Ivan Rybakov: “Achievements of Uzbekistan – a sample of good governance and management”

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August 8, 2015

Ivan Rybakov: “Achievements of Uzbekistan – a sample of good governance and management”


During the preparation of the active community of our country to celebrate the 24 anniversary of Independence of the Republic, member of the Saeima of Latvia Ivan Rybakov gave an interview to Information Agency “Jahon”, in which he shared his views and assessments on the development of Uzbekistan.

ivan_rybakov1– On the eve of the 24th anniversary of the state independence of Uzbekistan, first of all, I want to wholeheartedly express deepest gratitude to our Uzbek partners for fruitful cooperation with the Parliament of the Republic of Latvia. During the joint work I am always following the achievements of your country with great interest, and inspired by them, put the example as a model of good governance and management of social and economic structures in the further development of the country.

A special place in the social policy of Uzbekistan takes an invaluable care for each person as unique and indispensable member of society. Attention of Leadership of country to the senior, as well as the younger generation speaks of the intimate connection between them, continuity, preservation and transfer of spiritual traditions. Uzbekistan is constantly taking care of people’s health, employment, housing and education, so the country is peace and harmony, is very symbolic in this hectic, burdened number of global threats and challenges of the time.

Let me congratulate the Uzbek people with great Independence Day and wish to Uzbekistan for further development and prosperity. I hope for further cooperation between our countries.