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May 11, 2016


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Volume of transactions at UZEX amounts to 1 trillion soums. 1

International cooperation.. 1

Talks between the representatives of JSC O’zavtoyul and Germany’s Papenburg AG have been held in Tashkent 1

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Youth boxing team of Uzbekistan wins medals at Asian Championship. 2




Volume of transactions at UZEX amounts to 1 trillion soums

April 2016 demonstrated positive dynamics of sales in the trading platform of Uzbek Republican Commodity Exchange (UZEX). In particular, the volume of trading, compared with April last year increased by 37%, fair trading by 30%, public procurement 34% and corporate procurement by 27%. Against this background, the total volume of transactions concluded on the stock exchange increased by 47% and amounted to 1 trillion soums (currency rates of CB RU from 11.05.2016, 1$= 2909.25 soums), the press service of the exchange said.

During the period under review, the sales volume of commodities reached 755 billion soums against 549.7 billion soums in April 2015. The total share of construction materials and food products fell from 53% to 48% due to the increase in the share of other commodity groups. Thus, the volume of sales of liquefied gas grew by 75%, and its market share increased from 7% to 9%. In addition, the sales value of animal feed rose by 88%, which contributed to the growth of their share from 6% to 8%. The rest of the commodity groups retained comparable positions from last year. A considerable part of the export market, or 68% took polyethylene.

However, April of this year saw an increase in trading volume with the participation of small business and private entrepreneurship entities. In particular, they purchased raw materials worth 455.9 billion soums, having increased in comparison with April 2015 by 12.6%.

Record sales growth was also recorded in the system of fair trades, the volume of which rose by more than twice, from 67 billion soums to 154.1 billion soums. At the same time, the share of small business in the total volume of committed market transactions reached 81%.

The amount of transactions concluded on public procurement (“D-xarid”) compared to the previous year increased by 34% and amounted to 51.6 billion soums. Budget savings increased from 11.5 billion soums to 12.5 billion soums. The proportion of small businesses in the supply of goods under state procurement made up 99% of the number and volume of transactions. During the reporting period, the system of the electronic catalogue for public procurement saw deals signed for 6.2 billion soums.

Positive dynamics were also observed in the system of corporate procurement (“E-xarid”), the volume of which increased from 30 billion soums to 38.2 billion soums. The share of small business entities in the delivery of goods on corporate procurement made up 98% of the number and volume of transactions. In the course of the auction, each application received on average 16 counter-offers.


International cooperation

Talks between the representatives of JSC O’zavtoyul and Germany’s Papenburg AG have been held in Tashkent

The sides exchanged views on the Papenburg AG project on the construction of the 50 km highway A-380 Guzar-Bukhara-Nukus-Beineu on the 440-490 km section with cement concrete pavement.

They discussed possible areas of mutual cooperation, particularly the experience exchange between relevant specialists, application of modern technologies, innovations, techniques and special equipment in the construction, repair and maintenance of roads with asphalt and cement concrete pavement. The German side expressed its interest in continued cooperation with Uzbekistan, and implementation of new projects.

The German company has implemented a range of projects on the construction of highways with cement concrete and asphalt concrete pavement in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries in the last few years.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Youth boxing team of Uzbekistan wins medals at Asian Championship

The city of Pavlodar (Kazakhstan) hosted the Asian Boxing Championship among youth, the press service of the Boxing Federation of Uzbekistan reported.

In the final battle of the championship, Bilolbek Mirzarahimov (up to 60 kg) with the score 3:0 won a landslide victory over Ankush Dahiya from India, Ulugbek Sobirov (up to 69 kg) in a bitter fight with the score 2:1 defeated Oleg Mayvetchuk from Kazakhstan Sanzhar Tursunov (up to 81 kg) with the score 3:0 took up over with Real Puri from India. They won gold medals and became the champions of Asia.

Otabek Kholmatov (to 49 kg) with the score 1:2 lost to Vasily Samchuk from Kazakhstan, and Shahruz Rakhimov (up to 91 kg) also with a score of 1:2 to Dmitry Ahtsiger from Kazakhstan, Abdullah Hudorganov (+91 kg) in a bitter battle with the score 0:3 lost to Nurdaulet Ulanuliev from Kazakhstan. They won silver medals.



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