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April 1, 2015


April 1, 2015

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Ministry of Economy: 232 thousand jobs to be created in the regions of Uzbekistan in 2015. 2


“Carrying” Roads. 2


Samarkand to host “Pearls of East” Festival 3


Thousands of Athletes to Flock to Tashkent for World Fencing Championship. 3





Ministry of Economy: 232 thousand jobs to be created in the regions of Uzbekistan in 2015

The role of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in securing employment in the country has been the focus of a press conference that took place in the capital.

The information announced at the event, indicate that in 2014 in the framework of the socio-economic development of regions, 200,000 stationary job positions were created. It is planned to increase this figure to 232 thousand jobs in the current year.

In particular, it is planned to create more than 115.7 thousand jobs by implementing over 5.4 thousand projects worth $5353,5 mln. through 9 directions of the industry. About 14 thousand jobs will be created in the service sector, more than 66.8 thousand jobs in the amount of 774.9 mln – due to the put into operation of new objects of trade and consumer services, and expansion of existing facilities, as well as 48.8 thousand jobs as a result of 6.4 thousand projects in the field of agriculture.

Along with this, in the framework of Investment Program for 2014, due to the implementation of 154 major projects about 7,000 jobs were created. In 2015, within the Investment Program it is planned to create more than 6 thousand jobs. This result will be achieved due to the implementation of 158 large investment projects worth $7.4 billion in the framework of implementation of new and modernization of existing production facilities.



“Carrying” Roads

It is for a good reason that transport communications are aptly nicknamed the ‘artery of a modern economy’. In the era of globalization, when many manufacturers have to stretch their assembly chains through various countries and even continents, roads are seen as key pillars to maintain global industrial cooperation.

Meanwhile, the transport and logistics sector is also a market with extremely tough competition. Properly using the advantageous geographical position and effectively built transport infrastructure, many countries get direct benefits from exports to international markets, and significant revenues from transit. Located in the heart of Central Asia, Uzbekistan has been actively exploring this field.

The country has developed a program of development and modernization of engineering communication and road infrastructure for 2015-2019. It has incorporated integrated measures on implementation of target projects on construction and reconstruction of road sections of the Uzbek national highway, as well as public roads. It is noteworthy that the country is not just constructing or reconstructing roads, but building an integrated engineering infrastructure in line with international standards.

In 2015-2019, the Republican Road Fund is slated to build and reconstruct more than 1,200 kilometers of road sections and bridges, viaducts and road junctions. Over the same period, international financial institutions are expected to fund the construction and reconstruction of about 1,100 km of roads. Besides, the National Road Fund and the World Bank will build and repair 299.5 km of roads within five years.

The program also envisages technical extension of production capacity of road companies. Within the next four years it is planned to purchase 993 units of up-to-date road maintenance equipment for road maintenance and repairs. Of these, 150 cars will be purchased this year, 200 units – in 2016, 2017 and 2018, and 243 units of specialized equipment in 2019. In addition, in the pipeline is the purchase of 38 sets of asphalt, cement, concrete mixing plants, crushing and screening lines, as well as other equipment and tools.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Samarkand to host “Pearls of East” Festival

A festival “Pearls of East” – Crossroads of traditions and culture…” will be held in Samarkand on 10-12 April 2015.

The project “Pearls of East” will attract masters and art-lovers from all regions of Uzbekistan, as well as guests of Samarkand.

Aboout 150 masters, people bakhi, designers, cooks, jewelers, musicians from all parts of Uzbekistan will take part in the festival “Pearls of East”, which will be held on 10-12 April in the heart of Samarkand, the art center Suzane, located in Tashkent street near Bibi Khanum madrasah.

The festival will bring together masters of applied art, artisans, representatives of various dynasties of ceramists, engravers, painters, embroiderers and many others. They will bring thousands of hand-made products to Samarkand.

The visitors will be able to buy suzanes, souvenirs and household ceramics, porcelain, handmade jewelry, silk scarves, purses, jackets, bags, made from fabric with the Uzbek national pattern, miniatures, souvenir knives, leather goods, national dolls, carpets of different sizes, shoes and clothes in traditional style and made from natural fabrics.

The project is directed at supporting creative dynasties and talented craftsmen, presenting latest trends in the field of arts to public and preserving cultural heritage of Uzbekistan.

The festival is organized by Uzbekistan Art Academy, Uzbektourism, Mutabar Zardo’z, Art Life Media Uzbekistan and Dinara Tour Service.



Thousands of Athletes to Flock to Tashkent for World Fencing Championship

More than 1200 athletes from 104 countries will participate in the upcoming Fencing World Championship among Cadets and Juniors which will be held in Tashkent on April 1-9, 2015.

“The World Fencing Championship among cadets and juniors will be held according to the rules of the International Fencing Federation,” said the chairman of Fencing Federation of Uzbekistan Sabirjan Ruziyev.” had to take part in competitions of a similar level as an athlete and organizer. I can confidently say that all the necessary conditions have been created in Tashkent so that the championship will be held at a high level. Massive support is provided by the International Fencing Federation. Many governmental institutions will be involved in the organization and maintenance of the championship.”

The reception of athletes, coaches, heads of delegations, their placement and their stay in Uzbekistan will be managed by one of the top tour companies in Tashkent. Participants will live in the best hotels of the capital city Tashkent.

“We will show them around the city, arrange visits to theaters, museums, parks and other cultural institutions. In general, the cultural program will be built according to the wishes of guests,” said the head of the federation.

Competitions will be held in two halls. For these purposes, the premises of the Republican high school of sports skills in rhythmic gymnastics, and adjacent rooms of the indoor tennis courts will be used. For the championship, the International Fencing Federation has provided about 60 modern fencing tracks with modern high-precision and high-tech equipment. After completion of the World Cup, they will be given to the Fencing Federation of Uzbekistan, which will distribute the equipment in the regions. Each track is equipped with video cameras and will help judges to make accurate decisions during matches.

(Source: IA «Uzbekistan Today»)

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