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April 3, 2015


uzbek_digestApril 3, 2015

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Weekly volume of exports at UZEX grew to $2.9 million. 2

International cooperation.. 2

Trade and economic cooperation is developing. 2






Weekly volume of exports at UZEX grew to $2.9 million

According to the press service of UZEX, the volume of transactions concluded on the Uzbek Republican Commodity Exchange (UZEX) during the last week, from April 23 to 29, amounted to 149.6 billion soums. Positive dynamics of trading observed in the export and in the fair trades (currency rates of CB RU from 03.04.2015   1$= 2490.20 soums).

According to the report, goods worth 115 billion soums were sold during the reporting period on exchange platform, which is 76.9% of the total volume of transactions. At that, positive dynamics of sales were observed on currency trading platform over the past three weeks. Thus, the volume of export transactions last week increased from $ 2.8 million to $ 2.9 million. The UDP “Shurtan MCC” realized on export 2.8 thousand tons of polyethylene of different brands.

A positive trend was also fixed on fair trading, the volume of which increased by 22.3% to 21.7 billion soums. Despite the decline in the number of bidders from 244 to 210, the number of transactions increased by 6%. In turn, the value of export transactions increased from 652,2 million to 1.5 billion soums, and the volume of sales by small businesses rose to the level of 14.4 billion soums.

The volume of public procurement during the period under review decreased from 7.9 billion to 6.3 billion soums. The amount of savings in the budget was fixed at around 1.8 billion soums. The share of small business in the total volume of transactions amounted to almost 100%.

The biggest deal of the week for 131 million soums concluded in Yunusobod region of Tashkent.


International cooperation

Trade and economic cooperation is developing

In Tashkent, on April 2 held a cooperation exchange with the participation of business circles of Uzbekistan and South Korea.

This event, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan, was attended by representatives of ministries, departments, companies and concerns responsible for the sphere of trade, finance and banking, industrial, petrochemical, agriculture and water management, food processing, automotive and mining equipment, insurance, exports and imports.

The event was noted that cooperation between Uzbekistan and South Korea is developing in all spheres, in particular, economic, trade and investment, an important legal basis for this are the agreements reached during meetings of heads of two states.

Our countries have great economic potential and opportunities. In relations between the two countries most favored nation treatment. signed agreements on cooperation in such areas as trade, investment, oil and gas, engineering, mining, textile, chemical industry, logistics, construction, information and communication technology, education, health.

Consistently expanded the scale of investment cooperation. Business people in South Korea are showing great interest in the market of Uzbekistan, investing and creating joint ventures. In Uzbekistan there are more than four hundred enterprises set up in partnership with South Korean businessmen. 80 companies in the Republic of Korea have opened their offices in the country. They operate in such areas as trade, textile, light industry, mining and metallurgy, chemical and food processing, machinery, tourism, health, services.

Uzbekistan exports to South Korea food, chemical products, machinery and equipment, mineral fertilizers, providing transport, communications and tourism services. South Korea imported into our country mechanical and electronic equipment, plastics and articles thereof.

The event dealt with the ongoing in our country socio-economic reforms to create a favorable investment environment provided for the development of small business and entrepreneurship opportunities and preferences in industrial zones “Navoi”, “Jizzakh” and “Angren”. Talked about the development of new and ongoing business circles of Uzbekistan and South Korea joint projects in various fields.

– Uzbekistan – one of the most important and reliable partners in South Korea, – says the manager of International Relations and Trade of the provincial government Kyongnam of Republic of Korea, Kim Hee Tay. – Participate in the activities of the company in South Korea are showing great interest in developing cooperation with Uzbekistan, which is rich in natural resources, highly qualified, huge economic and investment potential. This contributes to the further development of Uzbek-Korean trade and economic relations.

On cooperation exchange reached an agreement on the gradual development of cooperation of a number of companies and enterprises of Uzbekistan with businessmen of South Korea, expanding business ties in various areas of the economy, the development and implementation of joint projects in the areas of trade and industry.

(Source: IA «Jahon»)

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