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October 29, 2016



Recipes of thirty Uzbek dishes may be included in culinary books in foreign countries. This was noted at the First International Festival “My Favorite Uzbek Dish”.

Organized by the Uzbek Foreign Ministry’s Diplomatic Service, the Association of Chefs and the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of Uzbekistan, the festival was attended by representatives of diplomatic mission of Algeria, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, the US, Tajikistan, Romania, France and other countries as well as international organizations, ministries and agencies.

Delivering welcome remarks, Deputy Foreign Minister Dilyor Hakimov expressed confidence that the event would help to further strengthen cultural ties with foreign countries.

The festival included a presentation of a variety of dishes native to Uzbek regions. The diplomatic missions of Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Russian and Ukraine also presented their national meals.

Culinary and confectionary college students had the opportunity to participate in competitions “My Favorite Uzbek Dish”, “Cooking Techniques in Regions” and “Plov: the King of Dishes” held as part of the festival.

Also, a competition titled “A Marvelous Regional Dish” was held among members of the country’s leading public catering institutions with an eye to creating a map of gastronomic tourism.

Winners of the regional legs of the competition “Cooking Techniques in Regions” and “A Marvelous Regional Dish” competed in the national final stage.

“Uzbekistan is one of the world’s top travel destinations, and it is annually visited by a large number of travel enthusiasts,” said Akbar Umarov, the Chairman of Uzbekistan’s Association of Chefs. “The inflow of tourists has helped to make Uzbek national meals world-famous. In spite of that, our association works hard to further promote Uzbekistan’s national cuisine internationally. In addition, our specialists have published the books “Uzbek Traditional Dishes” in Uzbek, Russian, English and German and “Uzbek Customs, Traditions and National Dishes” in German. Recently, we published another work, “Indonesian National Dishes”.