INFORMATION DIGEST OF PRESS OF UZBEKISTAN # 93 May 13, 2017 (extraordinary)

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May 16, 2017

INFORMATION DIGEST OF PRESS OF UZBEKISTAN # 93 May 13, 2017 (extraordinary)


THE state visit President of Uzbekistan to China.. 1

Important documents signed between Uzbekistan and China. 1


State Forestry Committee created in Uzbekistan. 1

Ecology.. 2

Land resources have to be used reasonably. 2









THE state visit President of Uzbekistan to China

Important documents signed between Uzbekistan and China

Within the framework of the state visit of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to the People’s Republic of China, important agreements have been reached in the political and economic spheres, and a range of important documents on promising areas of cooperation have been signed.

Following the two Heads of State’s meeting with the participation of official delegations, a ceremony to sign these documents took place.

At the talks, it was said that mutually advantageous cooperation rising to a new level and the commonality or similarity of the two states’ positions on regional and international issues were of important significance.

As a result of the talks, Shavkat Mirziyoyev and Xi Jinping signed a joint declaration between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the People’s Republic of China.

The following important documents were also signed: intergovernmental agreements on technical cooperation and on international road traffic, an exchange of notes between the governments on financing projects for raising the quality of education at general education schools, for providing the health care sphere with modern medical equipment, and also a memorandum of understanding in the sphere of veterinary science and the quarantine inspection of plants, a memorandum of understanding on encouraging cooperation between small business and private entrepreneurship entities and a plan of cooperation in interdepartmental exchanges in the agricultural sphere in the years 2018-2020.

It was noted especially that the agreements that were reached would serve to further develop the Uzbek-Chinese relations and to raise the wellbeing of the peoples of the two countries.

(Source: UzA)


State Forestry Committee created in Uzbekistan

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree “On creation of the State Committee of Uzbekistan on forestry”.

The document is aimed at ensuring full and rational use of rich potential of forestry in Uzbekistan, improving system of management of forestry, efficient use of forestry fund, developing ecologic tourism, etc.

Uzbek leader founded the State Forestry Committee with territorial divisions in Karakalpakstan and regions on the base of the State Department of Forestry under the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management of Uzbekistan.

State committee will be part of the Complex of the Cabinet of Ministers on agriculture and water management, processing of agriculture products and consumer goods.

The committee will implement the state policy in forestry directed at rational use of forestry, efficient management of forestry fund, preventing diversification, etc. The committee will protect forests from fire, pests and diseases, illegal cutting and other violations of forest legislation and others.

Scientific-research institute for forestry will be created on the base of the Republican scientific-production center of decorative horticulture and forestry.



Land resources have to be used reasonably

In the modern world any impact on the environment in one point of the planet will surely be reflected in other part of the world.

Intensive human economic activity without due regards for the nature and regularities of its development has led to emergence of ecological collisions on the planet. Among them is an erosion of soils, desertification, deforestation, drastic reduction of a biodiversity, etc. The tendency to increase of abnormal natural cataclysms which, being combined with results of anthropogenous activity cause technogenic catastrophes of unprecedented scale is observed. The problems of regulation of impact on an ecosystem, harmonizations of social development and preservation of the favorable environment, achievement of balance in “human —  nature” relations are becoming increasingly relevant.

Stage-by-stage large-scale transformations in all spheres of activity of Uzbekistan, especially in agricultural sector, have laid the strong foundation for food and national security as a whole, protection of human rights, freedoms and legitimate interests. Strategy of actions on five priority directions of development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017 — 2021 offered by the President Shavkat Mirziyoev and accepted after extensive public discussion became a significant step of radical increase in efficiency of the reforms.  So, modernization and intensive development of agriculture is provided in its framework. Rational and effective use of land and water resources will be provided, in particular, due to reduction of acreage of a cotton by 49 thousand hectares and grain cultures by 10 thousand hectares. On the released areas placement of vegetable, forage, oil-bearing crops, as well as potatoes, intensive gardens and vineyards is provided.  To increase production of the export-oriented fruit and vegetable products being of great demand in foreign market, development of intensive gardens and vineyards by landing high-yielding dwarf trees is planned. Modern agricultural technologies allow to receive a rich harvest of early ripe and sweet grades of fruit.

On the area of more than 20 thousand hectares intensive gardens and vineyards are created, over 24 thousand  hectares of gardens will be reconstructed. Annual transfer to an intensive method of more than 40 thousand hectares of low-profitable gardens and vineyards is planned. To save water resources stage-by-stage introduction of  drop irrigation system is planned. Improvement of a meliorative condition of the irrigated lands, development of meliorative and irrigational objects, ensuring their safe and steady work, rational and careful use of water resources will allow to reach steady production of agricultural products.

Along with large-scale reforms in the sphere of environmental protection special attention is paid to rational use of land resources, increase in efficiency of the measures taken for prevention of lands degradation to improvement of their fertility, as well as to the consideration of the principle of ecological equilibrium at industry development, to expansion of a range of the international projects in this sphere, personnel training in  soil science and other problems. The field scientific and practical seminar “Modern agricultural technologies in development of personal plots” which has taken place in the Tashkent region became a discussion platform for a number of new ecologically significant directions. Participants have got acquainted with practical results of legislative regulation and the implemented projects on development of personal plots, cultivation of qualitative agricultural production,  biologization of farming and ensuring food security.  They have exchanged their experiences in rational use of land resources, restoration, increase and protection of the soil fertility based on basic, scientific and practical and innovative researches of republican and international level. The have discussed further strengthening of “science — education — production” relations in development of personal plots.

Realization of the provided measures will allow to provide  sustainable development of social, economic and ecological spheres in the country essence of which is in promoting the principles of the right of each citizen for the favorable environment and satisfaction of needs of modern generation without causing damage to future those, consisting in reasonable use of richness of the planet. To draw attention of mankind to ecological problems on Earth, to define consecutive steps for their decision, thematic meetings, “round tables” and actions are held. That is because further consolidation of efforts of not only public authorities, but also the general public, each citizen of the country on protection and careful attitude towards our fragile planet is required. Due regards for laws of the nature during the planning and implementation of economic activity and their observance have to serve as the main criteria of ecological saundness and inadmissibility of destructive activity.

(Source: «Business» newspaper)



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