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March 10, 2016


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Volume of transactions at UZEX reaches 913.8 billion soums in February. 1

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Creating Dynamic Media Space. 1

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Tomiris 2.0: Upgraded Classics Back on Stage. 4





Volume of transactions at UZEX reaches 913.8 billion soums in February

The volume of sales of goods on the trading platform of Uzbek Republican Commodity Exchange (UZEX) amounted to 913.8 billion soums in February (currency rates of CB RU from 10.03.2016, 1$= 2861.68 soums), which almost by 40% exceeds a similar indicator of February 2015. The volume of stock trading rose by 41%, fair trading 39%, public procurement – 17% and corporate purchases – 23%.

The trading participants demonstrated the greatest activity in the past month. The volume of exchange trading in comparison with the previous year increased from 507.3 billion soums to 717.8 billion soums. The combined share of sales leaders – construction materials and food products declined from 51% to 43% due to the growth of sales and the shares of other commodity segments. In particular, against the background of growth of sales of feed for livestock, their market share increased from 8% to 12%. In addition, sales volume of polyethylene pellets increased by 75%, which contributed to the growth of their proportion to 11%. The proportion of polyethylene sold on currency trading platform reached 80%, non-ferrous metals – 20%. The total amount of export sales exceeded $5.0 million.

Along with this, growth can be observed in trading volumes with the participation of small business and private entrepreneurship entities. In particular, they purchased raw materials worth 460.2 billion soums. They also sold their own production at 204.5 billion soums, or 27% more than last year.

Not less high rates of increase were also recorded in the system of fair trades, the volume of which increased by 39% and amounted to 128.9 billion soums. The share of small business in total volume of fair deals reached 86%. Hereby, the largest transactions were concluded for the sale of products of the chemical industry, whose share reached 25% and construction materials – 12%.

The amount of transactions concluded on public procurement (“D-xarid”) compared to the previous year increased by 4.6 billion soums and amounted to 31.3 billion soums, with budget savings exceeding 7.6 billion soums. The share of small businesses in supply of goods under government procurement amounted to 98% of the number of successful trades and 97% of their volume. During the reporting period, the “electronic catalog” on public procurement saw deals signed worth 2.5 billion soums.

A similar picture can be observed in the system of corporate procurement (“E-xarid”), the volume of which increased from 27.1 billion soums to 33.4 billion soums. The share of small businesses in the delivery of corporate purchases amounted to 97% of the successful trades and 94% of their volume. In the course of the auction, each request in the average received 17 counter-offers, indicating increasing competition between suppliers.



Creating Dynamic Media Space

The media of Uzbekistan is constantly evolving and improving. As in other areas, deep and incremental reforms have been carried put in this area. The Concept of further deepening democratic reforms and formation of civil society in the country, according to which the most important instruments in this field are being developed and adopted, has become the action program that identified the priorities in this area. Thanks to the concept, the expert community is finding new opportunities to improve the media sphere.

A major role in the development of non-governmental electronic media in our country is played by the National Association of Electronic Mass Media of Uzbekistan created 12 years ago. More than 80 non-governmental television and radio stations and cable television studios are its members today. From the first years of its existence, NAEMM solves the problem of the active participation of its members in the successful promotion of reform and modernization of the country, building a strong civil society, as well as the development of a civilized, competitive and dynamic media market in the country.

The Association provides logistical and legal support to non-governmental television and radio broadcasters of Uzbekistan.

It has established long-term contacts with international partners, in order to increase their participation in media projects, educational programs, and the assistance in the organization of training seminars for journalists. It has also attracted reputable foreign experts to improve the professional level of local journalists and to improve quality of local media content.

One of the main objectives of the association is to ensure the economic independence of its members to enhance the dynamics indicators of the media sphere. Taking an active part in the processes of reforming the domestic media, it, at the same time, carries out various activities aimed at increasing the social activity of civil society institutions. In particular, the representatives of non-governmental electronic media take part in the development of regulatory and legal documents relating to the activities of the media.

It was noted at the conference of the members of NAEMM, held in Tashkent, which was attended by heads and representatives of non-governmental television, radio broadcasters and cable television studios.

The results of work in 2015 have been critically reviewed. A big amount of work has been completed. The association implemented joint projects with national and international partners, conducted interesting events that caused great resonance of the domestic and international public.

Participants discussed the program of NAEMM activities planned for this year in the form of dialogue and watched the presentation of 22 large-scale projects to be implemented this year.

Of particular interest were the projects dedicated to the 25th anniversary of independence of our country. For example, in mid-August, it is planned to hold the media-days in Samarkand, during which the traditional festival ‘Ozod Yurt Tulqinlari’ and the international seminar on ‘Strengthening the role of non-governmental electronic media in the process of democratization and modernization of the country: the experience of Uzbekistan’ will also be conducted. In the course of these events the international community will be familiarized with the development of the domestic non-governmental electronic media, an exchange of experience between national and international experts will be completed, and recommendations for further improvement of the independent electronic media in Uzbekistan will be developed.

A unique project, in which the association plans to create a series of creative products, movies, videos, reports about the identity of Uzbekistan, its rich cultural and historical heritage and modern appearance of the eyes of foreign creative groups, will be dedicated to the anniversary of the Independence. This product will cover the whole republic, its modern architectural structure along with historical monuments and nature.

This project will help establish fruitful creative relationships with world-famous foreign media companies and journalists for the purpose of getting acquainted with the historical identity and the modern face of the country, and establish cooperation in the field of production and exchange of quality media content.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of Uzbekistan’s independence, a large-scale television song contest ‘Mening yurtim – Mening fahrim’ (My Country – My Pride) will be held. Its final chords will sound on the eve of Independence Day.

NAEMM will support non-governmental broadcasters by funding media projects to highlight the tasks defined in the State program ‘Year of a healthy mother and child’. Special TV and radio programs aimed at revealing the essence of the family protection measures, in addition to the protection of women’s interests and enhancing their role in the upbringing of a healthy baby in Uzbekistan will be prepared and will be released on the air. An important place will be given to programs and shows that public control over the timely and quality fulfillment of the above-mentioned state program. Through these projects, the public at large, including those abroad, will be informed on the implementation of objectives of the Year of healthy mother and child.

At the conference it was noted that the quality of media content in the region leaves much to be desired. Therefore, the association intends to provide assistance to regional television stations for rapid and reliable delivery of information on events taking place in the capital of our country, its regions and the world, systematic coverage of activities undertaken by public authorities and local governance, preparation of TV programs in the fields of politics, economy and others.

This goal is planned to be achieved through the organization of the NAEMM Information Centre and the creation of 13 correspondent offices in the regions, and preparation of information and analytical, youth-oriented news transmission -‘Uzbekistan online’, as well as through partnerships with foreign media and news agencies. It is planned to prepare 3960 ‘Uzbekistan online’ information programs, which will deploy 7920 pieces of news media products for economic, social, political, cultural, sports and other topics.

This year, the association will assist non-governmental television stations and cable television studios in the implementation of activities under the State Program on the technical and technological transition to digital broadcasting in Uzbekistan. They will be upgraded non-governmental TV stations and Cable TVS that are current NAEMM members by use of a single digital TV signal.

The media project of NAEMM to strengthen the role of regional television and radio stations in a constructive dialogue between the state and society is becoming highly important. In its framework it is planned to create mobile open discussion platform that will allow the participation of leading national and international experts, and professionals who have high regard for fate of the development of the information sphere and are ready to do all in their power for the benefit of further development. This platform will allow the expression of views and sentiments by people, ensuring the pluralism of opinions.

The production of socially significant media products will continue, as this successful project was launched in March, 2014. Social TV and radio spots aimed at the formation of a healthy lifestyle among the youth, fighting against addictions, meaningful leisure promotion, sports development, have all become very popular among the domestic audience. In 2016 it is planned to prepare 275 public service announcements that will air on non-governmental TV stations and cable television studios, more than 170 thousand times, and on the radio – more than 100 thousand times.. Also, 50 spots will be created at the coverage of the State program ‘Year of a healthy mother and child’ with the organization of their broadcast not less than 5 thousand times.

The creative plans of NAEMM have not forgotten about the youngest viewers. For them, it is planned to air shows such us ‘5 by 5’, ‘Erkatoylar’, ‘Chacka-chum’, holding children’s tele-marathons, and social events for children, dedicated to calendar dates. All of this will be done through the organization of children’s studios. This important work will be carried out jointly with the UNICEF office in Uzbekistan.

Speakers stressed that in the age of globalization, it is necessary to constantly improve the level of professional qualifications. It is important to constantly strive towards knowledge, search for new ideas, be determined to go forward, to set specific targets, by drawing on the experience of countries that have achieved a lot in the information sphere. These goals are pursued by the educational project of NAEMM, aimed at systematic improvement of professional skills of young journalists and other non-govermental media, the development of advanced information and communication technology, the world of journalism achievements through a variety of educational activities, organization media-camps, and webinars with experts and international trainers. This year it is planned to conduct more than 40 seminars and workshops with the involvement of reputable foreign experts.

Some of them have already been held in February this year. In particular, NAEMM held a master class led by Russian coach Andrei Zybkin on the topic of ‘Strengthening the economic independence of non-governmental television and radio channels in Uzbekistan’. There were also training seminars led by Christian Wenzel, which considered innovative methods of creating engaging media products for youth and under the guidance of German coach Rene Falkner on ‘Key aspects of preparation of youth-oriented media products based on international standards’.

In discussing financial issues, it was stressed that 90% of the funding for media projects NAEMM recovers through the sale of its media products. The solid support is also provided by the Parliamentary Commission on Public Fund Management of funds under the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

“The NAEMM conference was very lively and interesting, as many current issues and problems have been thoroughly discussed,” noted the director of the TV station ‘Jizah TV’, Bahtiyor Eshankulov. “It is important that the members of the association have identified clear support mechanisms in the logistical and educational directions. For example, the transition to digital broadcasting will help us to modernize the studios’ technical basis based on the new requirements.”

(Source: NA «Uzbekistan Today»)


Tomiris 2.0: Upgraded Classics Back on Stage

Once the building of Alisher Navoi Opera and Ballet Theater underwent recommendation, the artistic team was afforded an opportunity to realize a dream longed for ages, that is, to restore the richest repertoire to the fullest extent possible. To this end, an updated version of the play Tomiris staged by Ulugbek Musaev premiered last week.

For the first time the ballet was staged at the Grand Theater by the People’s Artist Ibragim Yusupov back in 1984.

“He was my teacher. He put his entire soul into this performance, so I decided to restore Tomiris with great pleasure,” says the choreographer, Honored Artist of Uzbekistan, People’s Artist of Karakalpakstan Zamir Nurymbetov. “By cutting some scenes, I have made the ballet a two-act play, but preserved the whole choreography. It has become more dynamic and easy.”

The action of the ballet takes viewers to the 6th century BC, when the Sak tribes, who lived in the Aral Sea region, fought for their freedom with the Achaemenid king Cyrus dubbed “the king of kings”. The decisive role in the battle was played by Tomiris, wife of the deceased leader, proclaimed by her people as the sovereign. In the production she appears not only as a brave warrior, but also as a gentle, loving mother, a wise queen of the Saks. To the role of the sophisticated and at the same time courageous Tomiris were approved the Honored Artists Nozima Hasanova and Amina Babajanova.

“We have prepared two groups of dancers. Therefore, coming to the same play a few times, the audience will encounter different settings, but of course not in content, but in the expression and emotional intensity of the play,” Zamir Nurymbetov says.

Decorative scenery and costumes have undergone drastic transformation. The first chords of music dramatically saturated by Ulugbek Musaev and a special curtain with the image of Tomiris’s face in the center triggered great applause. And that was only the start. Stylized costumes as well as the outlook in some scenes granted the play a new look. The string of events, including the betrayal of Frad, a prosperous Sak, the Queen Tomiris’s refusal to take on the crown of Cyrus, instead opting for the freedom of her people, the wedding of her son Spargapa and his beloved Rayyada, fierce battles with Persian troops, Tomiris’s despair after her son’s death and the long-awaited victory over the “king of kings” hold the audience in suspense throughout the entire performance.

(Source: NA «Uzbekistan Today»)


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