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May 20, 2016


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Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea: dynamic progress of Uzbekistan sincerely gladdens. 1

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Uzbekistan has presented two electronic platforms, which, according to experts, will allow domestic producers increasing exports of their products by several times. 3

International cooperation.. 3

Minister of Foreign Affairs of China to visit Uzbekistan. 3

great names of Uzbekistan.. 4

Mutal Burhonov: His Music Will Live On. 4





Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea: dynamic progress of Uzbekistan sincerely gladdens

As previously reported, these days the Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea Hwang Kyo-ahn pays an official visit in our country.

On the eve of his visit, the head of the South Korean government responded to the questions of the correspondent of “Jahon” Information Agency.

– Mr. Prime Minister, what do you expect fr om the upcoming negotiations and meetings within the official visit and how do you assess the prospects of Uzbek-South Korean cooperation?

– I am very pleased to visit your beautiful country which is the heart of the Silk Road, and now reborn as a transport and logistics hub of Central Asia.

The program of the visit includes participation in the ceremony devoted to the completion of Ustyurt gas chemical complex construction in Karakalpakstan and the beginning of the construction of the House of Korean culture and art in Tashkent.

These projects have come true thanks to the exceptional commitment and support of our Heads of States, and are a model example of the strong friendship and trust between the two countries.

It should be emphasized that 14 summits have been conducted since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1992. Strategic partnership have been established and strengthened in different directions. During this time, the bilateral trade has increased nearly 540 times.

Today Uzbekistan is the largest trading partner of the Republic of Korea in the Central Asian region, and our country takes one of the leading places in the list of investment partners of Uzbekistan. As you can see, the interaction between the two countries has been steadily growing and it has great potential.

– Currently joint Uzbek-Korean projects are successfully implementing in various fields. One of them is the construction of Ustyurt Gas Chemical Complex (UGChC) based Surgil field. What, in your opinion, is the uniqueness of this complex and its significance for the two countries?

– It gives me great joy to participate in the ceremony of the completion of the industrial giant. It can be called a new “milestone” of the Korean-Uzbek economic cooperation. By the scale it is really a mega-project: the volume of investments is about $ 4 billion.

This project is of special value because this is new model of cooperation providing for the transition from commodity exports in joint production and supply of products with high added value to foreign markets.

I would like to underline that in April 2014 the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov has personally visited the construction site of the UGChC. We gratefully perceive this attention and interest. It also encouraged the experts involved in the project.

Participation of government representatives of South Korea and Uzbekistan in the ceremony of completion of the facility, not only testifies paid special attention to this project, but also shows a strong will and desire of the parties to the expansion of mutually beneficial relations. Subsequently, it is planning to implement similar initiatives as well as participation in the construction of Kandym gas processing plant.

– Investment cooperation between the two countries is not limited with the oil and gas industry. Please tell us about other mutually beneficial bilateral projects.

– Indeed, the interaction takes place, as is known, not only in energy field but also in areas such as transport, logistics, ICT, agriculture, health, education and culture. It is gratifying to note that today, more than 400 Korean companies actively carry out their activities in your country.

I would like to highlight especially the projects of modernization of Navoi Airport which have been successfully carried out since 2009, modernization of Tallimardjan Thermal Power Station, creation of Korean-Uzbek e-government center. Since the current year an implementation of programs is launched in agriculture that provide construction of agro-buildings, the development of general layout of common water distribution using ICT and others.

As part of the Tashkent International Investment Forum took place in November last year between the Uzbek and Korean partners it was signed agreements and memorandums worth about $ 1 billion.

Our government will make every effort to assist Korean companies with advanced technology and management methods in their participation in the projects aimed at the build-up of the industrial potential of Uzbekistan.

– In this context, we would like to get from you detailed information on the implementation of business projects with the participation of South Korean investors in special economic zones established in Navoi, Jizzakh and Angren.

– The Republic of Korea, as one of the largest investors in Uzbekistan, has invested large means in the Uzbek economy. 6 Korean companies which invested $ 65 million, have started functioning in the Free Industrial Economic Zone “Navoi” and SIZ “Angren”. They produce the main parts for cars, cosmetics, technical quartz, lighting devices and other demanded products. In addition, there is close cooperation with Korean Air in the development of intermodal logistics center at Navoi Airport.

– It is well known that a large Korean diaspora lives in Uzbekistan. In order to strengthen the friendship and mutual understanding between the peoples of our countries, it is planned to establish House of Korean culture and art in Tashkent, the ceremony of laying foundation for which you choose to participate. Please share with us your views on the project.

– Among the Central Asian countries, Uzbekistan is home for the largest Korean diaspora, the number of which is about 180 thousand people.

Our delegation will participate in the opening ceremony of the House of Korean culture and art construction during the visit, which is created with the aim of preserving the identity, traditions and customs of the Koreans in Uzbekistan and strengthening of friendship and cooperation between our countries. The initiative for the institution’s establishment was proposed by President Islam Karimov during the state visit of the President of the Republic of Korea Park Geun-hye in June, 2014, in Tashkent. The project is an expression of the two Presidents’ special attention and care of the Korean diaspora living on Uzbek land.

The construction of Houses of Korean culture and arts is planned to finish in 2017. Concert and exhibition halls, hotels and other infrastructure will be created there. I hope that it will become a platform for friendly exchanges, wh ere people can enjoy the beauty and charm of Korea through the organization of various educational, culinary courses and exhibitions.

Our government appreciates the spirit of interethnic harmony in Uzbekistan and gratefully acknowledges the warm care of the Korean diaspora.

– Mr. Prime Minister, you make a visit on the eve of the 25 anniversary of Uzbekistan’s independence. What would you like to wish our nation on the occasion of the significant date?

– I sincerely congratulate the Uzbek people on the upcoming 25th anniversary of independence, and it is gratifying that my visit takes on even deeper meaning in this anniversary year.

Uzbekistan has become a key country in Central Asia under the leadership of President Islam Karimov during the past period of time that supports the annual economic growth of 8% and ensures the implementation of programs to modernize the economy. The country’s status has been steadily rising on the world stage. One indication of it is the fact that Uzbekistan presides in two major structures this year – the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

Dynamic progress that is observed in your country, sincerely gladdens South Korea which is your constant friend and goes hand in hand in the name of joint success. I am sure, henceforth we will remain as close partners.

I wish the Uzbek people health and happiness, and our countries – a strong friendship and prosperity.

(Source: IA «Jahon»)


Uzbekistan has presented two electronic platforms, which, according to experts, will allow domestic producers increasing exports of their products by several times

Uzbekistan Today reporters have figured out their advantages.

The country’s first foreign online trading platform UzTrade has been launched the other day in order to help producers promote their products for export. It will focus on small businesses and private enterprises, since, unlike big companies, they need help in entering the international markets.

“UzTrade is the first electronic trade platform of its kind in Uzbekistan, where any domestic company can create its own page and post all the relevant information for foreign customers, including quality and technical specifications of products, terms of delivery and export prices,” told the O’ztadbirkoreksport marketing expert Irina Korshikova.

She added that the functional capacity of the new platform also envisages the opportunity of opening personal account for each employee. This would ensure an effective foreign trading in various fields, conducting negotiations with several wholesale procurers.

The unique electronic supermarket has already registered more than a thousand manufacturers with information on more than 3,000 products. As long as businesses are actively getting involved in the platform, experts are planning to introduce the system of generation of a standard export contract form with subsequent online payment.

Trade advisors of diplomatic missions of Uzbekistan abroad are also getting connected to UzTrade to inform the potential customers about the new opportunities. Altogether, they should build a unified and effective mechanism of attracting big foreign purchasers and importers.

Another interesting innovation is intended to promote agricultural products to foreign markets. To this end, the Chamber of Commerce and Trade of Uzbekistan, together with Teclot foreign enterprise, is currently implementing a project on the development of electronic trading platform It implies that the procurement and sales, submission of proposals, selection of optimal purchasers and suppliers will be processed solely online. The platform is available in four languages – Uzbek, Russian, English and Chinese.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

International cooperation

Minister of Foreign Affairs of China to visit Uzbekistan

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China Wang Yi is to pay an official visit to Uzbekistan on May 22, 2016.

A meeting with the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov and talks at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are scheduled in the framework of the regular Uzbek-Chinese dialogue.

Chinese Foreign Minister will also participate in the regular meeting of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

(Source: Press Service of the MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan)

great names of Uzbekistan

Mutal Burhonov: His Music Will Live On

The concert celebrating the centenary of eminent composer and performer Mutal Burhonov at the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan started to the tune of the National Anthem of Uzbekistan performed by the National Symphonic Orchestra and the Student Choir of the Conservatory.

The audience stood listening to the melody that each Uzbek citizen knows from childhood, discovering new twists of the powerful piece. This score alone vividly demonstrated the talent and originality of the composer credited with making a massive contribution to the development of Uzbek music.

“Mutal Burhonov did not live a simple life. His father, brother and uncle were subjected to repression as enemies of the nation and they died in 1937,” says prominent culture professional Ahmat Jabborov, a close friend of the composer’s. “When he was a student at Samarkand Institute of Music and Choreography, his remarkable skills were spotted by composer Nikolai Mironov, who then suggested that the young man continue his training at an Uzbek opera studio at Moscow Conservatory, which provided training in both composing and conducting. AT Moscow Conservatory, Burhonov along with other fellow countrymen mastered European music methods of expression. Thanks to good education and dedication to music, he reached heights and became the first Uzbek music professional to learn of genres such as a-capella choir singing and romance.”

Burhonov was one of the first to masterfully twist many Uzbek, Karakalpaki, Uighur, Kazakh, Afghan, Tajik and Iranian national songs for choir and solo performance. The national understood and embraced his music, which was incredibly melodic. He succeeded in finding pathways for the new development of Uzbek music and set the tone in music for many contemporary composers.

During World War Two, he joined the ranks of fighters but after sustaining injuries he returned to Tashkent in 1942 to engage in creative activities. He headed the Union of Composers of Uzbekistan for five years.

He enriched Uzbekistan’s cultural legacy – and the hearts of people – with major music pieces. Among them are the opera Alisher Navoi, requiem Eternal Memory, The Ode to Navoi, romances, film scores, ballads, pieces for symphonic orchestras, as well as singing and symphonic poems.

The concert at the State Conservatory treated the audience not only to Burhonov’s music but also works by Rustam Abdullayev and Mustafo Bafoyev dedicated to the composer. Burhonov’s 100th birth anniversary was marked in various parts of Uzbekistan. Music and art schools and art colleges hosted music nights celebrating the outstanding composer’s priceless legacy.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


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