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April 11, 2016


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Uzbekistan: More Territory for Small Businesses. 1

International cooperation.. 1

The Meetings of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan. 1


The Site Dedicated to the Life and Activity of the Great Amir Temur 2

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Triumphant March to the Olympics: Every Weight Category Booked. 2





Uzbekistan: More Territory for Small Businesses

Representatives of the domestic ‘small economy’ are to get new incentives for growth in the near future. Several relevant government agencies have prepared a list of nearly 2,000 plots of land to be transferred to small and private businesses for the establishment of new industries and service facilities.

Some 15 years ago the market of Uzbekistan was filled with products by foreign manufacturers of often questionable quality. To date, the situation has changed radically. Dozens of small enterprises have developed the production of a wide range of goods and equipment. The ongoing measures on creation of a business environment, overall support and further stimulation of development of small and private businesses have contributed in the establishment of 26,900 new small businesses last year alone, which is 3.3% more YOY. In 2015, small businesses produced industrial products at a total of 35.6 trillion soums (currency rates of CB RU from 11.04.2016, 1$= 2882.68 soums) with a 19.8 percent increase.

Last October, the government approved a resolution ‘On the measures for further streamlining of the procedures of granting land for businesses on the competitive basis, and the procedure of obtaining of construction permits’. Experts anticipate that it will play an important role in enhancing the role and place of private property in the national economy, and in the elimination of barriers and constraints to the development of entrepreneurship.

For example, the authorities are currently working on elimination of direct contacts between government bodies and business entities, consideration of the geography and orientation of the demand of business entities for land through the involvement of architecture agencies, economy departments and divisions of Chamber of Commerce and Trade. The latest technologies remain in the spotlight – a database of popular plots of land is permanently updated.

The State Committee for Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, jointly with the central offices for architecture and construction in regions and Tashkent prepared and endorsed the documents on selection of 1,947 land plots. The biggest number of lands falls to Kashkadarya region – 594, the Republic of Karakalpakstan – 558, Khorezm region – 550.

In the near future, the lists with land plots for entrepreneurs to build enterprises and service facilities will be forwarded through the public authorities to competitive bidding. There are hopes that the best small and private entities on the abovementioned territories will turn remarkable landmarks on the industrial map of the country.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

International cooperation

The Meetings of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan

On April 8, 2016, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan Abdulaziz Kamilov taking part in the following meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov.

During the conversation, the sides exchanged views on the contemporary issues of Uzbek-Russian relations, agenda of CIS and other international and regional problems.

The heads of foreign policy agencies discussed the preparation process to the high level contacts.

* * *

On April 9, 2016, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan Abdulaziz Kamilov received the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Central Asia of the United States of America Daniel N. Rosenblum paying a visit to Uzbekistan.

During the meeting the sides discussed the state and prospects of bilateral relations, including the results of the Uzbek-American political consultations and negotiations of the delegation of Uzbekistan in January, 2016, in Washington DC.

The sides noted the mutual interest in the stable development of relations between Uzbekistan and the United States in political, trade-economic, investment, humanitarian and other fields.

Some aspects of international and regional politics were also discussed.

The Ambassador of the USA Pamela Leora Spratlen also attended the meeting.

(Source: Press Service of the MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan)


The Site Dedicated to the Life and Activity of the Great Amir Temur

The presentation of the site, opened in honor of the 680th anniversary of the birth of Amir Temur for the purpose of wide promotion of the life and activities of this Great figure, held in Karshi.

Under the leadership of the President of our country in the years of independence was carried out extensive work on the revival, explore and promotion of the national cultural heritage, including the good name of our great ancestors. In particular, books and international scientific conferences, dedicated to the personality and activity of Amir Temur, were published and conducted. The site, created by a group of students of Karshi branch of the Tashkent University of Information Technologies became the logical continuation of this noble work.

At the event with the participation of historians, teachers and students of regional universities, public representatives were presented reports “Development perspectives of information and communication technologies in educational institutions on the basis of international experience,” “Sahibkiran Amir Temur is the pride and honor of our people”, “The role of the life and activity of Amir Temur in spirituality, culture and education of the youth “,” The role of the great Amir Temur in the world history. ”

The khokim (head of administration) of the Kashkadarya region Z.Ruziev made a speech in event.

(Source: UzA)


Triumphant March to the Olympics: Every Weight Category Booked

For the first time ever Uzbekistan is to be represented at the Rio Games in every weight category of boxing.

The Uzbek athletes have proved peerless in team competitions at the Asia and Oceania qualifier tournament in the Chinese city of Qian’an that offered 36 tickets among men and women for the Rio Olympics. The championships resulted in the Uzbek team earning five gold and two silver medals.

All seven athletes taking part in the tournament made it to the finals and, in accordance with the regulations, booked tickets for the upcoming Olympics. The happy seven include Yodgoroy Mirzaeva, the first of Uzbek girls to defend the honor of the nation at the Games in this sport.

“No single match was taken for granted. But especially thorny was the final with the Philippine Ladon Rogen. He tops the Asian rating in our weight category. Yet nonetheless, I was able to claim victory, though with minimal hiatus. Will try to do my best to perform that much successful in Rio, as well,” said Hasanbai Dusmatov, winner of gold in weight category of under 49 kg.

Apart from Dusmatov, victorious in the finals were Shahobiddin Zoirov (under 52 kg), Shahram Giyasov (69 kg), Elshod Rasulov (81 kg), Rustam Tulaganov (91 kg). On the last day of competitions, Yodgoroy Mirzaeva (up to 51 kg) yielded to Ren Kankan from China 0-3, while Bohodir Jalolov (over 91 kg) was overwhelmed in a fierce fight by Ivan Dichenko of Kazakhstan, 0-3.

Thus, the Uzbek team has booked 11 tickets to the Olympics. Owing to the successful performance last October during the world championship in Doha, Qatar, Murodjon Ahmadaliev (56 kg), Fazliddin Gaibnazarov (64 kg), Bektemir Melikuziev (75 kg) and Elnur Abduraimov (60 kg) were strong and lucky enough to earn licenses to Rio de Janeiro.

Earlier, the APB (AIBA Pro Boxing) world champion Hurshid Tajibaev (60 kg) also was entitled for the Games, but because he and Abduraimov perform in the same weight category, Uzbekistan Boxing Federation is to make a decision as to who will represent the nation at the Olympics.

“Uzbek boxers took part in all previous Games. But never before was the team lucky enough to go there in full, i.e. across all weight categories. Besides, our country is going to be represented also in women’s boxing for the first time ever! To be sure, we anticipate even more serious trials. We are intent on superseding the achievements of Sydney Olympics, where Muhammadkadir Abdullaev became champion, and Sergey Mikhailov and Rustam Saidov came third each,” said the chief coach of the men’s national team Marat Kurbanov.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

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