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March 27, 2015


March 27, 2015

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Uzbekistan to direct US$3.5bn to modernization of roads. 2

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Shaping the Future. 2

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SCO observer mission to start its activity on presidential elections. 3

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Uzbekistan to direct US$3.5bn to modernization of roads

The Government of Uzbekistan will direct about US$3.5 billion to modernization of automobile roads in 2015-2019.

The investments will be directed to implementation of the programme on development and modernization of engineer-communication and road-transport infrastructure for 2015-2019. The President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov approved the programme.

Within the programme, Uzbekistan will construct and reconstruct 2,400 km of roads of Uzbek national highway.

Uzbekistan will also purchase 993 road repairing equipment, 38 sets of asphalt and cement pavement plants.

The programme will be financed due to loans of international financial institutes for US$1.5 billion and resources of the Republican road fund of the Ministry of Finance of Uzbekistan and other sources for US$2 billion.




Shaping the Future

The domestic chemical industry is expecting an unprecedented rise in the near future. The concurrent implementation of several technological projects would provide the country with up-to-date manufactures that will be capable to meet both the domestic demand, and intensively expand to the external market.

Technical and technological extension of Navoiazot capacities will rank among the abovementioned projects. To make it feasible, the Uzkimyosanoat Company signed a contract with the Chinese company China CAMC Engineering Co worth $439.8 million. It envisages the turnkey construction of a complex for the production of 100,000 tons of PVC, 75,000 tons of caustic soda and 300,000 tons of methanol per year. The works will be financed by a $65.97 million loan of the Fund for Reconstruction and Development of Uzbekistan, as well as $373.83 million of concessional long-term foreign loans.

The value of this project can hardly be overestimated. Today, the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) ranks among the most common chemicals used in various industries, and especially in those that are currently intensively developing in Uzbekistan. The automotive, medical and building materials industry are the major consumers of this raw material. It is also widely used in the production of consumer goods.

The decision on the construction of the complex pursues a competitive strategic goal of creating conditions for the production localization and import-substitution. For example, the rapidly growing domestic pharmaceutics needs a modern and relatively cheap polymer that would provide the pharmacy manufacturers with a high-quality alternative to rubber and glass. The polyvinyl chloride is exactly this kind of substance. It is also used for the production of containers for blood and internal organs, catheters, feeding tubes, pressure gauges, surgical gloves and masks, surgical tires, blister packages for tablets and much more.

PVC might be a catalyst for the Uzbek automotive industry in terms of enhancing its competitiveness. In addition to its direct purpose – the production of coatings, sealing materials, cable insulation, car interior, dashboards, door panels and armrests, it is capable to prolong the lifetime of the car owing to its durability. There is another important point: the polymer does not yield to traditional metal and glass in durability, it is much lighter, which consequently reduces the weight of a car, and hence the amount of fuel consumed. PVC is used in the manufacture of airbags, various devices for passenger protection from injuries in the accident. Besides, the polymer’s resistance to fire also enhances the overall safety of the vehicle.

Meanwhile, PVC is likely most popular in the building materials industry. Today, modern building materials are widely used in the construction of social, cultural and industrial facilities as well as comfortable accommodation in Uzbekistan. PVC is well fit in this company. It is most widely used in construction amidst all polymers. In Europe, the industry uses more than 50% of the entire PVC produced, and the US – more than 60%.

This all suggests that the prospects of the yet young project are fairly remarkable. Now it stands for timely and decent implementation of the objectives.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


elections OF THE PRESIDENT of the republic of uzbekistan

SCO observer mission to start its activity on presidential elections

The observer mission from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), headed by the Secretary-General Dmitry Mezentsev arrived in Uzbekistan, in order to observe the presidential elections.

Today the Central Election Commission held a meeting with representatives of the mission. The CEC Chairman M. Abdusalomov familiarized the guests with the work done in the framework of the Program of measures for the preparation and conduct of presidential elections.

During the meeting it was noted that all activities in the framework of the election campaign shall be held within the period specified in strict accordance with national legislation on elections. The preparation and holding of elections will be held in open and transparent manner with the participation of observers from international organizations and foreign states.

All candidates are given equal rights to the use of media opportunities, meetings with voters and other forms and methods of campaigning.

The process of early voting for those who for any reason will not be able to be at their place of residence on election day began on March 19.

The SCO Secretary-General Dmitry Mezentsev stressed that the mission of observers from the SCO comprised of 10 people – representing the member states of the SCO. The Mission observers operate autonomously and independently, guided by the principles of political neutrality, impartiality, are basing their decisions on personal observation and factual material.

Recall that the observer Mission from the organization during the monitoring of the preparation and conduct of the parliamentary elections of 2014 familiarized with the activity of 73 district election commissions, located in Tashkent and Tashkent region. Following the elections, the mission made the statement that the elections were transparent and democratic.




Hymn to Happiness

Florida Kambarova has a talent to convey in colors her mood and emotions to others. Paints on her canvases turn into a hymn to the surrounding world.

The Gallery of Fine art of Uzbekistan invited visitors to her personal exhibition titled “The Spring Blues”.

The painter boasts of great experience – apart from taking part at exhibitions during more than forty years she had also illustrated more than seventy books printed out by the Publishing houses of Uzbekistan. Her abstract and semi-abstract art paintings are quite multi-faceted.

“It looks like the painter creates a special world with an appeal to maintain one’s spiritual cleanliness,” says Chairman of the Academy of Art of Uzbekistan Akmal Nuriddinov. “Skillfulness of Florida Kambarova is getting more and more intricate with every passing year.”

“We live in a complicated world with so much emotional experience and problems,” says the author of the paintings. “But when I take a seat at the easel I tune myself up to joy and delight, so that the positive energy, left behind on the canvas, gladden and cure the spectators’ hearts, so that every day was perceived as a wonderful gift. And when I see the result, I feel happy myself.”

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)



Victories are Yet to Come

At the upcoming Tashkent World Fencing Championship among cadets and juniors, 44 athletes are ready to defend the honor of the country. Among the coaches is an Olympic champion, ten-time world champion Alexandr Romankov (pictured) from Belarus. In his busy schedule, he has found time to answer the questions of Uzbekistan Today’s correspondent.

“Alexander Anatolievich, you’ve worked with athletes from Australia and Korea. Having received an invitation to work in the United States and Uzbekistan almost simultaneously, you’ve chosen Tashkent. Why?” “I already had experience with Uzbek specialists. Along with the multiple Olympic champion Viktor Krovopuskov we facilitated four training seminars for coaches in Tashkent. When I was invited to Tashkent, I knew I had to work with talented and motivated people who wanted to win at prestigious international competitions. In addition, I am very familiar with president of the Fencing Federation of Uzbekistan, world champion in foil Sabirjan Ruziev. We used to be in the same team, when we were young, at the international competitions. All this has contributed to the fact that I had decided to come to Tashkent.”

“It’s your second month of working with Uzbek athletes. What are your first impressions?” “There are a lot of talented guys that have good basic training. From the first days of joint work, we focused on the general physical and emotional training, developing stamina, sharpening techniques of combat. Rapier (foil) is one of the most difficult types of fencing, it has 160 different attacking possibilities and 800 varieties in defense, you need to learn how to skillfully apply each of those elements during a fight.

I teach them, that the main thing in our kind of fencing is not speed, but the ability to defend and counter attack in the nick of time, or to lead the fight intuitively, and to bring decision-making during the battle to automatism.

Last week, the national team and the coaches returned from the Asian Championship, where the Uzbek athletes won gold and bronze medals. The performance of Uzbek athletes deserves praise. Asian champion Malika Hakimova is a very strong and promising fencer, with a bit of hard work on her technique and the psychological preparation, she can become a major prize winner on a global scale.”

“You coach foil, but all the medals from the Asian Championship were taken by epeeists …” “In Tashkent, all members of the national team – fencers in foil, epee and saber are engaged in the same room. By the way, the technical aspects of the area for training and competitions, correspond to the best standards in the world. And the victory of every athlete, regardless of the form in which he is engaged, is essential to others. Each athlete has a mindset on a subconscious level that says “if he could do it, I can also do it.” It should be noted that among the foil fencers all of the guys are talented. It is also important that they are all different. There are those who will show the result in the individual competition, and there are those who will provide results in team battles. But it should be noted that foil is more difficult than saber, so to get good results you need more time.” “Uzbekistan is preparing for the World Fencing Championship among juniors and cadets. In your opinion what impact could this event have on the further development of this beautiful sport?” “We have a consensus among the leadership in the Fencing Federation of Uzbekistan, that these days, all those involved in fencing should be present in the fencing halls. As a result we are expecting a flow of new talented young people, while those who are already engaged in fencing can gain valuable experience. Athletes and spectators will be able to apply what they saw at the event in their private practice in the future.

Today, the Fencing Federation is working on the issue of participation of cadets and juniors in other international competitions. This is the only way to prepare a high-class athlete, especially fencers. In each country, every school and representatives of each of them have their own style of combat. Therefore, the path to victory lies only in participation in numerous competitions.” “I cannot bid farewell to you without asking about the chances of our athletes at the Olympics …” “Well, of course, the work on the development of fencing in the country which was launched by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Fencing Federation of Uzbekistan will contribute to achieving good results in international competitions. However, it is still early to talk about the chances of winning medals. We have to gain points for the license first.”

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

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