held at the celebrations dedicated to March 8 – International Women’s Day.

List of awarded the State Prize of Zulfiya:

  • Bazarbaeva Shahzad Alliyar kizi – the 2nd year student of Academic lyceum under Karakalpak State University;
  • Abdullayev Guzal Adhamzhon kizi – the 2nd year student of Academic lyceum №2 under Andijan State University;
  • Ismatova Sitorabonu Farhad kizi – the student of 9th class of Specialized secondary school №39 of Bukhara;
  • Shavkatova Laziz Sherzod kizi – the 2nd year student of Academic lyceum “Sayilzhoy” in Jizzakh State Pedagogical Institute;
  • Rakhmonov Guzal Bahriddin kizi – the 3rd year student of Chirakchin sports-pedagogical college of Kashkadarya region;
  • Zhumanova Herod Shokirjon kizi – the 2nd year student of Uchkuduk mountain college of Navoi region;
  • Khodjaeva Kumushhon Saidullo kizi – the 2nd year student of Namangan College of Olympic Reserve;
  • Irgasheva Rukhshona Zokirzhonovna – the 2nd year student of Samarkand pedagogical college;
  • Yusufov Madina Olimbek kizi – the 3rd year student of Yangier Academic lyceum under Gulistan State University;
  • Sayfiddinova Manzura Ikromiddin kizi – the 2nd year student of Sariasi Academic lyceum under Termez State University;
  • Umid Abdullaev Alisher kizi – the 3rd year Chirchik student of College of Olympic Reserve of Tashkent region;
  • Saidhuzhaeva Sarvinozhon Sobirhuzha kizi – the 3rd year student of Fergana College of Olympic Reserve;
  • Rakhimova Shirin Bahram kizi – the student of 8th grade secondary school №5 in Gurlen district of Khorezm region;
  • Maratova Charoskhon Ulugbek kizi – the student of the 8th grade of secondary school №260 in Yunusobod district of Tashkent.


elections OF THE PRESIDENT of the republic of uzbekistan

The meeting at the Central Election Commission

The Central Election Commission held a meeting with representatives of the OSCE ODIHR Election Observation Mission, headed by Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Cayetana de Zulueta.

Greeting the guests Chairman of the CEC M.Abdusalomov underline that cooperation between the Central Election Commission and the OSCE ODIHR is successfully developing and giving positive results. It was noted that in the Final Report of OSCE ODIHR Election Observation Mission, published on February 24 on the website of the OSCE, it was given the conclusion that the parliamentary elections of 2014 in Uzbekistan were organized competently, CEC took active measures to increase transparency of its work and inform the public about the election. It also emphasizes that amendments have been made to the electoral legislation of Uzbekistan by taking into account some recommendations of the OSCE ODIHR, which include more detailed rules on election campaigning and voting procedures.

Cayetana de Zulueta informs that at present time long-term observers of the OSCE ODIHR operate in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, the city of Tashkent, Samarkand, Fergana and Bukhara and other regions of the country, members of mission meet with representatives of political parties, candidates for President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, members of district and precinct election commissions for elections of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as with heads of ministries and departments.

The members of OSCE ODIHR Observers Mission were acquainted with the activities of the Central Election Commission in the framework of realization of the Programme of main measures on preparing and conducting of Elections of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan scheduled for 29 March this year.

(Source: Republican Press Center on Covering the Election of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan)


Betting on Researchers

As many as 971 themes have been approved to become subject of research into applied and innovative projects for 2015-2018.

Such are the results of the session of the Committee for Coordination of Science and Technology Development held earlier this week.

Uzbekistan is banking on the acquisition of ready technologies from foreign developers as well as on proposals from domestic specialists. Over the past few years alone, local pharmaceutical companies have set up production of 30 types of drugs developed by the Institute of Chemistry of Vegetative Substances, the Uzbek Physics and Chemistry Institute, the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, the Research Institute for Hematology and Blood Transfusion and a number of other research organizations. Chemical industry enterprises have launched production of several types of mineral fertilizers from local raw materials worked out by the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry. The developments by ‘Fan va Taraqqiyot’ state unitary enterprise under  Tashkent State Technical  University are being introduced at Navoi and Almalyk mining and metallurgical mills and other enterprises across Uzbekistan.

Around 400 developments secured under innovative and applied projects completed last year will go on display at the eighth National Fair of Innovative Ideas, Technologies and Projects scheduled for April this year and its regional stages that will follow the main event. Visitors to the Fair will have the opportunity even to purchase results of the efforts.

The implementation of the new Scientific and Technical Program defining relevant scientific tasks that must be resolved by domestic scientists in the next two-three years is also expected to contribute to further advancement. It is based on the primary needs of the mining, oil and gas, chemical, cotton refining and light industries and metallurgy, construction and transportation, energy generation, broad application of resource-efficient technologies, as well as new materials. A lot of attention goes to the creation of new varieties of agricultural crops, ways of protecting plants and animals, models of agricultural and processing equipment and the need to increase soil fertility. Issues in healthcare, pharmacology, medical equipment construction, information technologies, science and education have been the center of attention.

785 new applied research projects are targeted at helping implement the program. Under these projects, various and sundry technologies and developments will be brought to the point of readiness for introduction within the next three years.

Another 186 subjects have gone into innovative projects that are expected to provide specific outcomes in the introduction of scientific developments’ results in two years’ time. These projects will be funded by government-provided grants as well as funds made available by parties interested in a particular development.

These projects were picked out of 3700 entries submitted by scientists.

Odilhuja Parpiyev, head of the executive body of the Coordinating Committee for Development of Science and Technology, told an Uzbekistan Today correspondent about trends in the competition-based selection of projects for state funding:

“We have seen an increase in the number of innovative projects, which are a logical extension of earlier research work conducted as part of governmental applied research grants. This year the number of projects has totaled 80% of the total number of innovative projects, which is significantly higher than last year’s indices.

This year, special preference was given to complex projects, i.e. projects that involve several research and higher education institutions in running them. This sort of projects is more likely to be introduced. This year, this type of projects is aimed at meeting the demands of the oil-and-gas, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile, and cotton processing industries. All this promises that in the not-too-distant future we will have competitive projects ready to be incorporated.

Among entities charged with running grant-based projects are teams of new research organizations – International Institute of Solar Power and the Research-Experimental Center for High Technologies.

Thus, a series of new promising initiatives calling for creative approach has been launched.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Uzbekistan Football Federation announced the names of the winners in 2014

The event devoted to the results of 2014 held on March 6 in the boardroom of the Football Federation of Uzbekistan. Names of winners in 12 different categories were announced during the event.

At the beginning of the conference, the President of the Football Federation of Uzbekistan Mirabror Usmanov made an opening speech.

“In the past few years, Uzbekistan Football Federation did a great job in the development of football. We have prepared a number of progress reports and by surveying them, it can be confirmed, that we are moving in the right direction. Now we are in a position which allows us to demand results from our national teams, “- said Mirabror Usmanov at the beginning of his speech.

“For several years we have built 12 new and modern stadiums throughout the country. The same number of football academies was opened under Major League clubs. Soon a new stadium will open  in Fergana. Well, the most important thing for us is that we were able to promote football in the country. Now, you can find a mini-football field, which is always full of football fans in every corner of Uzbekistan. Educate healthy and strong generation is a priority for the country’s leadership and the Federation. Medical Center “Football Honey” has worked under the Football Federation for several years, but this year it will be closed. You know that the Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan will be opened in March. So, inside of this building will be located a huge and the most modern medical center, where will work the most qualified specialists not only from Uzbekistan but also from Asian and European countries. All our athletes will undergo a medical examination in this center, “- said the president of FFU.

“Until 2006, only once Uzbekistan was presented at the World Youth Championship. And in recent years, our youth and youth teams regularly perform in the finals of the World Championships.

We even became champions of Asia for the first time in the age group up to 16 years. Our referee – Ravshan Irmatov five times was considered the best on the continent. Rauf could Inileev awarded the title of best coach Asia and Server Djeparov twice won the prize of the best player of Asia.

All these achievements have not gone unnoticed AFC and FIFA. As a result, Football Federation has repeatedly been honored with various awards from such organizations “- Usmanov continued.

“Unfortunately, I have to affect and negative questions. Today, most countries suffer from match-fixing.

And Uzbekistan is no exception. We know that in the major and minor league meet contractual matches. And I have all the evidence. Henceforth, we will strictly punish all participants of match-fixing. Everyone who is involved in them will receive the most severe punishment and will be suspended from football for life “- Mirabror Usmanov said.

At the end of the speech of Usmanov, Uzbekistan Football Federation awarded with the breast signs for contribution to the development of football in Uzbekistan:

  • Fazliddin Sradjiddinov – President of the Association of mini-football in Uzbekistan;
  • Jahangir Usmanov – Vice-President of the Association of Uzbekistan Futsal;
  • Miroman Kim – head coach of FC “Andijanka”;
  • Gali Imams – veteran football;
  • Khabibulla Abdualiyev – veteran football.

Uzbekistan Football Federation awarded thankful letter and chairman of football veterans Nariman Djalalov.

Next, the winners were announced in 12 categories:

  • Prize FAIRPLAY- FC “Almalyk”;
  • Best Children’s Coach of the Year – Timur Alimhodjaev – head coach of the youth national team U-16;
  • Best Young Footballer of the Year – Islom Kenjaboev – FC “Nasaf”;
  • Best futsal player of the year – Artur Yunusov “Locomotive”;
  • Best referee – Ravshan Irmatov;
  • Best linesman of the year – Abduhamidullo Rasulov;
  • Scorer of the championship of Uzbekistan – Artur Gevorgyan – FC “Nasaf”;
  • The best coach of the championship of Uzbekistan – Samvel Babayan – FC “Pakhtakor”;
  • The best football player of the championship of Uzbekistan – Jamshid Iskander – FC “Pakhtakor”;
  • Best Footballer of the Year (women) – Zebo Juraeva – FC “Sevinch”;
  • Best Coach of the Year – Samvel Babayan – FC “Pakhtakor”;
  • Best Footballer of the Year – Odil Akhmedov – FC “Krasnodar” (Russia).




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