“Uzbekistan is one of Spain’s leading partners in Central Asia”

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October 3, 2015

“Uzbekistan is one of Spain’s leading partners in Central Asia”

The Spanish newspaper The Diplomat in Spain published an article devoted to the anniversary of the independence of our country.

The article notes that the acquisition of sovereignty is open to the limitless possibilities of the Uzbek people for the revival of national statehood, their rights and values, customs and traditions.

– The Republic of completely abandoning the obsolete totalitarian, administrative-command system, decisively chose their own way, which was recognized in the world as the Uzbek model of reforms, – the newspaper writes. – Today, Uzbekistan has become a powerful, industrialized nations with rapidly growing economies. Every year image of the country, its cities and villages is being transformed through programs of building in the countryside for affordable housing and infrastructure for modern types of projects.

Spanish newspaper readers through the ongoing in our country a strong social policy. It is reported that each year increases the amount of funds allocated by the state for social needs. In the center of attention are the older generation, women and youth. Consistently implement measures to protect the family, motherhood and childhood.

Further, the material provides information about the development of the Uzbek-Spanish cooperation. It is stated that since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1992, Uzbekistan is one of the leading partners of Spain in Central Asia. In recent years there has been a significant intensification of relations in trade-economic, cultural and humanitarian areas. “In the near future are expected to sign more than ten new agreements covering various areas of cooperation”, – The Diplomat in Spain sums up.