Uzbekistan is charming guests

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July 29, 2015

Uzbekistan is charming guests

The upcoming great holiday the Independence Day fills hearts with delightfulness for our country. Our hometown Karshi has become more beautiful, greener and more modern. Centuries-old monuments which have been the witnesses of nation’s history and its spirituality have been restored and reconstructed.


More and more guests all over the world are visiting our city. Kashkadarya region is unique. It is the hearth of ancient culture where the archeologists found the material evidences of the generation of primary farming and craftsmanship traditions. Nature with its surprising beauty, diverse landscape zones and geological national park, rare flora and fauna species with hundreds of architectural and historical monuments, the objects of cultural heritage, all of this is of great interest for tourists and scientists of not only our country, but also foreign countries.

Our country has created really good conditions for the development of economic sector. Impressing successes which our country has reached in all spheres, peace and stability, our rich nonmaterial heritage attract travelers and scientist to our country. And the tourist industry is in charge of providing them with comfortable accommodation, full-fledged and various nutrition, and also organizing tours and meetings. For its progressive development a decree “On the program of development of the tourism sphere in Kashkadarya region in the period of 2013-2015” of the Cabinet of Ministers is being implemented. In lots of places tens of modern hotels, camping places, restaurants and other objects of infrastructure are either being built or being renewed. Together with this various specialists are being prepared and they are also being involved into entrepreneurship structures.

The measures taken in the field of enhancing touristic infrastructure have had a positive impact on the development of our business. Thanks to such support we have built a modern hotel with nineteen rooms not far from the city centre. For the development of ecologic and health-improving tourism in the mountainous part of the region there has been created a zone for summer holidays and touristic trips. As a result of this people all over Uzbekistan and other foreign guests visit the ancient town Yerkurgan, mausoleums Ho’ja Jarroh and Kusam Shayh, the fortress Zahoki Maron and other sightseeing places with great interest. It is really important that demand for cultural and educational tourism among our compatriots, especially among the youth is constantly growing.

During his recent visit to Kashkadarya region our president has noted great constructive work on developing infrastructure and rehabilitation which is being done in Karshi and Shahrisabz. The recommendations which have been given to us will help us to concentrate our efforts for further transformations which surely will raise the touristic potential of the region, will attract even more travelers to the region and will raise the educational industry to a higher level.

It really makes us glad that year by year more and more guests are visiting our region. After visiting Uzbekistan each of the tourists will always keep unforgettable impressions about the ancient region, hospitality and traditions of its habitants, their achievements and peaceful life. This will serve as a symbol of friendship between the nations, mutual enrichment of cultures and the glorification of our country. I am really happy that I can realize my ideas making contribution into the development of our country by my daily work which will help the world public to get acquainted with our rich and multilateral culture.