Representatives of Latvia: Сompetitiveness of Uzbekistan in the world is growing

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September 23, 2015

Representatives of Latvia: Сompetitiveness of Uzbekistan in the world is growing

Riga hosted a reception dedicated to celebration of the 24th anniversary of Independence of Uzbekistan.

Representatives of the Seim (Parliament), the Office of the President, government agencies, business, research and academia, prominent figures of culture and art, heads of leading universities, local media, as well as heads of diplomatic missions accredited in this country attended this event.

The participants discussed the achievements of Uzbekistan in the years of sovereign development, the current state of cooperation between the two countries. It was noted that independence became a truly momentous event in the life of the people who opened a completely new chapter in the history and provide an opportunity to build their future.

During the celebration State officials stressed that there is mutual respect between our two countries that contributes to the deepening of political dialogue and mutual desire to cooperate on all issues on the bilateral and international agenda. As noted, important development direction of interactions is consolidation of trade and economic cooperation. Joint projects are developed and implemented in this area, including deliveries of fresh produce, dried fruits, textiles and others from Uzbekistan to Latvia.

In this context, it was noted that a good example of the activity of businessmen of the two countries is opening of three trade houses in Latvia, project on organization of transport-logistics and distribution center in Liepaja city, purpose and activities of the representative of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce in Uzbekistan. The national stands of Uzbekistan regularly presented at the tourism exhibition Balttour and food fair Riga Food.

Participants of the event also supported the thesis of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov on the importance of respect for the fundamental principles enshrined in the UN Charter, international legal instruments and norms, solving conflicts that arise not by force, but only by peaceful and political means, and unconditional cessation of wars and bloodshed which are continuing today in various regions of the world.

During the event, the Deputy Speaker of the Seim of Latvia, Inese Lībiņa-Egner gave sincere and heartfelt congratulations to the Uzbek people on the occasion of 24th anniversary of the state independence of the Republic and wished peace, welfare and prosperity.

Secretary of the Presidium of the Seim, Andrejs Klementevs noted that he witnessed drastic changes in the socio-political and socio-economic life of Uzbekistan in a relatively short historical period of time.

– The measures have shown that the standard of living rose, created and developed entirely new types of industry, the newest technologies, increasing productivity and the quality of training. Uzbekistan’s growing competitiveness in the world.

If we talk about democratic reform and social change, then there should be emphasized adoption of the amendment to the Constitution of the Republic, aimed at further strengthening the role of Parliament and increase its participation and accountability in governance. Parliamentary and presidential elections, which have been conducted on December 2014 and March 2015, served as a sample of openness of electoral system and its compliance with international standards.

Uzbekistan developed its own model of development which has proved its right to exist and the need for a comprehensive study of the world, especially in the part of resistance to the global financial and economic crisis and its consequences.

In Latvia, including in the country’s Seim appreciate the state and prospects of cooperation between our countries. Such relationships, first of all, should be built and developed on the basis of mutual interests, trust and support in all matters.

I hope to further consolidation of fruitful relations between two countries. I wish the people of Uzbekistan prosperity and well-being!