September 1 – Independence Day of Uzbekistan 

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September 10, 2015

September 1 – Independence Day of Uzbekistan 

Posted on September 10, 2015

Azerbaijani newspaper “Baku Worker” published an article under such a headline, which is  devoted to the modern Uzbekistan.

The article emphasizes that over the years of independence the country has made significant progress and prosperity due to the ongoing policy of phased reforms and selfless work of the Uzbek people.

– Country has came up with new successes for the regular anniversary of the acquisition of sovereignty. Uzbekistan maintains economic growth, develops the social sphere, invests heavily in education, health, rural development, carefully preserving stability and peace reigned here”, – the article says.

It is emphasized that this evolutionary path has become the country’s only true for the transition from the old system to the development of a democratic state. The principle of “not building a new home, do not destroy the old” has been implemented in all areas of life. The difficult role of a main reformer and initiator of reforms undertaken by the state. Republic has established the priority of economy over politics, implicit rule of law and a strong social support.

– Returning to the path traveled by the state, you realize that these inscribed in the annals of the years of independence in its historical significance are centuries. Dynamic and balanced economic development has created a solid basis for sustained improvements in the quality of life of the population. Salaries of employees of budgetary institutions, pensions and scholarships rise by more than twenty percent per year. The real income of 2014 per capita increased by 10.2%. In the current year the state by almost a quarter to increase spending on social services and infrastructure, – the article informs.

All of this is clear evidence of the continuation of the implementation of the principle of “reform, not for reforms, and for the people”. Because of this, according to the material, in recent years, the city of Uzbekistan are increasingly exposed to global ratings agencies. For example, last year the capital of the republic in the world rankings of livability and comfort, according to authoritative British magazine “The Economist”, the highest ranked 58 th out of 140, becoming one of the most comfortable to stay the largest cities in the world ranking. Earlier Samarkand, the only cities in the CIS entered the list of “50 cities in the world that it is necessary to visit”, published by the American edition of The Huffington Post.

– Most recently, the media published another indicator of progress in the years of independence, high goals, sustainable rates of economic development, growth of the level and quality of life of Uzbek people – continues to publication. – The updated ranking of World Happiness Index Uzbekistan rose to 44th position and became the first on this indicator among the CIS countries.

The article also focuses on the development of our country’s cooperation with Azerbaijan. In this context, it is emphasized that, since the first days of independence, the multifaceted Uzbek-Azerbaijani cooperation is of high priority.

At the end of the article it states that Uzbekistan’s foreign policy is an effective tool for the implementation and protection of national interests in the world arena, and expressed confidence in the prospects, the beautiful future of relations between the two countries.

Our information: Newspaper “Baku Worker” is the press organ of the Azerbaijani Presidential Administration. It is a major social and political publication that publishes information about the most important events within the country and beyond. Published circulation – 4.5 thousand copies. It is distributed among government, political, business, expert and analytical circles of Azerbaijan as well as the diplomatic corps accredited in the country.