Uzbekistan’s Independence Day celebrated in Tallinn

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September 15, 2015

Uzbekistan’s Independence Day celebrated in Tallinn

Posted on September 15, 2015

egyptian_expertEstonian capital hosted a briefing dedicated to the 24th anniversary of the state independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the 25th anniversary of the Uzbek cultural center “SAFAR” in this country.

Representatives of the Ministry of Culture of Estonia, leaders of centers of national minorities of Estonia and Lithuania, members of the Uzbek community and the media attended the event.

At the briefing participants discussed the progress made by Uzbekistan over the years of independence, progress and indicators of socio-political and socio-economic development. Herewith they highlighted the recognition of the results of the international community.

The participants exchanged views on the growth of Uzbekistan’s economy, the development of industry, agriculture, the food sector, small and medium enterprises, banking and financial sector, as well as implemented in the country a strong social policy.

During the event, some of the participants gave an interview to the correspondent if Information Agency Jahon.

Lola Sahibnazarova, Chairman of the Uzbek cultural center in Estonia:

– Our center “SAFAR” had been established in December 1990.

It is gratifying that this year we celebrate the 24th anniversary of the state independence of Uzbekistan, as well as the anniversary of our center. We are grateful for their homeland received training, rich in traditions and customs, with the most moving memories. All the warmth and love that are stored in our hearts and souls of the beloved Uzbekistan, we pass on to their children and grandchildren.

Independence opened for the people of the limitless possibilities of revival of national statehood and self-awareness of their rights and values, customs and traditions of the sacred religion glorify bright names of great ancestors, the formation of a healthy and harmonious development of the younger generation.

Leila Urmanova, Head of the Uzbek cultural center in Lithuania:

– Save in Uzbekistan prevailing peace and tranquility, interethnic and civil consent, the further strengthening of the relations of friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation with all countries is an indication of a peaceful and friendly policy.

We are very glad that our homeland is always perceived abroad as a warm and hospitable country where people are distinguished by their sincerity, kindness and openness of the soul. Lithuania has always been a high regard for the people of Uzbekistan.

I take this opportunity to congratulate all the people of Uzbekistan with the 24th anniversary of the state independence of the republic and we are grateful for all the support and assistance to their fellow countrymen living far beyond its borders.