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April 16, 2015


April 16, 2015

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17 projects worth $2.46 billion to be realized in AMMC.. 3

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A Wheelset 3

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17 projects worth $2.46 billion to be realized in AMMC

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, implementation of 17 projects are planned at the Almalyk mining and metallurgy combine (AMMC), the press service of the AMMC said.

According to the document, a Program of structural reforms, modernization and diversification of production in JSC “Almalyk MMC” for 2015-2019 has been developed.

The document envisages the implementation of 12 projects within the framework of new construction, 5 – will be focused on modernization and reconstruction of existing production.

The total cost of the projects is envisaged in the amount of $2.46 billion, at the expense of own funds of the AMMC, loans of the Fund for reconstruction and development of Uzbekistan and commercial banks.

According to the press service of the AMMC, working groups on each project with the definition of responsible persons from among the heads and specialists of the respective units of the AMMC are set up currently. Timetables for all projects are already prepared and submitted for approval to the competent authorities.



A Wheelset

Uzbekistan has an ample transport and transit capacity. The country continues to implement a range of measures on enhancing the management efficiency of railroads, which were crowned by the reconstruction of Casting and Mechanical Plant and construction of a new electrified line Angren-Pop.

Uzbekistan has been retaining a high level of rail freight, despite economic uncertainty. The country has not just firmly established an image of the regional leader, but has made a stab at a higher bar. According to international analysts, by the end of 2014 this sector was led by Brazil, India, China, Russia and the United States. Three of them are located in the immediate vicinity with Uzbekistan, so the interrelation and competition with them might significantly promote the country in the rail market.

With this purpose Uzbekistan has been implementing a range of promising initiatives. It is scheduled to launch a unique railway line Angren-Pop mid next year, which should link the industrial areas of the Ferghana Valley with the rest of the regions, and create advantageous opportunities for logistics in the region, connecting China to the railway transport system in Central Asia.

Meanwhile, railways are just half the battle. Another half comes to the creation of a modern fleet of freight cars of different types and modifications. As part of the initiative, the reconstruction of Casting and Mechanical Plant worth more than $150 million was completed in September 2013. The project was secured by a $48.8 million loan, as well as by own funds of the Fund for Reconstruction and Development of Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan Railways. The plant is equipped with modern hardware by German companies Kunkel Wagner, Otto Junker and Nederman. It is worth noting that these technologies are the only ones in Central Asia and provide Uzbekistan with cutting edge cars, and open up good export prospects.

By 2019 the Casting and Mechanical Plant is planning to triple the production of freight cars – up to 1,200. Last year it produced about 400 freight cars. 20- and 40-feet cars, or about 80%, will make up the bulk of the production in the coming years. By 2020, the company intends to bring the level of exports to 25% of total production. It is also planning to expand the repair capacity of the company. Last year it repaired 250 cars, and by 2019 the rate is expected to reach 1,500. The minimum extension service for all types of cars will be five years.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper


To Listen and Understand Each Other

The Academic Russian Drama Theater of Uzbekistan has premiered the play “Chekhov. Autumn. Stages”, based on one of Anton Chekhov’s best plays “Uncle Vanya.”

This play did not yield easily to its author, literary critics still rack their brains over it, trying to guess the date when it was written, and the first night did not bring a success… Only later it started its triumphant march along the stages and was included into their regular repertoires and filmed several times with the participation of the most brilliant actors. Thus, the spectators have got something to compare the new production with. It was staged for the first time by director-producer, Honored Art Worker of Uzbekistan Vladimir Shapiro.

More than one hundred years later the spectators are still touched by the collision of its main characters building up on a routine course of events. But even they turn into a drama if one is unable to listen and forgive people living nearby… The heroes of the play have to go through namely such a path. The new production is based on almost extreme emotional tension,

The audience of the first-night performances of the play has appreciated the true worth of scenic interpretation of the popular play and its actors: People’s Artist of Uzbekistan Abzal Rafikov (retired professor Alexander Serebryakov), Diana Dubrovina (his wife Yelena Andreevna), Anastasiya Penkova (Sonya), Ivan Nenashev (Ivan Voinitsky – uncle Vanya), Sergey Arkhipov (district physician Mikhail Astrov) and others.

The play has widened the classical repertoire of the theater, which this theatrical season presents Alexander Ostrovsky’s “Bankrupt, or we will square accounts with our own people” and Mikhail Bulgakov’s “Zoyka’s apartment.”

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

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