Shri Prakash: Uzbekistan – one of the most dynamically developing countries

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August 20, 2015

Shri Prakash: Uzbekistan – one of the most dynamically developing countries

Shri_PrakashOn the eve of the 24-anniversary of the State Independence of Uzbekistan prominent representatives of the socio-political, scientific and academic communities of India congratulate our people with the upcoming holiday and share their views about the past of our 24-year-road.

Director of the Academy of International Studies, University of Jamia Millia Islamia, Professor Shri Prakash:

– Over the past years, Uzbekistan made a huge transformation. The country has achieved great results in the political, economic and social spheres, as well as in the sphere of culture, science and education, communications and many others. In my opinion, today’s successes of the republic are the result of the consistent implementation of the “Uzbek model” of development elaborated by President Islam Karimov.

Today Uzbekistan is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. Clear evidence of this is the fact that in recent years, GDP growth exceeded 8 % annually, and the level and quality of life of the population has been steadily growing from year to year.

I would like to emphasize that in Uzbekistan it has become a good tradition to dedicate each new year to special aspect of social life. So, 2015 was declared as the “Year of attention and care for the older generation” in the republic and adopted corresponding state program. It is noteworthy that 1.5 trillion Uzbek soums and $ 37.4 million have been allocated for the implementation of activities under the program since the beginning of the year.

It is commendable that great attention has been paid to the development of education in your country. Uzbekistan has created all necessary conditions for the formation of a healthy and harmoniously developed generation, mastering modern knowledge and professions, demonstrating abilities and potential.

I take this opportunity to congratulate the friendly people of Uzbekistan on Independence Day and wish peace, happiness and further prosperity.