Possibilities of social networks for promotion of cultural products

Possibilities of social networks for promotion of cultural productsThe Goethe Institute in Tashkent jointly with “OXUS Culture” with communication support of mobile operator “Ucell” held a seminar-training for young cadres working in the field of culture and art on the theme “Possibilities of social networks for promotion of cultural products”, according to “Uzbektourism”.

The purpose of the project – wide dissemination of information about the culture and art of the region, historical monuments, tangible and intangible cultural heritage, promotion of the cultural products, the establishment of international and inter-cultural relations.

Marketing specialists of social networks shared with the participants their knowledge and skills for promoting the products and services, management pages of the private sector in social networks, spoke about the technical possibilities, styles and shapes the context of filling and other.

The first training was organized for participants from Karakalpakstan. In the future we plan to hold such events in every region of the country.

As a result of the training they were opened pages “traditional and popular music of Karakalpakstan”, “Craft Karakalpakstan”, “Art-shop of Museum named after Savitsky”, “Modern Nukus”, “Folklore Ensemble Gulzar”, “Fine Arts of Karakalpakstan”, “Jewellery people of Karakalpakstan”, “Welcome to the Muinak”, “Theatre Berdakh” in social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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