“No one will be left without care and attention!”

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August 12, 2015

“No one will be left without care and attention!”


Social action under the motto launched yesterday across the country

By tradition, an event organized by the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan on the eve of the greatest and dearest holiday – 24th anniversary of independence of our Motherland, held with the participation of leading scientists and highly qualified doctors specialized medical centers, research institutes and medical schools. Their mission – to conduct an in-depth medical examination of war and labor veterans, people of venerable age. In addition, they are authorized to continue to raise awareness of healthy lifestyles, strengthening the youth knowledge and skills to create a healthy family, the prevention of various diseases.

Under the leadership of President Islam Karimov, created all the necessary conditions for a decent life of our nation, protection of motherhood and childhood, upbringing comprehensively healthy generation. Resolution of the President “On State program to further strengthen reproductive health, maternal health, child and adolescent in Uzbekistan for the period 2014-2018”, an important factor in education physically and spiritually healthy generation, further strengthening of public health and through this – strengthening the foundations of healthy future of our country.

2015 Announcement by the President of our country the Year of attention and care for the senior generation has become a logical continuation of this noble work. Providing the necessary respect for the oldest, the center of attention, affect the spiritual education of the younger generation.

Social action is another practical embodiment paid in our country, the social protection of citizens, in particular, the protection of public health. Only in 2014, thanks to such events clinical examination covered 6.5 million students of preschool educational institutions, schoolchildren, students of professional colleges and academic lyceums. Medical examinations to timely identify and effectively treat various types of diseases, preventing the transition to the chronic form. On account of the special women’s health, well-being depends on the viability of offspring. As a result of the measures in this direction over the past 10 years the number of cases of children born with birth defects reduced by 1.3 times. The incidence of acute infectious diseases among children 6-15 years old decreased by 34.4 percent, pneumonia – by 49.7 percent, bronchitis – by 32.8 percent, scoliosis – by 32.7 percent.

In the current social action involved about 300 leading experts. They will visit all regions of the country and conduct a thorough medical examination of the population.

Events coverage and residents of the most remote areas. The action will take place in two stages – first qualified doctors of regional medical institutions organize medical check-ups in their regions, and at the second stage consultation with the participation of employees of the republican specialized medical centers, research institutes and universities.

The effective implementation of these measures contributes implemented in work with modern medical equipment of health facilities in the areas of hospitals in remote areas. Highly qualified doctors with the help of advanced equipment, with which each district and rural medical centers, conduct accurate diagnosis of patients. All this is the result of successive reforms undertaken for the development of the national health system. Only last year the works on construction, reconstruction and equipping of 133 medical institutions, including the Syrdarya Regional Oncology Center, the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Center of Pediatrics in Tashkent, Republican antituberculose hospital in Nukus and others. For these purposes more than 400 billion soums of budget funds and almost 30 million USD of foreign loans and grants.

– Such events allow pre-identify and effectively treat all sorts of diseases, contribute to the prevention of disability, reduce the mortality rate of mothers and infants, – Head physician of a multidisciplinary clinic Pskent district of Tashkent region Shahlo Rakhimova says. – In the framework of humanitarian action of our clinic employees are working shoulder to shoulder with newcomers from the capital luminaries of medicine, which contributes to the enrichment of valuable experience and mutual exchange of views.

On the arrival of highly qualified physicians in remote areas of the country, carrying out a medical examination of the villagers have been warned and are preparing to come to them.

– Man is always in need of care and attention – disabled group II Valentin Kazakov says. – Under the leadership of our President, emphasis on the comprehensive support and encourage people with disabilities. On an ongoing basis free consultations, we provide medicines. For our health and rest are all conditions and opportunities, including every year provide vouchers to sanatoriums. For example, last year I took a free hospital treatment Khanabad.

It is important to note that social action is carried out using modern diagnostic equipment, including fluoromobile, ultrasound machines and ECG. In-depth medical examinations are retirees, people with disabilities, lone elderly, children and women of childbearing age. In identifying the disease for each patient will be a special program of improvement and rehabilitation. It will provide outpatient population in district, regional hospitals and national medical institutions.

This year, unlike previous expanded the medical teams involved in social action. This includes surgeons, obstetricians, internists, pediatricians, neurologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, ophthalmologists, otolaryngology, urology, orthopedics, trauma, dentists, dermatologists and specialists venereologists-dozen other areas.

Carrying out a large-scale event in scope tangible results: increased medical culture of the population, approved by a healthy lifestyle among young people strengthened commitment to create a healthy family, the elderly – to live longer without losing activity. After all, as the President noted, the attention and full care for the young and the older generation – that we first see the manifestation of our faith in tomorrow, mark a huge, immutable respect for our people.