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March 22, 2017



free industrial economic zone Angren.. 1

Turkish company to build metalware plant in Uzbekistan. 1


Anew technology service to connect entrepreneurs and owners of outlets to virtual point of sale terminals, which process plastic card payments through smartphones has been launched in Uzbekistan. 1

International cooperation.. 1

Director of OSCE ODIHR to visit Uzbekistan. 1

Society.. 2

Tashkent hosts tripartite commission meeting. 2

Art.. 2

Shahzoda Matchanova: I Wish to Try out Something New.. 2








free industrial economic zone Angren

Turkish company to build metalware plant in Uzbekistan

A new plant for the production of metalware for industrial use is planned for construction on the territory of the Free Economic Zone Angren. Memorandum on the project was signed in the framework of the Uzbek-Turkish business forum between management of the FEZ Angren and Director of DAL Teknik Makina Sanayi Ve Tigaret AnonimSirketi Mr. Gaudet Gave, in Istanbul, Turkey.

According to preliminary data, the total investment will be about $10mn.

A 6.0 ha land plot for this has already been determined within the FEZ Angren. The project initiator is currently preparing a package of documents for submission to the members of the Administrative Council of FEZ.

The project is scheduled for completion by the end of this year, which will significantly reduce the import of finished metalware for industrial purposes and create about 100 new jobs in the region.



Anew technology service to connect entrepreneurs and owners of outlets to virtual point of sale terminals, which process plastic card payments through smartphones has been launched in Uzbekistan

The innovation implies that Click Company opens a virtual settlement machine for each retail outlet. Customers of such outlets can pay directly from their mobile phone with immediate report on this operation in the seller and notification by SMS. Payment does not require access to the Internet and can be conducted even in the absence of power.

“The launch of Indoor payments is a new service for with several advantages: such payments are faster than traditional ones, customers do not need to give their PINs to third-party, and make payments feasible even in the absence the plastic card,” said Click CEO Ulugbek Rustamov.

For the convenience of customers and owners of outlets, each operation can be carried out in several ways, most convenient for each side. For example, it can be enabled by a short USSD-command, or a special mobile application.

To ensure better promptness when it comes to payments for goods and services, each outlet is provided with a QR code, which can be read from smartphone with any appropriate application. To connect this service, entrepreneurs need to contact their servicing bank, or any other bank, which is covered by the Click system. Upon registration, the bank would give entrepreneurs and outlet owners a unique code for accepting payments, and a QR code sticker.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

International cooperation

Director of OSCE ODIHR to visit Uzbekistan

On March 16, 2017, a delegation of the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, headed by the director Michael Georg Link, will arrive in Tashkent.

The program of the visit includes meetings and negotiations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Central Election Commission, and the National Human Rights Center of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

(Source: Press Service of the MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan)


Tashkent hosts tripartite commission meeting

The Cabinet of Ministers, the Trade Union Federation Council and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Uzbekistan convened in Tashkent for a session of the tripartite commission for the implementation of the General Agreement for Socio-Economic Issues.

The meeting reviewed the implementation of the General Agreement 2014-2016 and outlined the tasks for a new three-year agreement, the Trade Union Federation said.

Participants said the government’s social policy helped implement the agreement, by ratifying ILO Convention C087 (Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organise) and amending the Law ‘On Trade Unions, Their Rights and Activity Guarantees’ and the Law ‘On Labour Protection.’

State employees saw their wages rise by 15%, as population real income upped 11%. 726 thousand people have been employed, 438,5 thousand of which are college graduates.

College student employment is now monitored, and labour and safety protection have been stepped up.

Trade unions now have the right to attend meetings of medical expert commissions and occupation disease examination commissions.

The General Agreement boosted employment relations across the economy, with 95 sectoral, 14 territorial, and 122 thousand collective agreements at various businesses and organisations.

These agreements offered 165b soums (currency rates of CB RU from 16.03.2017, 1$= 3500.01  soums) in financial help to families, women, labour veterans and young people.

Trade union sanatoriums treated 427 women employees, 412 health workers, and 209 members of young families.

The meeting set out member obligations and outlined the plans for 2017:

assist the Action Strategy 2017-2021 Programme, under the Presidential Decree;

improve population feedback by setting up new call centres, helplines, and virtual reception;

strengthen state and public control over wage payment and employers’ obligations;

set up new examination commissions and specialists for work safety and occupational hazards;

tighten control over employers’ insurance and free health inspection obligations;

follow the ILO conventions.



Shahzoda Matchanova: I Wish to Try out Something New

Fans of cinematography remember well the days when practically no premiere was able to do without the actress Shahzoda Matchanova. However, in the last two years films with her participation has become far fewer. The actress herself willed to give explanation of the situation in the exclusive interview of Uzbekistan Today.

Shahzoda, why do we have fewer films with your participation lately?

“Since recent time, I began to refuse play characters I had already played. I do not want to play anymore ladies from rich family suffering of unrequited love. Today, when I read the script of the film in which they propose me to shoot, and I see a similarity to the fate or character of the heroines I have already played, then I ask the director to excuse my refusal. This is the nature of a creative person, I want to create new characters, try something new.”

And what heroines have you played in your last shootings?

“Yesterday I played a seductress, who breaks down the life of a man. In parallel, I am involved in another film where my heroine is a girl who cannot marry for a long time and her relatives try to help her with this.”

Is there any motion picture in your creative biography that disappointed you after it was screened?

“Of course, there is, but I do not want to talk about it, so as not to offend anyone. Besides, it is my fault as well that it happened that way. But I have more works that I like.”

Are there any roles that you would like to play, but they are not yet being offered?

“Of course, there are such roles. I would really like to play historical characters in a full-length feature film. This dream has recently turned on the heat, when I took part in the shooting of a short film for the Karakalpak television. This was a production on the famous Karakalpak epic ‘Kyrk Kyz’ (“Forty girls”) about how women stood up for the defense of their native land, when strong men were no longer left because of prolonged wars. I played the main role, the leader named Guloyim.”

They say that actors get used to the role so deeply that after shooting they cannot to get out of the character for long…

“It was the case at first. I did not sleep at night as I worried about my heroines. But then one of my colleagues told me that the actor’s professionalism lies in the fact that immediately after the shooting he/she forgets about the role and lives his/her life. Today I do that way.”

Do you go to the movies and theaters, or you have enough dramaturgy at work?

“In my spare time I live a full life. I definitely go to the cinema, theaters, go to gyms, do yoga, and read books. It’s all interesting to me. At the same time in the auditorium I am the most ordinary person who experiences, rejoices, grieves. Although after the screening or performance I think about what I have seen and reflect from a professional point of view.

However, when I read literary works, I always imagine how I would film this. Now, for example, I re-read with great pleasure the novel by Erich Maria Remarque ‘Arch of Triumph.’

Do you have directing experience?

“No, but I think that in the future, I hope, I will succeed in becoming one, I strive for it. In my role as an actress I also want to reach a new level, international, work with foreign colleagues.”

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)



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