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September 17, 2015

Seoul City about Uzbekistan

Posted on September 17, 2015

seoul_citySouth Korean journal Seoul City published an article dedicated to the celebration of our country’s 24th anniversary of independence.

The article notes that country meets this significant date with new achievements. All fields demonstrate evident results of large-scale works, including a radical transformation of the image of the country, its cities and villages, constantly growing welfare.

The article quoted President Islam Karimov expressed at the celebration of the 24th anniversary of independence:

– Independence has enormous, incomparable value and importance for us … Thanks to it, being a full member of the world community, we were able to follow the path of building a national democratic state, the creation of our nation which no way inferior to anyone in prosperous life.

The material separately marked successes of our country in the field of education. It is reported that the first days of independence, the republic has started to create a completely new system of teaching. Its main aim is to educate harmoniously developed, having independent thinking and the vision of young people who are able to take responsibility for the future of the motherland.

Seoul City informs that Uzbekistan annually more than 600 thousand young professionals, who are corresponding to the requirements of time, confidently enter life.

– This new generation of aspiring young men and women with eyes burning enthusiasm, who have mastered at least two or three jobs, knowledge of foreign languages, information technology and Internet, – the newspaper writes. – They are ready to compete on an equal footing with their peers from developed countries. With such young people, the country will achieve great success.