KNAUF company congratulates Uzbekistan on the occasion of Independence Day

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August 3, 2015

KNAUF company congratulates Uzbekistan on the occasion of Independence Day

knauf_menfredIn connection with the celebration of Independence Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan the executive director of the German company KNAUF Manfred Grundke sent his congratulations to the residents of country:

– Uzbekistan is preparing to celebrate the 24th anniversary of its independence. Over this historically short period the country has made great strides in all respects.

I would like to note with special pride that over the long period KNAUF, has operating successfully along with other German companies in Uzbekistan, and we are very pleased with the results of cooperation.

Our experience in Uzbekistan shows that the country has great economic potential, including in the investment sphere. Currently, we are negotiating with our Uzbek partners to expand the company’s production activities in your country. I am sure that the current and new joint projects are long-term and mutually beneficial.

knauf_companyIt should be emphasized that KNAUF is also one of members of the German-Uzbek Business Council (GUBC) established in February this year. I consider creation of GUBC very timely, which aims to contribute to the further intensification of trade-economic and investment cooperation between our countries. I hope that as part of GUBC and in bilateral negotiations with the Uzbek partners, we will solve all the issues that are important to increase the presence of German business in Uzbekistan.

It is gratifying that Uzbekistan carried out and large-scale democratic reforms aimed at improving the welfare and sustainable development. Announcement of 2015 as the “Year of attention and care for the senior generation”, demonstrates the commitment of the country’s leadership to the principles of building a socially oriented market economy. At the same time, it pays special attention to the transfer of knowledge and experience from generation to generation, which is essential in the preparation of highly qualified specialists and future success.

I take this opportunity on behalf of all staff of the company KNAUF and myself, to sincerely congratulate the people of Uzbekistan with the 24 anniversary of independence of the country and wish peace, welfare and prosperity.