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October 15, 2016



In 1998, the Alisher Navoi State Academic Grand Theater premiered a play, which after 10 years was performed for the last time. Due to the inability to transport dimensional decorations to the Turkiston Palace, where the theater troupe put the performances temporarily, opera is not included in the repertoire. In 2016, the renewed opera-ballet ‘The Sky of My Love’ is ​​again on the stage of the reconstructed theater.

Music for the national opera-ballet was written by composer, the Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Mustafo Bafoev, and libretto by the People’s Poet of Uzbekistan Jumaniyoz Jabborov.

The performance involved 27 artists, while standard opera is played by 7-12 people. Among them are the artists fr om the opera and ballet troupe, as well as the choir. Ballet dancers perfectly convey the drama of the music and the effect of the composition. The role of Al-Farghoniy is performed by the People’s Artist of Uzbekistan Avaz Radjabov. And his beloved Safina is played by a laureate of international contests Saida Mamadalieva.

“The repertoire of the theater includes the performances, which raise the issues of human values. In this opera-ballet, we decided to show the life of the astronomer Al-Farghoniy,” says the production-director, the Honored Worker of Culture of Uzbekistan Khaydarali Kasimov. “The production is based on the true story of the life of the scientist. Ordinary young man Ahmad travels for knowledge from Farghona to Baghdad, wh ere a great king Mamun’s academy located. He passes a long and difficult path, during which he struggled with himself. A stranger he met convinces him to continue the path, and to face all the difficulties as a testing. Only after a while Ahmad learns that the stranger was Al-Khorazmiy. He bows him and follows his advice.

A large number of people gathered in the square during Ramadan. Here, Al-Khorazmiy introduces Ahmad with other scientists. In the midst of the festivities the king Mamun comes and offers the young astronomer to pass the exam. Ahmad’s knowledge enraptures the people. Here the young scientist meets a beautiful Safina, and falls in love with her at first sight, not even knowing that the girl is a different faith.

The spectator, watching the opera-ballet, will receive not only the aesthetic pleasure of the spectacular performance of artists, dance elements, but also get acquainted with the life of the astronomer. The play revealed not only the talented man’s achievements in science, but also sacred part of his personal life, inner feelings and emotions. Impressive stage decorations help the audience to feel the emotions of inspiration, insight, and experiences, which as if taking you to the stellar universe, revealing the inner world of Ahmad.”