New roads to bring about new comfort

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August 8, 2015

New roads to bring about new comfort

These days, our country is getting prepared to the greatest and dearest of holidays – the Independence Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan. For the 24 years of the Independent development of the nation, what has brightly been manifest is the tremendous creative potential of our people. Under the leadership of President Islam Karimov, cardinal transformation is spearheaded in all the walks of life, and wide-ranging works in construction and beautification are in progress everywhere, including the capital Tashkent.


In the Independence years, Uzbekistan’s central city has changed completely. Especially admirable are the magnificent buildings, modern roads, multi-storied residential quarters, new cultural-enlightenment, educational and medical facilities, hyper and supermarkets, myriads of shopping malls and trade centers located comfortably for the convenience of people.

One of the important dimensions of the immense construction and creative works in the capital city is the perfection and optimization of the road and transport infrastructure. After all, Tashkent is a megalopolis with multi-thousand flow of cars and other vehicles with no less intense movement of pedestrians, which requires the creation of new conveniences for all participants of traffic and elevation of their safety.

With an eye to these circumstances, loads of overpasses, highways and bridges are being built, while streets are being broadened by turning into eight-lane high-speed roads.

According to Otabek Sadikov, chairman of Toshshahartranskhizmat Joint-Stock Company, specialists of the company regularly study the passenger flow with an aim to further improve the work mechanism of the public transport. Thus, given the requirements revealed, the construction of a new 3-kilometer long tram line from Taraqqiyot Street to Ahangaran Highway is planned to connect with the existing 5-km long line along the route Aviasozlar-Rohat.

In accordance with information obtained from Uzavtoyul, a new transport interchange, which will reduce the density of the flow of road in this area, is going to be built by the end of 2016 in the place of Rohat roundabout, along the freeway that links the capital city with Ahangaran Highway.

The outcomes of these wide-scale endeavors designed to create greater conveniences and favorable conditions for drivers as much as for passengers, to ensure their safety and comfort, will become a good present for the residents and guests of our capital city to the 24th anniversary of Uzbekistan’s Independence.