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December 10, 2016



A bright, expressive and heartwarming concert of Sabo dancing group has become the final event of the snowy fall, which took place on November 27 in the concert hall of Turkistan Palace.

“The concert was initiated by the citizens of the republic, which are fond of the dances performed by our group,” director of the Sabo dancing group Muborak Mirzayeva says. “Every day we had received lots of calls from people wishing to visit our concert. They called not only with the request to give a concert, but also asked to perform their favorite dancing numbers.

Probably, for this reason, the concert program got more time. However, this did not bоther the audience, on the contrary, many were so inspired that it seemed for them the concert passed in one breath.

The concert, which can also be considered as a report concert of this year, consisted of two parts. The first part presented the national dances, displaying the three major schools of dance – Ferghana, Bukhara and Khorezm. SABO dancers as always very vividly and emotionally performed the Bukhara and Ferghana dances. For the first time the audience enjoyed the comic Khorezm danced in performance of the young men.

The second part was devoted to the national and modern dances staged by the People’s Artist of Moldova Dmitry Tonmosh. The Russian, Gypsy and Spanish dances earned the most of the applauses.

The performance on one stage of two top national dancing groups of Uzbekistan ‘Ofarin’ and ‘Sabo’ gave zest to the concert. The main objective of the artistic director of two groups Muborak Mirzayeva is the preservation of the individuality of each of the groups, and at the same time combining them into one.

For 13 years the Sabo dancing group has performed over 200 national dances and those of other peoples. They include the best known and specific dances, for example, the dances of Peru, Cuba, Afghanistan and many others. This is what makes the Sabo a popular dancing group.

The best choreographers are invited to stage the dances. For example, People’s Artist of Uzbekistan Kodir Muminov, People’s Artist of Uzbekistan Viloyat Akilova, the Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Nasriddin Shermatov, Dildora Gaziyeva and others deal with the national dances. The production of modern dance is made by choreographer-director Elya Mulyukova and director Tatyana Kruglova, and other dances by the invited choreographers from abroad.

Thirty young and beautiful ladies and six handsome men represent our country in international competitions, manifesting all the riches of the Uzbek national dance. At the same time, they learn the culture and dances of other peoples. And after returning home they acquaint Uzbekistan citizens with dances of those peoples. Sabo is a kind of unique encyclopedia, which contains dances of the peoples of the world.

The group was awarded the title of the Best Dancing Group of the Year in 2014, as well as the highest awards at international competitions. Soloists of the group become the best in the most prestigious categories. Another victory of the Sabo dancing group this year is considered the awarding of the member of the group Nigina Shorahmetova with the title of the Honored Artist of Uzbekistan.