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March 22, 2016


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Speech of President Islam Karimov at the Grand Celebrations Dedicated to the Navruz Holiday  1


Signing of Memorandum with Nepal on the dialogue partner status. 3

SCO: Mutual Relations Based on Trust 3


Uzbek Students Win Top Awards in Math Contest 4

Exhibiton.. 4

Uzbekistan: The first stage of the Tenth International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange (IIFCE) is set to kick off. 4




Speech of President Islam Karimov at the Grand Celebrations Dedicated to the Navruz Holiday

Assalamu alaykum, dear compatriots!

Distinguished guests!

These days, when the nature awakens, flowers blossom and the entire surrounding is attired in green, I am greatly happy from the bottom of my heart to congratulate you, my dear fellow countrymen, and in your person, our whole nation on arrival in our country of the holiday of Navruz – the season of rejuvenation and renovation, and express to all of you my deep respect and sincere wishes.

For all of us the world of Navruz is the Oriental New Year with history of several millennia, which traces back with its roots to the period of «Avesto», the ancient and truly national holiday – far from any politics, when the day equals the night. This is our most beloved and most beautiful festival of spring, which has deeply penetrated to the nature of our nation and people, their mind and mentality, heart and consciousness.

It is exactly in this unmatched and captivating season, when the breath of greenery and fine breeze arrive, and the sprouts blossom, we feel as if the song of spring flows into the human soul and being. All of us feel ourselves rejuvenated and filled with strength and power, inspiration and courage. Shortly speaking, we feel ourselves to be an inalienable and inseparable part of nature.

In these radiant and joyful moments in each and every community, foothills, gardens and grasslands of our country our fellow countrymen gather around the dastarkhans (festively laid national table) decorated with such rare viands as sumalak, khalim, kuksomsa and guja, and strive to share these springtime edibles with their family, kin and friends.

There is no doubt that one can see and witness these joyous events, public fêtes and performances in the most of households and makhallas (neighborhood community areas), capital city, as well as far and remote villages.

I will speak the truth, if I say that no one will remain indifferent that our people, irrespective of their nationality and ethnicity, indulge in festive mood and spend this wonderful holiday with profound joy and bliss. And they congratulate on such an occasion not only the people they know, but also those they don’t know by embracing and wishing them a sound health, happiness, prosperity and good luck.

Availing myself of these moments as well, I would like to express my sincere wishes, love and esteem to you, my dears, who have gathered in this sublime and beautiful square, and our entire nation, by addressing with the sacred words of our ancestor Alisher Navoi: «Happy Navruz to all of you, let your each day be Navruz!».

Dear friends!

The immortal spirit and values of Navruz are carefully passed from generation to generation. No matter how many years and epochs pass by, these very idea and customs are still nowadays leaving a deep trace and becoming stronger in the mentality and consciousness of our people.

In this respect, I want to bring some examples.

It is well-known from our millennia-old history: in the season of Navruz various discords and enmities, resentments and quarrels are forgotten, such humane feelings as mercy and clemency, compassion and generosity become stronger among people, nations and ethnicities.

In this regard, let us imagine: if we return to preventing the tensions, conflicts and confrontations ever aggravating now in the international arena, and still ongoing bloodshed, as well as resolving the emerging problems only by way of peace and political negotiations –speaking with our people’s words – the world would be a perfect place to live.

I am confident that in these days on the eve of the Oriental New Year, if someone asks our time-tested, kind-hearted and compassionate people, who endured so many hardships and always preserve virtue and mercy in the depth of their hearts, about their most sincere wishes in the coming year – the answer, without any doubt, will be certain: we need peace and prosperity.

The reason and roots of such unity can be seen, above all, in our ancient history, multifaceted great culture, invaluable heritage left by our great scientists and thinkers, who greatly contributed to the progress of human civilization, and in the fact that for many centuries our Homeland has been the center of spirituality and enlightenment.

Moreover, it is an open secret that from the earliest times such qualities pertaining to our people as magnanimity, tolerance, humaneness, kindness, and such characteristics as performing the God-pleasing deeds and providing righteous services in supporting those in need, receiving the blessings of elderly people, showing concern for ones without parental care, have penetrated deep into the flesh and blood of our nation.

All these phenomena have been passed through the centuries from generation to generation, enriched and eventually turned into kind human ideas, laid a solid foundation for spiritual worldview and practical guideline of our people.

Naturally, our nation, who has such noble and rare features and qualities, lives with pure dreams and aspirations, strives for peace and prosperity, wishes for clear and blue sky, no doubt, will build its relations with near and far neighbors on the basis of mutual respect, friendship and accord, consideration of mutual interests. And our nation regards safeguarding our country and people from any evils and threats as its priority task.

In these joyous moments, on your behalf and on behalf of our entire nation, allow me to congratulate on the holiday of Navruz, express sincere respect and wholeheartedly welcome the ambassadors of foreign countries, representatives of international organizations, foreign partners and all our dear guests who are showing their profound esteem to us and participating at our Navruz festivities in this beautiful square.

Dear compatriots!

Welcoming you, my dears who have gathered today in this sublime square, I see in your person, above all, our humble, generous and big-hearted people, who are greatly contributing by their courageous work and steadfastness to make Uzbekistan more prosperous and flourishing, who are making the world community surprised by their accomplishments and achievements. Standing on this high rostrum, I bow low before and render homage to our people, who feature such noble qualities.

Addressing the Uzbekistan’s youth, who are our support and buttress, I would like to say: the severely changing time that we experience and which is becoming more complicated puts forward before all of us the following tasks: first of all, my dear children, you are required to thoroughly master the modern knowledge and professions, utilize the intellectual wealth. Along with this, the time requires to take the competitiveness of our country in the international arena to a new level, continue modernization and diversification of our economy, and turn it into a locomotive of our progress.

Along the path of achieving these very great objectives, I believe that you, my dears, are able to justify the confidence of our people and Motherland, and I stand ready to always support all of you.

My dear fellow countrymen!

On this radiant and magnificent occasion, from the bottom of my heart I once again congratulate all of you on the holiday of Navruz.

Let Navruz bring peace and tranquility, love and mercy, happiness, bliss and abundance to each and every family, household and our entire country!

Let all our dreams and aspirations come true!

Happy Navruz to all of us!


Signing of Memorandum with Nepal on the dialogue partner status

On March 22, 2016, in Beijing, at the Secretariat of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, in accordance with the decision of the Ufa Summit of the SCO Heads of Member States it was signed a Memorandum on granting the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal the status of dialogue partner of the SCO.

The document was signed by the Secretary General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Rashid Alimov and the Foreign Secretary of Nepal Shankar Bairagi in the presence of the heads of diplomatic missions, as well as the permanent representatives of the SCO Member States to the Secretariat.

The memorandum takes into consideration the cooperation between the SCO and Nepal in promoting regional security and stability, combating terrorism, extremism, separatism, countering illicit drug production and trafficking, also cooperation in the field of investment trade, energy and other areas.

The Memorandum is signed for an indefinite period of time and entered into force on the date of signature.

The Prime Minister of Nepal Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli attended the ceremony.

(Source: Press Service of the MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan)

SCO: Mutual Relations Based on Trust

In July last year, Uzbekistan assumed chairmanship of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Permanent Representative of Uzbekistan at the United Nations Muzaffar Madrakhimov in his message to the UN Secretary-General informed him about the activities of this organization during the past period.

The UN Security Council regularly discusses the activity of the SCO within the framework of cooperation issues with regional organizations. Recently the UN Secretary General Ban Gee Moon received the message sent by the Permanent Representative of Uzbekistan, which states that the SCO member-states had done “a substantive job on consolidation of mutual relations based on trust and good-neighborliness”. According to the Permanent Representative two permanently functioning bodies of SCO – Secretariat with the headquarters in Beijing and the Regional anti-terrorist agency with its headquarters in Tashkent – have been working efficiently. Elaboration of measures to enhance joint counteraction to terrorism, extremism and separatism, drug trafficking and arms smuggling, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, as well as prevention of threats to international and regional security are among the regional organization’s major objectives. “The SCO attaches priority significance to supporting and development of regional economic cooperation, financing of joint projects, activation of direct contacts among business people and financial establishments,” the message says.

Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan are members of the SCO. India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Mongolia and Belarus take part in the SCO activities as observers, while Turkey, Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Cambodia and Nepal have the status of partners in the dialogue. After the last year’s Ufa summit India and Pakistan commenced the process of joining the SCO.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Uzbek Students Win Top Awards in Math Contest

Three students from the National University of Uzbekistan have scored a win at the SEEMOUS International Mathematics Olympiad. The event was attended by students of 43 universities from 30 countries.

Thus far, more than 150 students have participated in this intellectual contest organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture, as well as Mathematical Society of Cyprus and the Mathematical Society of South-East Europe. Second-year students of the Mechanical-mathematical department of the National University of Uzbekistan Khakimboi Egamberdiyev and Shokhrukh Ibrokhimov have won gold medals, while Mirmukhsin Makhmudov was awarded a special diploma.

“I have had a passion for mathematics since my childhood,” says Shokhrukh Ibrokhimov. “In this joyous moment I wish to thank my school teachers, teachers of my lyceum and the university for the knowledge I received from them. Winning the Olympiad required not only theoretical training, but also practical application of the acquired material.”

(Source: NA «Uzbekistan Today»)


Uzbekistan: The first stage of the Tenth International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange (IIFCE) is set to kick off

It traditionally starts with territorial and sectoral trade fairs from March to June, presenting the industrial capacity of Uzbekistan.

Largely reflecting the positive outcomes of economic reforms in the country, the International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange has been increasingly effective with the years. The qualitative and quantitative composition of participants of regional and sectoral trade fairs has been expanding accordingly, just like the growing number of contracts, including export ones.

Agreements for 377,5 billion soums (currency rates of CB RU from 22.03.2016, 1$= 2866.75 soums) were signed at regional trade fairs in 2015, which is 24.5% more YOY. The amount of export contracts totaled $180.8 million, which is 8.4% YOY. Industry trade fairs resulted in signed agreements for 617.9 billion soums, or 5.2% more YOY.

This year, the relevance of regional and territorial fairs and the Tenth International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange is defined by the Program of Localization of Finished Products, Components and Materials for 2015-2019, and the Program on Ensuring Structural Reforms, Modernization and Diversification of Production for 2015-2019.

Territorial industrial fairs will start from the second half of March to run until June in 14 regions of the country. Sectoral industrial fairs will kick off in the near future and will be completed in mid-June. The Tenth International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange will open late October, 2016.

At the first stage, small and big businesses will have a chance to present their products and see technical innovations, the progress of related industries and businesses, identify the needs for materials and components for the near future. Upon completion of regional events, the participants will enter into contracts for the development of new types of industrial products.

At the second stage, the contracts will be transformed into contracts for supply, thus building a portfolio of orders for the next year. In between the two stages, enterprises will test new products, manufacture pilot batches, negotiate specifications with customers and bring them to the required quality.

As part of regional industrial forums and the Tenth International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange, it is planned to update a unified information database of domestically manufactured products, and organize its presentation. A specialized seminar on ‘The localization of production as a real prospect of expansion of industrial cooperation’ will be organized at the trade fairs with the involvement of representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade of Uzbekistan, domestic investors and foreign founders, small businesses and private enterprises.

The leading industrial enterprises of Uzbekistan will hold their presentations with proposals on cooperation as part of IIFCE in order to best represent the opportunities of cooperation. The information about products and services, as well as imported products, will be available in the Catalogue of Industrial Output of Uzbekistan, which is annually published by the IIFCE Directorate. Its electronic version and the opportunity of registering a company are available at

(Source: NA «Uzbekistan Today»)

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